Why Are Crocs So Expensive? A Thorough Explanation!

Looking at the funny design and the rubber-like material, it is understandable if you start wondering: Why are Crocs so expensive?

What are the reasons for them to sell millions of pairs and become such an icon in modern culture and fashion?

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

Let’s put it simply: When one thinks Crocs shoes are merely rubber without any special technique, they are wrong. These shoes are unique from the materials to the designs, which set them apart from other competitors.


Undoubtedly, Crocs is a success.

Whenever a brand sells well and tops all the charts, other manufacturers never miss the chance to produce something similar and most likely less expensive to benefit from the big hit.

Crocs Logo

However, they are never the same.

After a customer gets a bad experience from trying a replica or knock-off, they will not hesitate to grab an authentic Crocs pair and indulge themselves with the quality they deserve. By then, Crocs had built their reputation.

Crocs 1 – 0 Knock-offs – words get around. And it’s why Crocs is still standing proudly on the market.

Health Benefits

Health is and should always be our priority. If you have good time management or sufficient financial conditions, a clean diet or a gym membership is within reach.

Otherwise, investing in minor solutions like footwear is a clever move.

When it comes to Crocs, it is not fashionistas saying good things about them.

The quality stamp is the number of nurses putting their faith in Crocs for comfort. If people with exhausting shifts like them trust Crocs, what else does the brand need to prove?

Crocs goods for Plantar Fasciitis

Furthermore, another concern about keeping shoes on for too long is fungi and subsequently bad odors. But if you choose Crocs, you get various holes on the upper, constantly keeping your feet dry.

With how Crocs embrace and pamper your feet while still leaving so much room for ventilation, veterans would say Crocs are worth the money.

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Made of Eco-friendly Materials

The famed material used for Crocs production is Croslite. It looks like plastic or rubber when you take a brief look, though it provides as much cushioning as any cutting-edge composition on the market does.

Croslite’s origin is premium polymers synthesized from heavy components.

croslite material

It is a popular and effective method to reduce the undissolvable and possibly toxic chemicals remaining after distilling crude oil, even though it is not cheap.

Besides the lightweight and softness, the Croslite material doesn’t cause bad odors or irritate your skin. If you wear Crocs every day, the footwear will eventually mold to the shape of your feet.

To preserve the virtues of their products, Crocs never accepts anything not high-quality enough. They invest in materials that ensure cushion and longevity, so it’s fair that they demand the price they deserve.

Supportive & Comfortable

Sometimes, footwear manufacturers and customers forget about the most important features of a shoe: support and comfort. Who wants to pay a large sum for sweat and soreness?

Made with the special Croslite material, Crocs provides cushion and keeps you safe from blisters no matter what you do. Adjusting the strap will help you switch between sporty and casual modes.

Both of them are easy to slip on and off without leaving any negative impact on your feet.

Let’s talk about the straps some more because they do more than most people think. When you hike and climb, it fixates your heels and prevents your feet from slipping back & forth.

Now, can you put a price on your comfort and health? If not, you see why Crocs are more expensive than their simple appearance.

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Waterproof & Durable

When we say Crocs are tough and durable, we mean these shoes can endure different kinds of impact. This is necessary because customers seem to love using Crocs for beach trips or hiking.

Oil doesn’t dissolve in water, hence with a material made from oil distillation, Crocs footwear has the same waterproof property.

Crocs waterproof

While many manufacturers would advise you to avoid getting your shoes completely drenched, Crocs clogs have no difficulty with excessive wetness.

Handling slippery terrains well doesn’t mean Crocs is bad with high temperatures. Scorching sidewalks and sandy roads wouldn’t wear the shoes out, and they are still keeping your feet cool all the time.

On average, a Crocs pair might survive 5 years if you use them for common duties and not damage them on purpose.

Being firm and rigid is one though, the minimalistic design with less than three parts also lowers the risk of tearing and breakage.

In the end, because the shoes can withstand the test of time, their costs go up.

Customers don’t mind paying a large sum for something they can use for years, while the manufacturer deserves acknowledgment for their work and needs the extra fee to sustain.

Worth Collecting

Crocs is not a luxury brand if you compare it with brands like Adidas or Nike, yet it still possesses a following any manufacturer would dream of.

Its loyal fans would want to collect all colors and boast about their collection. They are also one of many reasons Crocs became well-known and desirable.

Furthermore, Crocs headquarters do not neglect their fans. They remain close to the fanbase, catch up with new trends, and deliver products that attract fans and suppliers alike.

Unique Limited Editions

Many reputed brands work with critically acclaimed designers to come up with impressive models. They collaborate with influential celebrities to boost sales and retain the brand’s popularity.

The most expensive Crocs footwear that has ever been released is Balenciaga’s Hardcrocs, sold for $950 during its debut at Balenciaga’s 2022 Paris Fashion Week.

Balenciaga Hardcrocs

Unlike the usual Crocs, it featured screws, plates, and bolts that scream industrial.

Not everyone is up for the LE Crocs, though these pricey pairs are great for promotion and reputation, making Crocs footwear more desirable in general.


The plain design of Crocs spares so much room for creativity, and it has spiked a bedazzle bandwagon.

Crocs’ fans and businessmen have been trying to enhance the shoes’ appearance and gain more profits from them.

With personal touches thrown into the mix, you can find sparkly Crocs compatible with bombastic ceremonies, although the price won’t be pleasant.

Furthermore, even professional designers have attempted and left their traces on the quirky clogs of Crocs.

These models are usually the center of attention on the internet. If you want to own them, the cost will certainly leave a dent in your wallet.

Seasonal Prices

We have jotted down many reasons for Crocs to be expensive, though they are not always unaffordable.

The price skyrockets when summer arrives. As these clogs are extremely suitable as beach footwear, Crocs’ stores run out of stock. Hence, retailers snatch the chance to raise the cost.

On the other hand, Crocs knows when the stores need more stocks and charges them more. It becomes a tug-of-war between the manufacturer and the sellers, and the consumers face the consequences.

High Demand

A simple rule of the market is the higher the demand, the more expensive.

Grand companies and organizations often order an enormous batch of Crocs for their staff, so they will get discounts.

Crocs men sandals

Meanwhile, a common retailer wouldn’t be able to do the same. When you buy from them, you will not get any special treatment.

And that might be why you find them more expensive.

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Low Maintenance

Judging from the price, most people would assume Crocs requires so much attention and maintenance, yet Crocs is the exact opposite.

All you need is a light scrub and a mild soap. Then your Crocs will be as good as new.

This low maintenance is thanks to the waterproof property, thus you can use water without worrying about ruining the shoes. They will dry very quickly as well.

When a customer invests in luxurious footwear, they wouldn’t want to spend more on maintenance. Crocs sees it as a good chance to partially raise their overall prices and exploit this mental aspect of buyers.

Final Words

After knowing why Crocs cost so much, are you more determined to get a pair from this brand or do you need more time to be convinced?

It might look like Crocs is using various factors to push their price tags higher, though they have many benefits to offer: superior comfort, unique style, durability, collection value, and easy maintenance.

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