Birkibuc vs Birko Flor Birkenstock: Which To Choose?

Birkenstock Birkibuc vs Birko Flor

Which to choose: Birkibuc vs birko flor? It is a tough choice for you to make even though both materials are of fine quality. While you can place your trust in Birkenstock, differences between these materials still exist, and this article will keep you well-informed about them.

What Material Is Birkibuc And Birko Flor?

Both Birko flor and Birkibuc are synthetic materials favored by Birkenstock in making shoes and sandals. They exist for the sole purpose of imitating many properties of leather but at a more affordable cost. In general, these materials are durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, water-resistant, and less expensive.


Made with polyamide fibers and acrylic, Birkibuc then gets buffed for more texture. Therefore, its appearance can pass as a great leather alternative with enough classiness and sophistication. Despite the nappy surface, it can be cleaned with only water and soap.

Vegans rely on Birkibuc for a resemblance to nubuck without using natural leather. The most visible limit of Birkibuc is the lack of elasticity and the necessary break-in period.

Birko Flor

Also made of acrylic and polyamide fibers, Birko flor goes under different treatments to have a smooth and shiny finish. You can immediately fit your feet as long as the size is proper, no need for some break-in time.

On the inside, the material is lined with a layer of fleece for more comfort. You can wear the shoes right after getting them out of the box without worrying about blisters or irritation. Birko flor is well-known for how breathable it is.

Similarities Between Birkibuc And Birko Flor

With both materials, customers usually have nothing to complain about. In detail, the similarities between them are:

  • Synthesized materials for vegans to experience the fine properties of leather without going against their principle.
  • Both are affordable and suitable for any gender or age.
  • They don’t fade and wear out easily. Besides, all it takes for you to keep them stainless is a piece of wet cloth and mild soap.
  • They are high-quality with outstanding virtues such as waterproof ability, comfort, and fair durability.

Birkibuc vs Birko Flor: Key Differences

Birkibuc Birko Flor
Comfort Slightly scratchy at first because of the polyamide fabrics. More comfortable at first thanks to the fleece lining on the inside.
Appearance – Leather-like look.

– Matte and a little rough.

– More color choices.

– Shiny and smooth.

Durability  Can’t be stretched More stretchable.


For a brand like Birkenstock, quality is not something you need to worry about, hence both these materials are equally comfortable for your feet. Now, the level of comfort depends on the size of your shoes. Getting the regular size is your best bet here, but it’s even better if you can visit the store and try the footwear directly.

You can experience top-notch comfort with a pair of Birko flor shoes as soon as you unbox them. However, Birkibuc will need some time to break in, just like other leather shoes.


The price for a pair of sandals ranges from $80 to $140, whether you choose Birko flor or Birkibuc. Since they are both synthetic materials, the cost doesn’t differentiate.


The reason you immediately feel comfortable with Birko Flor might come from the fleece lining on the inside. Meanwhile, Birkibuc shoes have polyamide fabrics, thus it might feel slightly scratchy at first, but you will love it when this layer accommodates your feet.


Birkibuc is made to be an inexpensive alternative to leather, so it is bound to have a leather-like look (specifically nubuck leather). The finish is matte and probably a little rough.

On the other hand, Birko Flor is created with no intention of making it look like leather. The brand tries to give it a lot of colors and make sure the surface is shiny and smooth to attract more customers.


Due to the structure of the fabrics, Birkibuc can’t be stretched. If you use enough strength, you can tear the material apart.

In this term, Birko Flor can be more durable. It stretches and resists tearing force. The ability to stretch is also why it needs no break-in time.

When To Choose Birkibuc?

Birkenstock Birkibuc

Birkibuc is a great second option when you’re on a budget and leather seems to be out of reach. On the outside, this type of material almost resembles natural leather, which means you will have the classy look you expect from leather shoes.

Birkibuc is also more durable than what you normally expect from synthesized material. The inside of these shoes usually features a soft lining to give your feet the utmost comfort.

Despite all the advantages, you don’t need to spend too much money and time to keep your shoes squeaky clean.

However, as Birkibuc resembles leather, especially in terms of appearance, it only features a few colors. If you are following a certain trend, this might not meet your expectation.

Be aware that you will need to give it some break-in time before it truly feels soft and fitting for your feet. We recommend loosening or tightening the strap on top of your feet until it feels good against your skin.

When To Choose Birko Flor?

Birkenstock Birko Flor

Unlike Birkibuc and its limited choices for colors, Birko Flor is the best option for you if you want to catch up with the trends. It is available in many colors and styles.

Compared to leather, Birko Flor is not costly, hence you don’t have to worry about exceeding the budget.

Also, Birko flor shoes can adjust to your feet instantly, there’s no need to break them in before you can wear them confidently. If your shoes get stains, just use a wet cloth and you can easily clean the dirt away.

There’re some downsides of Birko Flor you should be aware of.

  • Regardless of the quality, it is still a synthetic material in the end. If your skin is sensitive, you will feel discomfort from irritation right away. Doing your research in advance is important.
  • It might take some time for you to grow familiar with the inner material.
  • Although it is made to imitate the virtues of leather, it doesn’t get better with age. Every day being in use takes it closer to disposal.

Final Words

Birkibuc vs Birko Flor shouldn’t be a battle of any sort, as each material has its positive and negative properties. If you want an alternative that is nearly as classy as natural leather is, your pick should be Birkibuc. Nonetheless, if you are after bright and unique colors, Birko Flor will be a more suitable choice!

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