8 Best Hoka Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Hoka Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Finding the best HOKA shoes for plantar fasciitis is a priority for people who have to live with this condition because HOKA has been one of the most reliable names for foot health.

With them, you get all the support you ever need as well as an airy environment for your feet to recover and improve. Among the available products, we have a few favorites!

8 Best Hoka Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Hoka Bondi 8 Women’s Shoes – Best Women’s Hoka Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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HOKA Bondi 8 is a product we pick without hesitation when it comes to an excellent pair of shoes that can handle plantar fasciitis, especially for women.

The first detail we need to talk about would be the maximum cushioning that everyone would need to overcome the pain in their feet.

You don’t need to be a sensitive user to feel the upper and the heel fit snugly and securely. When the shoes can lock your feet in like that, you can fully utilize the padding and avoid issues such as irritation or blister, and thus comfortably walk on unfavorable terrains.

Despite the perfect fit, the toe box of HOKA Bondi 8 is very roomy, allowing you to flex your toes rather than curling them up all the time.

We also notice how thick the rubber sole is and how friendly it is for a condition like plantar fasciitis. Over time, you will also benefit from the padded tongue and collar, which gives you breathability even when the footwear molds to your feet.

The only complaint we have is Bondi 8 feels heavier than other HOKA shoes, yet the recycled materials are surely earning more points for them.


  • The cushioning is on a whole new level
  • It can adjust to all types of feet with 3 widths
  • Recycled materials
  • Various colors


  • It is heavier than other HOKA models

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2. HOKA Women’s Clifton 8

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Hoka Clifton 8 is among the best HOKA walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, and we simply love the ample cushion without a clunky appearance.

It weighs 8.7 ounces, an impressive number for maximum cushioning. You can give everything in your practice and routine, Clifton 8 will keep you safe and save your energy at the same time. And, it’s very valuable for plantar fasciitis.

In addition to the cushion, we also receive a springy feeling with every step taken. It propels us forward and makes the next strides easier, while still cupping the heel of our feet tightly. If anything, the collar and the tongue with sufficient padding only enhance the overall fit.

For the outsole, we have Meta Rocker and Durabrasion technologies on fine rubber, so it is both durable and stable at the same time. The pressure points on your feet won’t have to endure the impact.

We mustn’t forget about the streamlined design of Clifton 8. It matches the outline of your legs and creates a seamless silhouette, hence your height will get a little boost.


  • Great balance
  • Flexible enough for high arches
  • Inexpensive compared to other models


  • The heels might feel a little tall at first

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3. HOKA Women’s Gaviota 3

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HOKA shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis are another hot topic because nurses make up a large group of HOKA customers. And we choose Gaviota 3 for this category. It’s road footwear, thus it performs excellently with heavy duties.

With plantar fasciitis, you would prioritize plushness and steadiness, and the J-Frame structure of Gaviota is perfect for the job.

It keeps your feet from rolling out of position. Coupled with the Meta-Rocker technology, the shape of these shoes helps improve your posture.

But what else made the cushioning of Gaviota so thick and soft?

It’s extra layers in the underfoot. This feature absorbs the shock applied to your feet and relieves them from foot pain. The comfortable feeling increases, thanks to the upper, the collar, and the tongue with padding.

A drawback we have to mention here is the weight that comes with ample cushioning. It can do a lot of things but it might not be the most ideal pick if you want speed.


  • Luxurious cushioning
  • The support is thorough and rich
  • High-quality and durable materials


  • A little more expensive even for other HOKA products
  • Slightly heavy

4. HOKA Women’s Challenger ATR 6 GTX

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Living up to the name, HOKA Challenger ATR 6 GTX is the right shoe for you if you want versatile footwear that can help you conquer all kinds of challenges. From completing errands to running trails, without the concern about foot pain.

Compared to how pillowy the shoes feel, you would expect them to weigh more, though it is very light and easy to wear in the end.

With so much support and the Durabrasion technology in the outsoles, your steps will have enough protection and traction.

What sets the Challenger apart from other shoes is the drop. It has more stack height and thus puts the troubled feet in a more appropriate position.

The combination of a mesh upper and an EVA midsole guarantees constant comfort, shock absorption, and ventilation.

While we are fully satisfied with the performance of this product, the lack of color options and the narrow toe box are still some shortcomings we wish HOKA paid more attention to.


  • Supportive and pillowy
  • Extremely versatile
  • The soles provide traction
  • Breathable shoes for a healthy foot environment


  • You don’t have a roomy toe box

5. HOKA Men’s Clifton 8

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The Clifton line from HOKA is very well-known for its high qualities.

When you invest in HOKA Clifton, you are in for softness and support incorporated in a very neat and almost slender-looking form.

What is it like when you try these shoes on though?

The engineered mesh for the upper coupled with seamless overlays is an innovative method to regulate the inside of the shoes.

It also ensures you will never have sweat and moisture build up. Maintaining hygiene is also a crucial step to protect your feet from unwanted issues.

They have rubber soles like most walking or running shoes for more endurance. Above it is a full-length midsole made from EVA foam with a nice bounce and shock reduction.

Most especially, the insole is removable. So, you can easily replace it when it wears out and loses its thickness.

You might want to keep in mind that the heel of this footwear is quite tall. And it might cause blisters on your skin.

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  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Great absorption of impact
  • Very affordable
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • The tall heels might result in blisters

6. HOKA Men’s Bondi 7 Running Shoe

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Many people would say among HOKA Bondi shoes, the 7 model has the most cushion, and it shows in the chunk of EVA foam stuffing the midsole full.

They know maximum cushioning and utmost plushness are the keys to HOKA’s success. Then, they focus on enhancing Bondi 7 in the same aspect.

Bondi 7 also uses the Meta-Rocker technology to smoothly push your strides forward. You can take these steps with confidence, for the shoe structure provides that much balance and stability through the heel design and the collar with padding.

Furthermore, for men’s running shoes, the ventilation has to be good. Bondi 7 inherits the mesh upper that contributes to HOKA’s famous healthy foot environment.

However, you might find this upper thicker than expected if you are used to thinner uppers.


  • Maximum support and cushioning
  • Meta-Rocker soles propel the steps
  • Memory foam collar for more comfort around your ankle
  • Breathable materials


  • The upper might feel too thick despite how breathable it is

7. HOKA Men’s Challenger ATR 6 – Best HOKA Trail Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Not much different from the women’s version, the Challenger ATR 6 is an all-terrain footwear. It has generous cushioning and lightness, which podiatrists will strongly recommend to people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The outsole is full contact and made of fine rubber, which is why it can withstand the test of terrains.

Another factor that keeps your feet unaffected by uneven surfaces is the pillowy midsole. Not much of the shock and impact will make it to the sensitive points on your foot.

Made to be trail footwear, these shoes are designed with open mesh to help the inside ventilate as much as possible. Although they only have 4 color options, it should be more than sufficient for the gentlemen.


  • Able to handle various terrains
  • A lot of traction comes from the rubber outsole
  • Ample cushioning
  • Breathable


  • The toe box is a bit small

8. Hoka Men’s Arahi 6

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If you can try every shoe on this list, you will find these shoes the most sturdy.

It has a cutting-edge J-Frame structure. This means the middle is packed with foam and is very effective at preventing unnecessary movements.

Along with the Meta-Rocker technology, it partially corrects your gait.

Rather than a pair of shoes for daily errands, Arahi is made for runners who want to reach their potential without putting their feet at risk of injuries.

The 5mm drop plays an important role in maintaining the propulsion for overpronators.

Although the EVA midsole and the padded tongue offer a perfect fit, it is secure enough for you to conquer all kinds of terrains.

Nonetheless, the traction of these shoes surely needs improvement so they can do better in wet conditions.


  • It’s very lightweight
  • The stability is exceptional
  • Versatile in applications


  • The traction is not as amazing

How To Choose The Best Hoka Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis?

Arch Support

Ample cushion makes us feel like we are walking on clouds, though the determining factor is the support because it reduces the shock and impact our feet have to endure.

Heel Cup

Without a fitting heel cup or counter, your feet naturally stretch further backward and thus strain the plantar fascia painfully.

On the other hand, sufficient firmness on the heel will minimize the risk.

Heel Height

You should stay away from high heels at all costs, for they put your feet in an improper position and also pull at your ligament much more harshly than you want.

Nonetheless, flat soles are not a good option either. The safe heel height for PF would be 1 inch, so your feet will be in a natural and relaxed position.


If you want to effectively cope with plantar fasciitis, you need cushioning with rigidity instead of mere softness.

Therefore, rocker bottoms or thick midsole would be the most appropriate since they don’t let your feet sink too deeply into the cushion.


We are not talking about the upper but the sole only. Other than the toe area, your soles shouldn’t be too soft and bendable.

Imagine having a sole with the arch torquing like a piece of cloth – how can it give your feet the support you need?

Toe Box

With a sufficiently roomy toe box, you don’t have to extend them to reach for the front or curl them up to fit in the shoes, hence no cramps ensue.

Some space for air ventilation is also essential for your feet to breathe and remain dry, alleviating the pain and maintaining a healthy environment in the footwear at the same time.

How To Avoid Plantar Fasciitis?

Being cautious is always better than being sorry. Hence, we have collected simple yet helpful tips to prevent a plantar fasciitis flare before you have no other choice but to see your doctor and get medical help.

If you have received treatment before, these methods might save you from going through the pain all over again.

Loss Weight

Excessive weight means extra pressure on your feet. Hence, getting rid of some pounds means reducing the stress on your lower body, the plantar fascia included.

Maintaining a healthy body weight comes with various benefits physically and mentally as well. So, it’s a win-win situation for us!


An effective technique to keep this busy ligament at ease is gentle stretches. There are several postures for you to practice, no need for equipment and assistance.

Duration: 30 seconds per move

Repetition: 1 – 2 times

Frequency: 2 – 3 times per day

  • Stand straight with one foot stepping forth and slowly heel down. Push your hips forward while keeping your back up. When your calf feels a slight tension, you can switch to the other leg.
  • Take a seat and reach for your toes before pulling them back toward you. You should feel a slight stretch around the ball of your feet, though not to the point of pain.
  • Get a towel and sit down on the floor with your legs extended forward. Sling the towel around the arch of one foot at a time and tug it toward yourself subtly.

Let’s not forget that a lack of activity in your daily routines will lead to tight and even stiff muscles. With weakened mobility, your foot flexion won’t be on point.

Let Your Feet Rest

If you haven’t noticed, the exercises recommended for your feet are all slow and easy because exhausting them won’t take us anywhere.

For example, when you stand all day long, your plantar fascia will be forced to support your weight for just as long. Being overworked leads to inflammation, which worsens your condition.

No matter how packed your schedules are, make sure you have short breaks in between and let your feet relax for a bit.

Choose The Right Shoes

If you don’t want plantar fasciitis to resurrect and burden you again, it’s time to do your research and find the most suitable footwear.

For a starter, never walk around on your bare feet, although your movements have more freedom that way.

You have to say goodbye to footwear with zero support such as slippers and flip-flops. High heels are excluded from the list too due to the strain they cause to your feet.

They might look stylish and feel good at first, yet they don’t do anything good for you in the long run.

People suffering from PF need ample cushion for their ankles and foot arches, for it absorbs impact and partially retains a proper alignment for you.

The more active you are, the quicker your shoes wear out. So, you should pay attention and replace them in time.

Invest In Orthotics

No, we are not only talking about the inserts that you can find at any store. What you need is customized orthotics, which are made according to the shape of your foot and how severe the issues are.

They can be a tad costly for a first-time user but the durability and the benefits are worth it for a long-term investment.

Arrange An Appointment If Necessary

If you unfortunately still feel the pain in your ligament, set an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Plantar fasciitis is not a rare condition and there are plenty of cures for it. Seeking help early will prevent your problems from worsening!


All HOKA shoes have great value, especially for people who have conditions like plantar fasciitis.

However, despite the dreamy combo of low drops, rocker shapes, and cushioning midsoles, we find HOKA Bondi 8 for women and HOKA Clifton 8 for men truly standing out as the best HOKA shoes for plantar fasciitis.

You can enjoy the best perks of HOKA with these two products and choose from a variety of colors at an affordable price.

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