Dior Shoe Size Chart & Guide: Are They True to Size?

Dior shoes

We have summarized a Dior shoe size chart for people who are interested in this brand but unsure of where to start.

Knowing the size range as well as some basic information might help you pick the best Dior shoes and keep them in the most ideal condition for years!

Dior Shoe Overview

The Christian Dior House was launched in 1946, but they celebrated the foundation one year later because it was when the first collection came out. It took another 6 years for Dior to release a shoe collection.

From a subsidiary for gloves and stockings, shoes designed by Roger Vivier have been manufactured. With elegant designs and top-tier materials, Vivier’s creations were very well-received and compatible with the rest of Dior’s items.

Dior produced footwear for men, women, and kids. Their designs are usually on top trending for a long time despite the heavy price tags due to the phenomenal quality and craftsmanship they offer.

Some of their most famous products are Dior Solar Sneakers, Dior Walk ‘n’ Dior Sneakers, J’adior Slingbacks, and Dway Slide.

Dior Solar Sneakers
Dior Solar Sneakers

Dior Shoe Size Chart (In Cm & Inch)

Dior Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Dior Shoe Size US UK EU AU
34 4 1 35 3.5
34.5 4.5 1.5 35.5 4
35 5 2 36 4.5
35.5 5.5 2.5 36.5 5
36 6 3 37 5.5
36.5 6.5 3.5 37.5 6
37 7 4 38 6.5
37.5 7.5 4.5 38.5 7
38 8 5 39 7.5
38.5 8.5 5.5 39.5 8
39 9 6 40 8.5
39.5 9.5 6.5 40.5 9
40 10 7 41 9.5
40.5 10.5 7.5 41.5 10
41 11 8 42 10.5
41.5 11.5 8.5 42.5 11

Dior Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Dior Shoe Size US EU UK Korea (mm) Japan (cm)
3 3.5 37 3 220 22
3.5 4 37.5 3.5 225 22.5
4 4.5 38 4 230 23
4.5 5 38.5 4.5 235 23.5
5 5.5 39 5 240 24
5.5 6 39.5 5.5 245 24.5
6 6.5 40 6 250 25
6.5 7 40.5 6.5 255 25.5
7 7.5 41 7 260 26
7.5 8 41.5 7.5 265 26.5
8 8.5 42 8 270 27
8.5 9 42.5 8.5 275 27.5
9 9.5 43 9 280 28
9.5 10 43.5 9.5 285 28.5
10 10.5 44 10 290 29
10.5 11 44.5 10.5 295 29.5
11 11.5 45 11 300 30
11.5 12 45.5 11.5 305 30.5
12 12.5 46 12 310 31
12.5 13 46.5 12.5 315 31.5
13 13.5 47 13 320 32
13.5 14 47.5 13.5 325 32.5
14 14.5 48 14 330 33

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Do Dior Shoes Run Small, Big, or True To Size?

Although Dior shoes have great value to offer, they, unfortunately, are not true to size. However, it still depends on the shoe style you choose.

With shoes that need to fit while remaining comfortable like sneakers, you might need to go up ½ size from your normal pick. If you can try the footwear at one of the offline stores, it would be much better as well.

How To Measure Your Feet For Dior Shoes?

For a starter, you should measure your foot size in the evening. After a long day, our feet tend to swell up, and the shoes should still fit at this point.

For the most accurate size, measure while standing and wearing socks too.

  • Put your foot on a large piece of paper.
  • Move your pen around to get the shape of your foot. Remember to keep the pen vertically for precision.
  • Mark the spot of your longest toe and your heel, then measure this length.
  • You can measure the widest part of your foot using the same method. Measuring tapes work as well!
  • Use the Dior shoe size guide above to find your size.


1. Are Dior Shoes Comfortable?

Aside from the classy appearance, Dior is also well-known for the consistent comfort in all footwear types they have, including high heels and sneakers.

However, Dior recommends going up half a size from your usual size if you can’t come to the store and try.

2. What Are Dior Shoes Made From?

It’s important to note that Dior is not a vegan brand. They use high-quality leather and craft their shoes from one single piece of leather only.

Their exquisite designs use more than 200,000 embroidery stitches. Hence, the texture and the lines form a complete structure without division.

3. How To Clean Dior Shoes?

When you buy something as luxurious as Dior, you will naturally want to take the best care of them. And, here is something to keep in mind:

  • Clean them regularly with a specialized brush to keep dust and dirt away. If the stain is more stubborn, you will need to try the leather cleaners recommended by Dior.
  • Frequently polish your shoes to maintain the shine of the premium leather.
  • Don’t wear your Dior shoes in harsh terrains or weather.
  • You might want to use a shoehorn to put the footwear on or off. When not wearing the shoes, put them in a secure box and keep them away from harmful elements.
  • Use a sole protector to reduce tear and wear on the bottom of your shoes. It’s the most effective way to prolong their prime time.
  • If there is something wrong with the material or the structure, let the professionals repair them. Inexperienced hands might worsen the damage.

4. How To Check Dior Shoes?

The drawback when you consider investing in a pair of Dior shoes is not the design or the quality, but the amount of imitated products on the market.

We have a few simple tips to share and help you secure a legit purchase.

  • The logo

You know Dior’s signature star!

In high heels, the star will be branded on the sole. The highest point of the star always points upward without any tilt and toward the name Dior. Its center has a little hole.

On sneakers, the logo will be on the side of the upper. The two lowest points of the star should be paralleled with the ‘CD’ name.

If your star is metal, it should be flush against the sole without any gap in between. Dior’s artisans are skilled enough to not make such a basic mistake.

Another thing is the serif font for the letters. You should spot tiny ticks at the end of each stroke, and these sticks are flawlessly fine.

  • The Stamp

Real Dior shoes come with a logo stamp including the name Christian Dior, where they were made, serial number, and size.

All letters and stamps are imprinted with equal impact and space in between. If you find a letter bolder or lighter than the rest, you might want to give up on this purchase!

  • The Craftsmanship

You can expect perfection from the craftsmanship of Dior shoes. In a sleek high heel, you will find the upper and the base matching without any excess material.

With sneakers, Dior usually decorates them using multiple patterns and shapes. Remember that they won’t let the stitches run over pattern holes.

The size and the distance between lace bulges are even as well.

  • The Cost

Genuine Dior footwear costs $600 – $2,000, whether you buy at stores or websites. The more exquisite designs are certainly more expensive, though even the basic models from Dior are already a big investment.

Sometimes, people are quick to decide on a sweet deal, but things that feel too good might not be true at all.

So, Should You Size Up Or Down In Dior Shoes?

Hopefully, with the Dior shoe conversion size chart, you can comfortably refer to different standards and find the best fit for yourself.

Although Dior claims to be true to size, it’s advisable to try the shoes on in person if you have the chance.

Otherwise, increasing half a size is a good safety solution, in case your feet are wider than normal or you need to wear socks during cold days.

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