What Are Reps In Shoes? Are Reps Good Or Bad Shoes To Buy?

What are Reps in Shoes

What are Reps in shoes? You might have asked yourself this question time and time again if you regularly browse websites or stores selling footwear.

Are there pros and cons to them? Let’s find out through an article rich with information.

What Are Reps In Shoes?

“Replica” is the origin of what ‘reps’ mean in shoes.

As the literal meaning indicates, they refer to the copies of limited editions and highly desired shoe models, although these copies are unauthorized.

The demand for reps comes from how difficult it is for commoners to have a hold of special editions, whether it is due to the price or the limited quantity.

Unlike straight-out knockoffs, reps have decent quality with fine materials and proper production.

Reps shoes are also defined by how intricately made they are.

A fair number of replica makers always put extra effort into sourcing materials and manufacturing the shoes with almost no remarkable difference from the original version.

Are Reps Fake Shoes?

With Reps shoes’ meaning, they are considered fake products, which means their production is not authorized and copyrighted, no matter how close they are to the original.

Besides what Reps are in sneakers, it’s important to know Reps are divided into a few levels: UA, 1:1 Replicas, True Reps (high-tier & mid-tier), and Knockoffs (low-tier).

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Types of Reps Shoes

As we previously mentioned, different manufacturers have different scales of production, hence the quality of Reps shoes varies greatly.

Some Reps footwear can last long and provide a great experience, while the poorly made ones appear less convincing and feel cheap to the touch.


Also known as AAA or Low-tier Reps, Knockoffs have the lowest quality out of all Reps types.

They are what you wouldn’t want to encounter because of the cheap materials that wear out so quickly. The craftsmanship is visibly errored, and the sizing is inaccurate.

The manufacturer, in this case, wants nothing else but to copy the appearance of the original shoes by spending a minimum production fee.

Materials and craftsmanship are not their priority, rendering in poor quality.

These shoes are often uncomfortable and rigid to wear, with a wear-out time of less than a month.

True Replicas

As the name indicates, True Replicas (SP: Super Perfect, SMP: Super Max Perfect) are meant to resemble the original as much as possible.

Most manufacturers invest in craftsmanship and quality, hence the materials they use might be less luxurious compared to the real deal.

The good thing about True Replicas is they almost maintain the exact quality and the intricacy of the authentic version.

If there are any defects, they are often not visible and easy to spot. Nonetheless, the comfort and durability might be reduced due to the materials.

1:1 Reps

Reps Air Jordan Shoes

Virtually, 1:1 Replicas are indistinguishable from the real deal. And even when you put them on, the comfort is nearly impeccable.

This excellency comes from fine materials and thorough procedures.

It’s quite difficult to tell the difference between 1:1 Reps and Authentic. If you easily find an issue in 1:1 Reps, it is likely to be purposeful so the makers can get away with legal litigation.

1:1 Reps cost more than their lower-quality counterparts, yet they seem to be worth the investment, according to buyers.

Unauthorized Reps

UA, the short form for Unauthorized, is the type of Reps identical to authentic products in terms of materials and production techniques.

In most cases, they are even made in the same place as the real shoes, though they don’t have the brand’s approval.

Like 1:1 Reps, UA products also have minor issues in color consistency or uneven stitching, though they are very hard to detect with only our eyes.

It is the major reason UA Reps are the most expensive.

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Benefits And Risk Of Reps Shoes

After all, Reps shoes are still a product for sale and thus have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

To have a thorough view of what they can offer or still lack, we will browse through each aspect of them.

Benefits of Reps Shoes

Reps shoes exist because they have a market. And it means customers are pleased with the benefits they offer.


You will never find a shortage of choices for Reps shoes, regardless of the styles.

From avant-garde designs to classic models, the Reps market is very likely to have something that suits you.


The main reason Reps shoes are so well-known is that they are much more affordable than designer footwear.

You can collect stylish editions without putting a dent in your bank account.


If you don’t know a brand all too well, investing in their authentic footwear might be intimidating. But Reps will give you the chance to try everything out economically.

Risks of Reps Shoes

In many regions, selling and buying Reps shoes is illegal. Hence, both sellers and buyers might end up in trouble due to legal concerns.

False Advertisement

Sellers might purposely claim that they are selling authentic shoes or unknowingly give the customers that impression, which violates customers’ rights.

Trademark Infringement

Original brands might take action if their logos are being used on Reps footwear.

Copyright Infringement

Legal claims might be the result of the unauthorized use of unique patterns or features.

If too many people support Reps shoes, the footwear industry might also take a severe hit.

  • Negative impact on original brands: Reps shoes decrease the rarity of the limited products and affect the brand’s reputation.
  • Unethical Labor: The factories for Reps often include unofficial labor practices, and the workers are in a poor environment with inadequate payment.
  • Safety Issues: Aside from the insufficient quality, safety is an obvious concern here because Reps doesn’t have a specific standard. It is a crucial problem if you are dealing with foot conditions.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Reps

By comparing Reps vs Real Shoes, you will have a rough draft of what Reps can and cannot provide!

Visual Differences

What you need to observe in a pair of shoes is the material and construction. For the overall impression, images of authentic products are a good source of information.

  • The texture and color of the materials should be consistent.
  • Check the upper and the sole for residues of glue.
  • The stitches should have the same width and gap in between without loose threads.

Price and Availability

This aspect is the determining factor to tell authentic footwear from Reps.

  • Reps shoes don’t have a consistent price across the websites and sellers. While the price of real shoes remains the same.
  • Authorized products might come with a sale-off, though the discount is usually not too big.
  • Official sellers are unlikely to sell replicas.

Brand Taggings

Observing the logo and the tag of the brand is always a good method to tell whether a product is counterfeit.

  • Fake products usually have inaccurate or misplaced logos.
  • The real label tag always includes all sorts of information such as where they were made and sizes in different standards. The font is consistent as well.
  • Counterfeit items might offer typos or incorrect stats.

Reps Shoe Buying Tips & Alternatives

Where to Buy Reps Shoes

Other than stores with unauthorized products, you can take a look at reliable websites that are already known for affordable and high-quality Reps.


They encourage and ensure the sellers only put on standard products. The information they provide is also very detailed and helpful.


Many people would say you can find everything on GOAT, including brands like Adidas or Nike. Besides selling and buying, website members can also trade their footwear.

Flight Club

It is more popular for its trading system but you can still buy high-end footwear here with confidence.

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Expert Tips

A person looking for Reps shoes is usually a customer with a tight budget, hence value is essential to them.

Find trustworthy sellers

You can easily find websites and sellers that offer the Reps you want. Don’t forget to dig into other buyers’ reviews to get a clear picture of what you are getting.

Check the prices

Different Reps’ versions vary when it comes to the price. So, you should visit several links and compare the price tags before making a decision.

Inspect photos

Ask the seller to send you pictures of the products if you are not satisfied with what they put on the website. And you will have something to compare with the authentic’s photos.

It will give you a sense of how much quality you are getting from this replica.

Select a size

A lot of sellers came up with their size charts instead of the standard ones. Measuring your feet based on these sizes and consulting the reviews might be helpful.

Finally, be sure to have some knowledge about the exchange or refund policy and avoid violating the conditions in case your purchase has any problems.

Alternative Options

If you want to stick to the authentic and stay away from replicas, it’s completely understandable. We have several choices for you to consider!

Affordable Brands

Instead of high-end names, you can go for more common labels.

They might not have critical acclaim, yet they also work hard to keep up with the trends and provide some designs for everyone at a friendlier price.

Accessible Collaborations

Sometimes, the famed brands still work with smaller designers or labels to create a time-limited collaboration. Even though the price is more affordable, these collections still have exclusive features.

Secondhand Markets

In these places, you might find sneakers that have been released before. If you are lucky, there might even be rare models and unboxed shoes at a lower price!

Outlet Stores

Online or outlet stores sometimes sell authentic shoes at a discounted cost. Their inventory might be much richer than you expect, including desirable products!

Final Words

Reps in shoes mean a whole new segment of the footwear market, where people can find a copy of popular designs that are usually out of their reach without burning out their wallets.

Although many replicas are made with intricacy, keep in mind that they have existing ethical and legal issues. You might be tempted to try this beneficial option once but it will take a toll on the industry in the long run.

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