What Does SE Mean In Shoes? How To Get SE Shoes?

What Does SE Mean In Shoes

Have you ever come across the tag “SE” on GOAT footwear or another shopping site and start wondering “What does SE mean in shoes”?

In short, it is another terminology in fashion, popularized in the category of footwear. It also partially determines how desirable a new pair of shoes is.

Why? You are about to find out!

What Does SE Mean In Shoes

SE stands for Special Editions.

Living up to the name, reputed brands come up with unique designs in celebration of a festival, an important day, or a well-known person.

The ‘Special’ tag refers to how these products are closely associated with specific and exceptional reasons.

What does SE mean in sneakers?

For enthusiasts, it means uniqueness and value, something collectors would never want to skip. It’s not all about the brand and the price, but the prints and designs that have been made for certain occasions only.

With the same high-quality materials as other products of the brand in contribution to the exclusive patterns, the price tags for special editions only seem to increase.

Sneakerheads are willing to invest time and money to search for special footwear to expand their collections. This is another reason for these shoes to be in high demand all the time.

Although time passes, the meaning and the value of SE shoes are only enhanced for shoe lovers. They are happy to pay more than the original price, especially if the items are in great condition.

Therefore, resellers often pour so much effort into protecting these shoes from damage.

Nike Air Max Pre-Day SE Men's Shoes
Nike Air Max Pre-Day SE Men’s Shoes

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Signature Of Special Edition Shoes

We have got the terms explained, the next question is, what is an SE shoe? How do you know if you are looking at a Special Edition? What makes them different from general products?

Limited Timing

Most of the time, you won’t see any special edition released when there are no special occasions.

A brand usually introduces a special design to congratulate a celebrity on their achievements or mark an important holiday.

Due to the special meaning they carry, special editions have great value in collections.

The shorter the release, the more likely for the price to skyrocket.

A crucial shopping season like Christmas and New Year might raise the price as well.

Unique Characteristics

A design wouldn’t be considered a ‘special edition’ if it doesn’t have any unique features.

Unlike commercial products, special releases stay to a theme in commemoration of an event or an individual.

Products from the same brand cannot compare with the special editions. Different brands will never think of taking inspiration from their rivals.


The packaging of an SE shoe will match its theme, which is aesthetically pleasant and thus more desirable.

It depends on the brands. Yet, you are likely to have handpainted patterns, cases with authentic locks, seethrough boxes reminding you of a spacecraft, or artwork created by a well-known person.


When it comes to rarity, Special Edition differs a little from Limited Edition.

It doesn’t have a restricted product quantity. Hence, one can argue that the chance to get a special edition is higher.

Nonetheless, the obstacle between SE shoes and interested buyers is the limited duration. After the scheduled period, special editions are possibly unavailable for stock and restocking.

Even veteran collectors would have a hard time keeping track of them, hence they settle for past SE products.

How quickly they are sold out also depends on how anticipated they are.


With all elements at their culmination, Special Edition sneakers are profitable and worthy items to collect.

In turn, footwear lovers would never wear these precious shoes outdoors if the weather conditions are unfavorable.

Sneakerheads would mostly exhibit their SE shoes along with the rare packaging instead of using them for daily errands.

Therefore, they can always preserve the shoes in prime condition and resell them at juicy prices. That’s where the investment value comes from.


With how rare and valuable they are, SE shoes are usually expensive. Despite not having such a small quantity like limited editions, the high demand will boost the price remarkably.

As time goes by, SE footwear from the past will become collectibles and call for a significant investment.

If you look up Nike Pre Montreal, a Special Edition in 1973, you can see the price tag reaches a hefty amount of $8,000.


Special Edition shoes are associated with public figures such as athletes and celebrities, or even famed organizations.

Therefore, you are sure to get a theme that many people recognize and appreciate.

To emphasize our point further, let’s take a look at the popular SE models released throughout the years!

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Some Popular SE Shoes

The Simpsons Vans KAWS Chukka

The Simpsons Vans KAWS Chukka

Most of us are no strangers to the yellow-skinned members of the Simpsons family. The cartoon series inspired Vans to come up with a collection of special designs related to them.

Each design is available in 100 pairs only.

As the Simpsons became a cultural icon, the value and the influence of these SE shoes only climb up the ladder. Needless to say, they are extremely hard to get now.

Air Jordan 11 Bred

Air Jordan 11 Bred

Air Jordan alone resembled a collection of special shoes. So, when they label something as Special Edition, sneaker lovers are on the edge of their seats.

The patent leather decorating the side of 11 Bred shoes showed clear willpower to stand out and fight for victory.

We don’t want to talk about the Jumpman symbol that was too iconic, but the white line separating the black leather from the red sole was so remarkable.

It looks like your feet are on fire!

Converse Moonwalk

Converse Moonwalk

Some of us might complain about the simplistic and repeated designs of Converse shoes. Yet, it’s not the case for the Moonwalk SE, a creation in memorial of Michael Jackson.

MJ’s moonwalk was smooth with no resistance. The plain texture of these shoes reminds us of his dance.

Furthermore, Converse also put the eyelets on the toe cap and the heel instead, totally breaking their normal principles.

You won’t find the familiar “Converse All Stars” tagline either, for it is replaced by “No Good No Stars”.

Nike Air Yeezy

Nike Air Yeezy SE Shoes

Nike truly surprised everyone when they introduced exclusive Yeezy sneakers to the world and also revealed Kanye West’s role in the making of these shoes.

It’s safe to say the combination of black and pink is the highlight of Yeezy SE shoes.

The black leather band and its natural shine were sufficiently attractive. Yet, the hot pink rims certainly make the shoes unforgettable.

How To Get SE Shoes?

We all know SE shoes will come when a special occasion approaches. But what should you do to make sure you get your hands on one of these products?

Here are some tips from experts!

Have A Plan

If you plan to shop for Christmas, keep updating yourself with information and mark the date with a reminder on your phone.

A lot of brands announce their SE designs in advance, so their customers can prepare for them. You can get news from official SNS accounts or reliable collectors.

Search For Some Retailers

Some retail stores might have a higher chance to stock and sell what you are looking for.

You can look for information about their past releases and choose the most suitable.

Try Special Programs

It’s rare but the brands can still distribute Special Edition products through exclusive programs such as loyalty events or lucky raffles.

Subscribe and turn on push notifications for official accounts. You will never miss out on important notices!


1. What Are MID SE Shoes?

As the name indicates, Mid SE shoes are the in-between of regular and special shoes.

They share some of the exclusive features you can only find in those special editions, which makes them different from the normal versions.

However, they are not complete SE footwear. Hence, they cost less compared to real Special Edition.

2. Are Special And Limited Editions The Same?

Sometimes, people confuse Special Edition with Limited Edition because they are both so desirable and valuable.

However, they are not the same. We can note down the most noticeable differences.

  • Terms

Special Editions are available for a short period, while Limited Editions are restricted in quantities.

  • Restock chances

When the LE products sold out, there won’t be any restocking.

On the other hand, the brand can choose to manufacture and restock its SE shoes as long as it is within their scheduled time.

  • Value

Uniqueness and occasion determine the value of Special Edition shoes.

But for Limited Edition shoes, the quantity determines how rare and valuable they are.

  • Price

Although SE products are not available throughout the year, they usually don’t have a limited quantity. Thus, you can still stock them up.

In LE case, it’s enough difficult to secure a purchase. Let alone mass-order them, so they end up being more expensive.

Take the collaboration of Nike with G-Dragon for example, you can still find the SE Para-noise now, while the LE Kwondo 1 is limited to 111 pairs.

Final Words

For you, what does SE mean when buying shoes? Would you be tempted to purchase a Special Edition featuring your favorite artist or your anticipated holiday in the whole year?

Unlike Limited Edition footwear, special editions might be more generous in terms of quantity. Though it doesn’t change the fact that they have restrictions in released time and higher prices.

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