What Does Deadstock Mean In Shoes?

Deadstock In Shoes

Sometimes, you will spot retailer shoes branded as ‘DS’, the short form of ‘deadstock’. But what does deadstock mean in shoes? Is it the same concept you might have seen in other clothing items?

Let’s dig deeper into the terminology with us and see if Deadstock is worth the hype!

What Does Deadstock Mean In Shoes?

Deadstock, short form DS, is a fashion slang, nowadays also used in sneakers and shoes generally. It basically means these shoes have never been unboxed and worn, hence they are brand-new.

Resellers use the abbreviation ‘DS’ to describe the conditions of the products concisely.

Not only are these shoes new, but they also refer to the authentic packaging with the box and the label. If accessories also come with the purchase, they should be included as well.

Before this meaning takes over, ‘deadstock’ is a daily thing for collectors.

There are people who want their footwear stock gone, and these collectors would buy them. You might say the original ‘deadstock’ is the shoes that have never been sold, hence the word ‘dead’.

You can divide them into a few categories:

  • Popular models but outdated versions.
  • Limited editions.
  • Products in small quantities.

We would also love to introduce two words related to ‘deadstock’:

  • PADS (i.e.: ‘pass as deadstock shoes) are shoes that have been worn before. They are still in fine condition and not available in stores, thus their value is not too behind compared to deadstock.
  • VNDS (i.e.: ‘very near deadstock shoes) are unused and of high-quality shoes that are likely to be deadstock because they haven’t got a restock in a long time.

It’s important to note that deadstock shoes are still legit. They have nothing to do with the fake or replica products.

VNDS Shoes
VNDS On Cloud X Rust Rock Gray Cloudtec Running Shoes – Source: eBay.com

Types Of DS shoes

DS Shoes for Everyday Wear

Firstly, you don’t need to do sports with shoes that you call deadstock.

Instead, DS shoes for daily routines might be even more popular than other types due to vintage designs and uniqueness.

We can list a few well-known names like Adidas, Nike, or Reebok.

They have decent support for your feet while focusing more on the fashion aspect. So, you can style them with various outfits, from casual to formal.

DS Running Shoes

As the name indicates, they are high-quality running shoes. The materials are often very fine, and durable but lightweight at the same time.

In most cases, the upper of these shoes is mesh with possible perforations, allowing the air to circulate and maintain a healthy environment for your feet.

The manufacturers prioritize cushioning for more comfort in the midsole and the insole. They can also target runners with special conditions such as overpronated or underpronated gaits.

For different terrains, the shoes might have more or less traction.

DS Basketball Shoes

As these shoes are made to endure the quick and vigorous moves in basketball, their materials are extremely durable with ample support to provide.

The users can confidently complete powerful movements such as jumps, cut, or spin without worrying about wearing out the soles.

Due to the purpose of the shoes, the manufacturers tend to invest in cutting-edge cushioning technologies.

Sometimes, they will also carry the theme or the inspiration of a certain player or event.

Deadstock Basketball shoes
Deadstock Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 Basketball Shoes – Source: eBay.com

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DS Sports Shoes in General

If you play other sports like volleyball or tennis, you will find a good amount of DS designs for them as well.

Depending on the signature of the sport, the shoes can have special features, including but not limited to extra supportive soles, enhanced traction, or high energy return.

Another category of DS shoes is specifically for outdoor activities.

Besides durability, their materials often have resistance against wetness or abrasion. If the terrain is rough, it usually calls for more reinforcement in heels and toes.

Pros & Cons of Deadstock Shoes

The ‘deadstock’ label on shoes is a guarantee of how rare and valuable they are. Shoe collectors are very passionate when it comes to DS shoes, though pros and cons still exist.

The benefits DS shoes can give you include:

  • Prime conditions: Because DS shoes have never even left their boxes, they retain the quality of a brand-new product without any damage.
  • Rare: They are limited editions in the first place, which means not everyone can own them.
  • Authentic: DS shoes are unused shoes, hence you don’t need to worry about them counterfeiting.
  • Resale value: Shoe enthusiasts and collectors are usually very eager to own a DS pair, and they are ready to pay more than the original price.

Unfortunately, DS shoes still have several drawbacks:

  • Expensive: As we have mentioned, sellers can raise the price of deadstock footwear because they are hard to find, especially if they come from well-known collections.
  • No warranty: DS shoes are not sold on the authentic website of the brand. Hence, they have no return or warranty policies.
  • Possible damage: Some sellers don’t have the most compatible storage methods to maintain the shoes’ quality, maybe they don’t even know how to do it. The shipping process is also another risk you have to take.

Deadstock Shoes Maintenance

How to Storage

For both sellers and buyers, we think the storage process is the most important.

You would want to keep your DS shoes away from direct contact with sunlight, for solar rays can cause serious warping or discoloration.

If you are ready to invest more in your footwear, you should store them in mesh bags (or other breathable fabrics) instead of leaving them in a mere box.

Furthermore, we recommend being aware of your living environment because excess moisture can result in mildew and mold.

How to Use

Paying extra attention to small details will come in handy in the long run.

You can spot damage like loosened stitches and torn materials when you spend time inspecting the shoes, thus being able to repair them as soon as possible.

Secondly, if your DS shoes are not made for running or hiking, they can wear out quickly under unfavorable conditions. This kind of damage is something we can control.

How to Clean

Cleaning your shoes regularly means you are keeping them safe from grime and dirt. Once built up, they can easily ruin and discolor the texture.

Most of the time, it is advisable to spot-clean with a pristine cloth or brush.

If the stain is more stubborn and water doesn’t do the job, you can use mild detergents or soaps. Sometimes, the brands sell detergents that they developed for their shoes only, which are the best choice for you.

Harsh chemicals like bleaches can cause the colors to fade or, in the worst case, damage the fabrics beyond repair.

Give Them A Break

Although we might be extremely proud to own DS shoes and want to wear them at all times, it’s better if you switch between different pairs of footwear.

The shoes will have enough time to recover and dry from moisture, hence their lifespan will be extended significantly.


1. Where To Buy Deadstock Sneakers?

The easiest way to get deadstock sneakers is through reliable retailers. But you will have to be super speedy or use sneaker bots to snatch the deal before the resellers get it.

If money is not an issue to you, the game is much simpler because you can check on multiple platforms and choose the most beneficial offer.

Nevertheless, make sure the site and the seller are legit!

2. Why Is Deadstock Good?

Deadstock shoes come from reputable brands and limited collections. They are no longer available on the official website, and you can only find them through collectors.

When you put DS shoes on, you know you are having something unique and everyone is looking at you.

Also, the quality of DS shoes is refined. At grand brands, they only use premium materials, hence your shoes will be very comfortable and durable at the same time.

3. How To Know If My Shoes Are Deadstock?

So, when can you be sure your sneakers are rare enough to be sold as deadstock? There are a few signals:

  • It is not available on authentic apps like SNKRS of Nike or Confirmed of Adidas, it is nearly sure to be deadstock.
  • Retailers are another obvious indicator. If even retailers and their have-it-all warehouses don’t have a specific product, it is likely to be deadstock.
  • Pay attention to the market and keep track of the products that have been sold out long ago and have not been restocked for months already.
  • Go on websites like StockX and check if the model has certain sizes unavailable. When some sizes are unavailable, high chances are that the product hasn’t been restocked in a while.
  • If you see StockX and eBay products being sold at a higher price, you might have found some deadstock sources for shoes.

Final Words

After getting to know what deadstock shoes mean, it’s not a surprise if you want to actively search for them.

If you are a user, you would enjoy the quality and the rareness without having to run after the trends.

On the other side, as a seller, you can expect some value since shoe collectors are ready to pay a hefty sum for limited editions.

There is nothing cooler than turning your hobby into a business that benefits you!

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