Do Hey Dudes Come In Half Sizes? Hey Dude Sizing Reviews

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Founded in 2008, Hey Dude offers a wide variety of lightweight, fashionable shoes for men and women at a reasonable price. And since this brand is popular, many people might question its sizing system.

Do Hey Dudes come in half sizes? How do Hey Dudes fit?

Here’s a detailed guideline on the fit and sizing of Hey Dudes along with reviews from customers.

Do Hey Dudes Come In Half Sizes?

Hey Dudes don’t offer half sizes. All Hey Dudes shoes are available in whole sizes only. So if you are between sizes, you should choose 1 size up for a loose fit or 1 size down for a tight fit.

Why don’t Hey Dudes come in half sizes?

Hey Dudes shoes don’t offer shoes in half sizes for the following reasons:

First, Hey Dude shoes are made of stretch fabrics that quickly adapt to your foot’s distinctive shape. And since they are roomy, your feet will have enough space even if you choose a smaller size than your normal shoe size.

Second, Hey Dude shoes can stretch out over time. So, if you are between sizes and you get 1 size down, your shoes can become larger to wrap around your feet tightly. A minor drawback of this fabric is that the shoes might look old after a harsh cleaning. You can slow down this aging process by washing them inside towels or pillowcases.

Third, many Hey Dudes shoes offer a lacing system, allowing you to loosen or tighten the shoes easily.

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Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Small, Big, Or True To Size? Hey Dude Sizing Reviews

Hey Dude shoes can run big, small, or true to size depending on the shoe’s model or style. Some Hey Dudes are smaller, while others are bigger than your standard size. Generally, Hey Dude shoes for men often run true to size.

This fitting also depends on the shoe’s width. There are 2 width options for Hey Dudes – the regular fit and the relaxed-wide fit. The latter is more comfortable and loose.

But since Hey Dude shoes don’t come in half sizes, there are 2 chances for people with half sizes – either the shoes are too big or too small for you. So, how to deal with each case?

  • If the shoes are too small

You can get the bigger size at a nearby store, to request an exchange or refund (if possible). If the shoes are slightly uncomfortable, you can pour warm water inside the shoe’s bottom, then place it on a heating pad for 15 minutes.

Then, wrap rubber bands on the shoe’s top. After 20 minutes, take it off and wear it on to let it mold to your foot’s shape.

  • If the shoes are too big

You can wear Hey Dudes with socks to let them stretch, or tighten the shoes by pulling the knots. If the shoes are too big, you should exchange them for smaller ones.

Some users’ reviews on Hey Dude sizing

  • “I bought these for my boyfriend who had never owned a pair and he loves them! Super comfortable, easy to slide on and off, and they go with everything! Definitely buying more styles/colors. Go buy yourself a pair! You won’t regret it.” (Heather L.)
  • “These were perfect for my husband! Love the color and the fast shipping! Came in the right size and all! I can’t wait for him to get them for Christmas! Definitely would purchase again.” (Alicia)
  • “Shoes are nice and comfortable. I don’t think they quite deserve the hype they get but end of the day I got threes for $30 bucks. I wish they made half sizes as 11s are a bit tight but 12s would swallow my foot.” (L.Fisher)
  • “….They don’t specifically say wide width, but they stretch to wide, with comfort. My Dad is size 11 4E and they fit fine. My husband is a 9 WW, also perfect fit. My brother is a 10, same thing, perfect!” (Joanne)
  • “Definitely perfect! If you are in half sizes go up to the next full size. It’s super comfy and just right for the feet.” (Tammy)
  • “These shoes are so comfortable and easy to slip on and off without a struggle. The color is neutral and will go with any outfit. The support is good. Sizing is accurate.” (Shopping Crazy Women)

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Hey Dude Size Charts In Cm, Inches

Since there are no half sizes in Hey Dudes, you should carefully check the following size charts to pick up an appropriate size for your shoes.

Men Hey Dude size chart

Hey Dude – Men US EU Inches cm
4 37 9 22.86
5 38 9 ⅜ 23.81
6 39 9 ⅝ 24.44
7 40 10 25.4
8 41 10 ⅜ 26.35
9 42 10 ⅝ 26.98
10 43 11 27.94
11 44 11 ⅜ 28.89
12 45 11 ⅝ 29.52
13 46 12 30.48
14 47 12 ⅜ 31.43
15 48 12 ⅝ 32.06
16 49 13 33.02
17 50 13 ⅝ 34.61

Women Hey Dude size chart

Hey Dude – Women US EU Inches cm
4 35 8 ⅜ 21.27
5 36 8 ⅝ 21.91
6 37 9 22.86
7 38 9 ⅜ 23.81
8 39 9 ⅝ 24.44
9 40 10 25.4
10 41 10 ⅜ 26.35
11 42 10 ⅝ 26.98
12 43 11 27.94

Youth Hey Dude size chart

Hey Dude – Youth US EU Inches cm
11 29-30 6 ⅞ 17.46
12 31 7 ⅛ 18.09
13 32 7 ½ 19.05
1 33-34 7 ⅞ 20
2 35 8 ⅛ 20.63
3 36 8 ½ 21.59
4 37 8 ⅞ 22.54
5 38 9 ⅛ 23.18

Toddler Hey Dude size chart

Hey Dude – Toddler US EU Inches cm
5 22 4 ⅞ 12.38
6 23 5 ⅛ 13.02
7 24-25 5 ½ 13.97
8 26 5 ⅞ 14.92
9 27 6 ⅛ 15.56
10 28 6 ½ 16.51
11 29-30 6 ⅞ 17.46

How Can I Measure My Feet For Hey Dude Sneakers?

To measure your feet for Hey Dudes, you should think about your foot’s width first. How much room do you need for the forefoot area? Will you wear Hey Dudes with or without socks?

Moreover, you should visit a nearby store selling Hey Dude shoes. Walk around the store with a pair of Hey Dudes, or try Hey Dudes in different sizes to check which size makes you most comfortable.

Remember that some shoes that fit better than others might not maintain the same comfort after hours of walking or standing.

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1. Can you wear socks with Hey Dudes?

Hey Dudes are great to go with or without socks. They are made of breathable fabrics (canvas and cotton) and have a supportive cushioned footbed, making them safe and comfortable to wear with socks or not.

But if you want to prevent foot-related problems like bruises, blisters, fungal infections, or bunions, you should wear Hey Dudes with socks.

Check more: Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

2. Are Hey Dude shoes suitable for wide feet?

The relaxed-wide fit option of Hey Dude shoes is excellent for people with wide feet. Thanks to their roomy fit, these sneakers allow you to walk or stand all day in comfort.

3. Are Hey Dude shoes unisex?

Although Hey Dude doesn’t officially offer unisex shoes, there are a few sneaker models labeled ‘unisex’ like “Hey Dude Unisex Mikka Shoes” or “Hey Dude Unisex American Tri”.

These models are in various colors and don’t look gender-stereotyped. So, they can be worn by men and women.

Final Words

In a nutshell, men’s & women’s Hey Dude shoes don’t come in half sizes. If you are in between sizes, purchase a size up for loose fit or a size down for tight fit.

Moreover, although Hey Dudes are on the roomier side and stretchy, you should measure your feet carefully to get the shoe size that is nearest to yours.

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