Are Hey Dudes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Are Hey Dudes Good For Plantar Fasciitis

We are quite sure you have been asking yourself this question: Are Hey Dudes good for plantar fasciitis if they are so highly appreciated for the comfort and the support their features bring?

Let’s see for yourself with the assistance of our article before you decide to place an order!

Are Hey Dudes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Whether we are talking about performance or style, Hey Dudes for plantar fasciitis has become quite a trend.

These shoes can keep you supplied with comfort and support due to their innovative designs and padded insoles, so you can do anything you want all day long without worrying about pain or discomfort.

Furthermore, they don’t neglect fashion sense for the performance, hence they look good enough to pair with your favorite outfits and accompany you on pretty much any kind of occasion.

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How Do Hey Dudes Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

So, we have established that Hey Dude shoes can come in handy for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, but how exactly did they manage to convince a large group of customers to trust them and come back to them?

Let’s unveil the secret now!


It’s true that Hey Dude shoes utilize the traditional lacing system, but they don’t fit too tight. The laces are present for adjustment, so you can customize the fit until your feet are completely happy with the shoes.

It’s good to note that this relaxed fit might contribute to the sensation of a lack of support that some people experience.

hey dude laces
Hey Dude laces


Although the materials constructing Hey Dude shoes are flexible and lightweight, they are nowhere near as vulnerable.

The memory foam for the insoles and the EVA foam for the outsoles both serve the purpose of giving your feet the necessary cushioning to reduce the stress they have to endure.

Not only that, but this generous cushion does a brilliant job with shock absorption, hence they act like a layer of protection for your feet, especially when you are involved in outdoor environments.


Hey Dude shoes have built-in memory foam in their soles and thus feel more comfortable than average and ordinary footwear. It suffices if your feet anatomy is on the average side and you are looking to align your feet properly.

However, this support is only on the moderate level for people with extremely high feet arches. There is a high chance that you will find Hey Dudes lacking if you fall into this category.

We recommend choosing the Hey Dude designs with removable insoles to enhance your experience with orthotics.

Breathable and Comfortable

Hey Dudes Material

A large part of Hey Dude’s breathability comes from the materials, specifically the memory foam that makes up most of its insoles.

It cradles your feet in the utmost comfort and allows the heat to circulate and leave the shoes quickly, so you will hardly feel the sweat building up and leading to bad odors.

Aside from the ventilation, the versatile and relaxed fit for all foot widths is another reason that people cannot get enough of these shoes.

They tend to various customers and always deliver the best fit possible, which is fairly important in relieving stress and pain from your feet.

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Another thing users have complimented about Hey Dude is how lightweight its shoes are, despite the sturdy look.

They are tough enough to protect sensitive feet from impact for sure, yet it is certainly a plus point if the shoes feel weightless.

The lightness on our feet mostly comes from the upper of the shoes, though we shouldn’t ignore the EVA outsole. It is durable and simultaneously gentle enough for you to feel no pressure on your troubled feet.

Toe Box

A key feature of shoes for plantar fasciitis is promoting a natural position of the feet, hence a roomy toe box with enough space for you to stretch and flex your toes will be as essential as the ample support and cushioning.

Also, when you have the chance to place your feet in the correct alignment, the weight distribution across your feet will be much better.

This means the area affected by plantar fasciitis will be relieved of negative pressure and tension.

Flexible and Slip-Resistant Sole

Hey Dude Shoes are non-slip

We have to mention the flexibility provided by high-quality materials as well, because it is extremely important for all sorts of foot conditions and not only plantar fasciitis.

A flexible shoe will naturally move with every step you take, and minimize the tension your muscles go through.

Anyone with a disease in their feet will know the struggle to maintain balance when the pain hits. Therefore, the slip-resistant outsoles in most Hey Dude shoes are a lifesaver.

Without the fear of tripping and falling, you can now focus on keeping your gait proper.

Final Words

Now you have your definite answer: Hey Dude shoes are good for plantar fasciitis without a doubt, as long as you go for the right pair with the necessary amount of support for you.

If you don’t feel like they are comfortable enough, you can always opt for inserts as recommended by podiatrists and footwear experts.

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