Are Hey Dude Non-Slip? Everything You Should Know

Are Hey Dude Non-Slip

Stylish and comfortable indeed, but are Hey Dude non-slip with all the beneficial features they offer? It is an important question to ask because we need to know how these shoes perform in unfavorable situations.

Non-slip shoes often receive so much attention due to the special technologies incorporated in them, among which the most outstanding feature is the traction.

In hazardous environments, they ensure you can work safely and professionally.

Are Hey Dude Non-Slip?

The company doesn’t certify or promote their products as non-slip shoes, yet they have many models featuring non-slip outsoles. Some designs even have a non-slip coating on their outsoles to ensure a better experience.

The regular Hey Dude shoes are comfortable to wear with no slips on normal terrain. However, you will want to pay extra attention to your steps when you walk on wet and slippery surfaces.

Meanwhile, the Hey Dude shoes with non-slip features provide an amazing grip on all kinds of surfaces. Hence, the fear of slippage will no longer haunt you.

Hey Dude Shoes are non-slip

What Are Considered Slip-Resistant Shoes?

In general, you can define slip-resistant shoes as footwear with specialized outsoles that increase the friction between your feet and the floor.

They also have certain treading patterns to dispose of the liquids under your steps in the shortest time possible.

Most of the non-slip shoes we usually come across are just normal shoes with enough treading on the outsoles.

They provide enough grip for our daily and casual errands, though they will never replace the safety footwear made under strict industrial standards.

So, what makes people so eager for non-slip shoes?

For example, you are standing straight, so the only thing that connects you to the ground is your shoes. If they don’t hold onto the floor tightly enough, you will trip and fall over. The consequences can be as trivial as a scratch, but also as severe as fractures and disabilities.

Furthermore, we naturally lose balance as we grow older, hence non-slip shoes are necessary for security and confidence. The result of a fall for an elderly is always much more concerning than what a youngster goes through.

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How To Know If Your Hey Dudes Shoes Are Non-Slip

If your Hey Dudes have non-slip features, their tags usually indicate relevant information very clearly. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the details below.


To be specific, we need to observe the outsole closely.

High-friction compounds like rubber are usually the most ideal. Smooth materials with no texture will not give you the necessary grip.

In this regard, Hey Dude shoes can fulfill the requirement. The rubber outsoles are also very durable even under the damage of water or different types of liquids.

Hey Dudes Material


Secondly, you will want to check if your Hey Dudes have grooved treads on their outsoles. When immersed in substances, these patterns will help disperse the wetness and reduce the risk of slipping.

Hey Dude shoes are considered good for walking even on slippery terrain because of the intricate patterns on their outsoles.

The Fit

No matter what type of shoes you are looking for, the fit is essential, though it has become mandatory regarding non-slip shoes.

If your Hey Dudes are molded to fit like a glove, they are likely to have better slip resistance.

While overly tight footwear makes you uncomfortable and disrupts blood circulation, loose pairs will slip off your feet and disturb your balance.

Moisture will also get into large shoes more easily and make the slippery feeling worse.

What Affects Slip Resistance?

The soles

Most experts will focus on the soles if you ask them about non-slip shoes, and they have all the reasons to do so.

The material of the soles and the treading patterns with deep grooves make the difference between slip-resistant and common shoes.

The fit of your shoes

Secondly, how your shoes fit matters. The soles might be good, yet they cannot compensate for poorly fitting footwear.

When you have worn the shoes for a long time, they are likely to lose their grip as well.

The way you walk

Surprisingly enough, the way you walk plays a role too.

Placing the ball or the entire bottom of your foot on the floor will give you more stability than when you land on your heels.

Getting rid of this bad habit will allow the shoes to perform at their peak condition.

The surface

Last but not least, the surface itself is a critical factor. No matter how strong your shoes are regarding slippage, they have their respective limits for different terrains.

Restaurants and hospitals are some of the most challenging places to deal with because of the products and the possible spills involved.

Alternative Non-Slip Shoes for Hey Dudes

If the lack of confirmation from Hey Dude disheartens you, there are still many brands offering non-slip shoes with a convenient slip-on design.


Although the brand offers slip-resistant shoes, you should check the data tag carefully since not all Crocs are non-slip. On-the-Clock and Bistro are some of their best sellers.

Crocs Bistro Pro


With the variety of Skechers models, it wouldn’t be difficult to find something with decent slip resistance.


Like Crocs, Vans shoes are not always non-slip, though the classic Vans slip-ons come with a slip-resistant version. You can find them under the name “Made for the Makers”.

Other than the brands, the model of footwear might pique your interest and open up more options.


Often available with comfortable fits and textured outsoles, sneakers can perform well on various surfaces and thus replace your Hey Dudes. Nonetheless, they are not the most durable.


They contribute to the non-slip category to an extent, but it depends heavily on whether they have enough friction and texture on their soles.

The exposure they offer might be relaxing, but unsuitable for possibly dangerous environments.


They can provide traction and durability because they are usually constructed with sturdiness. The coverage is good for outdoor and indoor activities all the same, yet they might be a bit suffocating!

Final Words

Unfortunately, despite the excellent performance on slippery surfaces, the company never officially confirmed that the shoes from Hey Dude are slip-resistant.

If you need a pair of shoes with sufficient comfort and grip for wet and stained floors, Hey Dude can still provide them. Otherwise, you still have various options for assurance and equally decent slip resistance.

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