Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet? How And Why?

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet

Birkenstocks is one of the footwear brands frequently mentioned regarding comfort and stability. So are Birkenstocks good for flat feet – the condition that has been troubling so many people?

Can they provide enough support for the feet with nearly or absolutely zero arches?

The answers are only a few minutes of reading away from your grasp.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet? Why?

Many customers of Birkenstock suffer from flat feet and find immense comfort in their footwear, so we can confirm it’s good to wear Birkenstocks. But why?

Birkenstocks stand out among fellow shoe brands because of the unique footbed considered the heart of all Birkenstocks designs. The secret lies in the layered construction.

  • The first layer, also the one having direct contact with your feet, is natural cork. It easily cradles the feet for a cozy fit and feels like a sweet home after a long day.
  • Beneath the cork footbed, the next two layers are responsible for breathability to make sure the environment inside your footwear is always healthy.
  • The bottom tier is thick and textured for resistance against slippage as well as shock absorption. This layer enables safe walking for you if you want to practice and improve your condition.
Layer Of Birken’s Footbed
Layer Of Birken’s Footbed

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Podiatrist Opinion on Birkenstocks

Regarding how Birkenstock is assisting its users in the flat feet crisis, Dr. Benjamin Tehrani has shared his thoughts.

He considered Birkenstock products comfortable and sturdy because they are basically made of fine rubber and oak tree, the contour is optimum too. Not only will your pain decrease, but you will also have your posture aligned properly.

Nonetheless, on days when you will stand or walk around for hours on end, the doctor recommends using simpler footwear with orthotic inserts or extra padding so your feet will receive enough support and not ache too much.

How Good Are Birkenstocks For Flat Feet?

Stability & Comfort

The first virtue people associate with Birkenstocks is how comfortable they are with their feet. The high-quality materials contribute to the creation of a very ergonomic shape, so these shoes are extremely durable and reliable.

The latex and cork materials used in the iconic footbed are capable of shock absorption, hence your feet won’t be under that negative pressure when you walk.

The deep heel cup completes the supportive construction and aids with the pain caused by flat feet.

Weight Distribution

Flat feet are the cause of overpronation, an unwanted state wherein your ankles roll farther than they should when you step. It can lead to injuries and accidents.

People tend to miss out on Birkenstock’s zero drop, but this detail is another brilliant feature. Your heel and toe receive the same lift with no bias, hence your weight won’t lean forward or backward when you move.

The construction of Birkenstocks allows them to distribute the user’s weight evenly across their feet and reduce the negative impact of overpronation.

Furthermore, it gradually brings your hips, knees, and ankles into proper alignment for less pain and more relaxation in your steps.

Birkenstock Footbed features

Arch Support

Both high and low arches can benefit from the multi-layered footbed of Birkenstocks as it molds to your feet and prevents your arch from sinking into a wrong position.

People with flat feet have almost no arch in their feet. But in the long run, the proper alignment of your whole body under Birkenstock’s effects can make your gait and posture better along with the subsiding pain.

Promote Blood Circulation

Since these shoes keep your feet in a nice position, they naturally promote the flow of blood and relieve your muscles from stress. When blood circulation is ensured, you won’t feel tired and sore too quickly.

Aside from the footbed, Birkenstock’s roomy toe space and adjustable straps also play an essential part in not disrupting your blood flow, as well as letting you customize how your shoes fit.

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How To Make Birkenstocks More Comfortable For Flat Feet?

Although most users would agree that Birkenstock footwear makes some of the best shoes for flat feet, there will always be people who disagree. It is simply because they have different foot shapes.

What can you do if your Birkenstocks are not as comfortable as you expected?

  • Make sure you have measured both feet properly and used Birkenstock’s size chart instead of assuming your size based on what you often buy from other brands.
  • Wiggle your toes backward and forward before putting the new Birkenstocks on because these shoes might not feel soft and tender at first. You can slowly break them in with a session of 30 – 40 minutes per day.
  • Spare some gaps between your feet and your shoes. Tightening your laces and straps isn’t always good.
  • If you notice the insoles start to wear out, replace them with similar extras sold by Birkenstock.

Notices When Choosing Shoes For Flat Feet

First and most importantly, the style of the shoes should be right.

Flat feet tend to result in wider feet than normal. So, you will want to make sure your chosen footwear provides sufficient coverage and accommodates your foot shape perfectly.

If you are trying Birkenstocks for the first time, you might experience slight discomfort in the beginning. It doesn’t mean you have bought the wrong shoes.

Your Birkenstocks simply need some time to break in and grow accustomed to the structure of your feet. We recommend walking in new Birkenstock shoes for short sessions first.

Listen to your body! A simple morning walk won’t call for powerful footwear, though intense running or long hiking will demand more protection. Either way, you will want to secure some excellent arch support.

If you have received advice from footwear experts but still feel pain when wearing your shoes, chances are your feet conditions are severe.

In this case, you will need to consult a healthcare professional or a podiatrist. They might suggest suitable orthotics or treatments for you, depending on your needs.

Remember, Birkenstock Is NOT The Solution!

We can all agree that Birkenstocks are good for flat feet with the exceptional arch support and the ample comfort they provide.

However, they only help to soothe your pain and thus make your daily routine easier, not cure your foot conditions.

Instead of completely relying on these shoes and letting them mask the real problem, you should exercise and try simpler shoes as recommended by your doctor.

Soon enough, you will notice improvements in your feet health!

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