Why Do Hey Dudes Come With Extra Laces?

Hey Dudes Come With Extra Laces

Why do Hey Dudes come with extra laces when the brand’s ultimate focus is maximum comfort for its customers?

Is it an error in the design or are there reasons for them to be almost unnecessarily long?

We are about to find out the answers to all these mysteries!

Why Do Hey Dudes Come With Extra Laces?

When you hear someone talking about extra laces on Hey Dudes, 99% chances are they mean to ask “Why are Hey Dude laces too long”. The answer is understandable and reasonable if you think about it!

If you pay close attention while tying your Hey Dude shoes, you will notice they never fail to accommodate any foot width. The laces play a big part in this!

Regarding laces, people with wide feet tend to have a harder time. If the laces are not long enough, they have no choice but to tie the shoes too tightly for their comfort.

Meanwhile, the laces will be excessive for normal and narrow feet, though we have plenty of solutions for this situation.

In the less likely case, they might be talking about the spare laces in the purchase. It serves the same purpose of an easy replacement without additional fees.

Purposes of Extra Laces in Hey Dudes

Durability Enhancement

hey dude laces
Hey Dude laces

If we had to choose one primary reason why Hey Dude shoes feature seemingly excess length on their laces, it would be durability.

For a user who uses shoes for long hours and many purposes every day, the laces will wear out pretty quickly.

With extra laces, you can replace the damaged parts anytime without necessarily searching for new shoes or new laces!

Simple Replacement

No one can foresee accidents, so what if your laces fall apart in the most inconvenient situations?

The extra length of Hey Dude laces makes this kind of problem irrelevant!

You can adjust to the damage through easy and quick steps, without going shopping for new ones or waiting for your online purchase to arrive.

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With the extra laces, Hey Dude laces allow customers to customize styles and express their personality. From the colors to the ties, you can utilize this variety to mix and match them with outfits however you wish!

Hey Dude with green laces
Hey Dude with green laces

Aesthetic Values

You can get many designs and colors from Hey Dude. The equally wide range of looks with the laces gives you even more possibilities.

If you are a fashion lover, you know how important these small details are in reflecting your style.

Spare laces can also rejuvenate your appearance in a blink. Looking well-maintained is a crucial part of being appealing and stylish too.

Craftmanship & Quality

Going as far as including laces in the package proves Hey Dude’s commitment and determination to satisfy customers. It means the company pays attention to the smallest things that might become necessary in unexpected times.

In exchange, this dedication makes the image of Hey Dude in customers’ eyes better than ever. To them, experiences with Hey Dude are always positive.

Their trust and review motivate the brand to work harder and attract more customers at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Practices

The presence of spare laces is an encouragement for customers to repair and keep the shoes for a longer time instead of throwing them away as soon as signs of worn-out appear.

This mindset promotes responsible consumption and minimizes waste in the fashion industry. Conscious customers who prioritize sustainability will be able to resonate with the brand.

What To Do With Extra Lace On Hey Dudes?

Shorten The Length

You can reduce the abundant length through several methods if you don’t like how they hang off uselessly.

  • Put the laces through the holes twice to use up the length.
  • Cut the unwanted length. After cutting, you can tie knots or burn the cuts to prevent fraying materials.

Utilize your extra laces

If you don’t wish to cut the laces short, you can do several things to fully enjoy the excess length.

  • Mix & Match

Hey Dude has always been versatile due to its design, including the laces. You can use matching outfits to create a connection and make a statement about your style.

  • Experiment

If not a ton-sur-ton look, you can be bolder and use contrasting colors or patterns.

  • Exchange & Share

The laces you don’t like might be helpful for others. Trading and gifting them to your fellow Hey Dude lovers will help to build a community and give everyone a chance to explore new items.

If neither seems like a good choice for you, you might consider removing the laces and changing them into shorter laces.

How To Remove Hey Dude Laces?

We can’t deny the purposes Hey Dude laces serve. However, some people might still find them unnecessary and even troublesome at times. On another note, if you are about to wash your shoes, there is no point in keeping the laces on.

Fortunately, these laces are removable. You can take them off with a few simple steps.

  1. Untie your laces and make sure there are no wrinkles or folds on the way.
  2. The end of a knot tends to have a cover. You need to check and remove any remaining cover.
  3. Knots can exist on both ends. If they are too small, you can use tweezers.
  4. The fasteners on the lace holes should be removed last.

Now, you can change the old laces by putting the new (or washed) laces through the holes. Knot the ends to secure them. And finally, put the fasteners back again.

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Best Replacement Laces For Hey Dudes

Since you can remove Hey Dude laces, replacing them should be easy. The problem for new customers of Hey Dude is usually something different: How to buy lace replacements?

Unfortunately, Hey Dude itself doesn’t sell items similar to laces. Hence, you can’t buy Hey Dude replacement laces even though you can get separate laces from them.

Replacements are a good solution if you don’t like the overly long laces on your shoes.

  • Elastic shoelaces with no tie by LOCK LACES

It is the one-fit-all lace that turns lace-up shoes into slip-ons. Therefore, it works well with the holes on your Hey Dudes.

They have the same texture as Hey Dude shoes and the compatible length for smaller feet.

To give them the identical look to the original laces, you can remove the knot covers from the original and put them on the replacement.


How Long Are Hey Dude Laces?

The average length of Hey Dude laces is 16 inches. The manufacturer calculated and decided it was the suitable length to fit both narrow and wide feet.

How To Tighten Hey Dude Laces?

Tightening the laces will help you change the fit to your liking.

However, aside from dealing with the laces, there are other ways to adjust how the shoes fit you.

  • Elastic laces

You will have an easy and adjustable solution with elastic laces because all you need to do is pull and release until you like the tension and the fit.

  • Heel grips

These adhesive pads provide friction and minimize unwanted motions, hence your heels won’t keep slipping out of position.

  • Inserts

Nowadays, people immediately think of inserts when the shoes don’t fit them. These additions change the space inside the shoes and give you more support simultaneously.

  • Thick socks

It is a seemingly mundane solution, yet it works! However, you need to ensure your feet feel comfortable, not too compressed or too warm.

  • Lace loops

When you pull the laces, they will stretch. One lace is under, the other should be above it. It will create a toggle without knots, making the shoes fit snugly and comfortably.

Final Words

Now your mind is no longer boggled with inquiries such as ‘Why did my Hey Dudes come with extra laces”. You have even become a professional regarding Hey Dude laces replacement and alternative!

We would love to know how you feel about these spare laces, so don’t forget to leave your comment to discuss with us!

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