Do Chuck Taylors Run Big, Small, or True To Size? Chuck Taylors Size Chart

Despite the unstable sizing that Converse is well-known for, it is not too hard to resolve the problem of “Do Chuck Taylors run big”.

With the detailed guidelines from Converse itself, we will find all the information we need and figure out how to size our Chucks!

Let’s not procrastinate and see what the powerhouse has in store for us!

About Converse Chuck Taylor

While we all know how gigantic Converse is as a brand, some of you might not estimate the importance of Chuck Taylor correctly.

The original purpose of Converse was to serve athletes, hence the sizing was very direct and driven by the sports involved.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Nonetheless, as they expanded and became more popular, they changed the sizing system to approach a larger group of customers.

When talking about Converse, it is impossible to not mention Chuck Taylor. The brand was established in 1917, and Chuck Taylor appeared the very next decade, named after a legendary basketball player of the time.

With his promotion and impressive qualities, Chuck Taylor sneakers started to gain fame.

By the end of the 20th century, Chuck Taylor became an icon in modern fashion rather than an athletic footwear. Its reputation and accessibility continued to push its popularity higher than ever.

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Do Chuck Taylors Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

To answer this question, we need to consider several factors:

  • Converse footwear is unisex, hence the sizing might be a little complicated.
  • Over the years, Converse has adapted and incorporated changes in its sizing.
  • High-tops and low-tops of Converse are not identical.
  • You might need some time to break your Converse in before it molds to your feet.

In general, Chuck Taylors run half a size larger than regular. It means you should either choose the smaller size or prepare to use inserts.

The non-leather upper means Converse Chuck Taylors don’t stretch out too much with time. Hence, the shape you get from the box is likely to stay with you for a long time.

Here are a few key takeaways on how your perfect Converse should fit:

  • Your toes shouldn’t be pinched and feel pained.
  • If you don’t wear socks while the shoes are breaking in, your heels will feel uncomfortable.
  • The top of your feet should fit snugly without sacrificing the necessary air ventilation.
  • You should have half an inch between your big toe and the shoe’s end so you can move your toes without any discomfort.

Do High-Top And Low-Top Fit The Same?

Converse designed the high-top model to cover the entire ankle area, thus your feet might feel different wearing it.

Considering a loose high-top would provide no stability and safety, Converse made sure its high-top sneakers embrace the user’s ankles nicely. Even though they are much firmer and more difficult to get used to.

Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 Natural White Low Top
Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 Natural White Low Top

Meanwhile, the low-top Converse ensures freedom in your movements, and you can also put them on or take them off in a blink. This convenience combined with the large toe box makes them a great fit for wide feet.

Regarding the better choice, your predilection is the most important factor.

If you want a tight fit for more support, high-tops might resonate with your needs better. On the other hand, low-tops are more beneficial when you need more comfort instead.

Chuck Taylor All-Star Size Chart

Chuck Taylor Women’s Sizes

US Size Chuck Taylor size for Women Foot Length (inches)
4 3.5 n/a
4.5 4 8 1/3″
5 4.5 8 1/2″
5.5 5 8 5/8″
6 5.5 8 5/6″
6.5 6 9″
7 6.5 9 1/7″
7.5 7 9 2/7″
8 7.5 9 1/2″
8.5 8 9 2/3″
9 8.5 9 4/5″
9.5 9 10″
10 9.5 10 1/6″
10.5 10 10 1/3″
11 10.5 10 1/2″
11.5 11 10 5/8″
12 11.5 10 4/5″
12.5 12 11″
13 12.5 11 1/7″
13.5 13 11 2/7″
14 13.5 11 2/3″

Chuck Taylor Men’s Sizes

US Size Chuck Taylor size for Men Foot Length (inches)
3.5 3 8 1/2″
4 3.5 8 5/8″
4.5 4 8 5/6″
5 4.5 9″
5.5 5 9 1/7″
6 5.5 9 2/7″
6.5 6 9 1/2″
7 6.5 9 2/3″
7.5 7 9 4/5″
8 7.5 10″
8.5 8 10 1/6″
9 8.5 10 1/3″
9.5 9 10 1/2″
10 9.5 10 5/8″
10.5 10 10 4/5″
11 10.5 11″
11.5 11 11 1/7″
12 11.5 11 2/7″
12.5 12 11 2/3″
13 12.5 12″
13.5 13 12 2/7″
14 13.5 12 3/5″

Chuck Taylor Kids’ Sizes

US Size Chuck Taylor size for Kids Foot Length (inches)
10C 10C 6 2/3″
10.5C 10C 6 4/5″
11C 10.5C 7″
11.5C 11C 7 1/6″
12C 11.5C 7 1/3″
12.5C 12C 7 1/2″
13C 12.5C 7 2/3″
13.5C 13C 7 4/5″
1Y 13.5C 8″
1.5Y 1Y 8 1/7″
2Y 1.5Y 8 1/3″
2.5Y 2Y 8 1/2″
3Y 2.5Y 8 2/3″
3.5Y 3Y 8 5/6″
4Y 3.5Y 9″
4.5Y 4Y 9 1/7″
5Y 4.5Y 9 1/6″
5.5Y 5Y 9 1/2″
6Y 5.5Y 9 2/3″

Chuck Taylor Toddlers’ Sizes

US Size Chuck Taylor size for Babies & Toddlers Foot Length (inches)
1C n/a 3 2/3″
2C 2C 4″
2.5C 2C 4 1/7″
3C 3C 4 1/3″
3.5C 3C 4 1/2″
4C 4C 4 2/3″
4.5C 4C 4 4/5″
5C 5C 5″
5.5C 5C 5 1/6″
6C 6C 5 1/3″
6.5C 6C 5 1/2″
7C 7C 5 2/3″
7.5C 7C 5 5/6″
8C 8C 6″
8.5C 8C 6 1/7″
9C 9C 6 2/7″
9.5C 9C 6 1/2″
10C 10C 6 2/3″
10.5C 10C 6 4/5″

How To Size Your Feet For Chuck Taylor?

If you can visit the Converse store and try the shoes you like, it secures your chance to find the best fit.

While testing shoes, you should walk or even run a little to see how supportive and comfortable they are. So, you can avoid disappointment when they are not like what you expect.

When you only have the choice to shop online, finding the perfect shoes starts with measuring your feet accurately. If you have got the measurements long ago, it’s time to do it again because measurements might change over time.

  1. Stand straight against a wall (or any similar surface) and put a piece of paper under your foot.
  2. Ask someone to draw your foot on the paper. You can do it yourself, though you need to make sure the pencil is straight vertically for the most accurate drawing possible.
  3. From the farthest point of your heel to the longest toe you have, the distance indicates your foot’s length.
  4. Across the ball of your foot (the widest part), the distance indicates your foot’s width.

With the measurement, you can now refer to the size chart and find the most suitable size for you. If your feet are not of the same size, choose the bigger number so both feet can enjoy the comfort.

We always recommend buying from reliable retailers with free exchanges or refunds, so you can return the shoes in case it is not what you want!

Things To Avoid

Whether you purchase your shoes from the Converse store or an online retailer, there are some common mistakes that you might commit unknowingly.

  • Neglect the measuring

In various cases, adults tend to think they know their size already and skip the measuring step. Little did they know that foot size can change due to health issues or conditions from time to time.

Another common situation is when they only measure one foot and ignore the other.

  • Assume the sizing

Even within the range of Converse products, not all models have the same fit. It might be the materials or the structure, though different designs will not be identical.

  • Ignore the width

Foot length is important, yet it doesn’t mean you should ignore the width. It might affect the fit as well, hence more and more brands are offering various widths for accurate fitting.

Final Words

Now that you know Chuck Taylors run big, the choice to size up or down is in your hand!

If your feet are medium or narrow, we recommend the next smaller size and inserts if necessary. Meanwhile, wide feet can enjoy a comfortable fit without concern.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the high-top version will feel more restricted at first, and the low-top model is more on the relaxed side.

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