Why Are ECCO Shoes So Expensive?

Why Are ECCO Shoes So Expensive

Let’s talk about why ECCO are shoes so expensive. Ever since they took over the entire process of manufacturing shoes, they have declared that customers will get nothing less than the best from them.

Have they managed to keep their promises? What do they offer that has helped them stay on top of the industry for the past two decades?

11 Reasons Why ECCO Shoes Are So Expensive

Every small step in creating and selling an ECCO shoe has been carried out with nothing less than perfection in mind.

Let’s break down on every aspect of a best-seller footwear and you will see the reasons!

1. High-quality Materials

A significant percentage of ECCO customers are people who work with their feet so much that they cannot go for anything lacking in cushioning and breathability. These qualities can only come from premium materials.

Each ECCO design comes with the softest leather and the signature Comfort Fiber System. The leather comes from their tanneries, hence they have full control over the production and the process.

ECCO Comfort Fiber System

As a result, the consistency of materials contributes to the final cost.

Meanwhile, the system promotes air circulation and customizes your experience with each model of ECCO, adding another layer of comfort to the shoes.

The fabrics used in this system are also exclusive to the company, and you won’t find the same creation anywhere else.

On top of that, these materials are extremely durable. They don’t lose the shine or the shape even after a long time, hence customers find them worth investing in despite the seemingly high price.

2. Exceptional Craftsmanship

Instead of mass production, ECCO wants to focus on making a limited quantity of shoes with more benefits for the users.

They employ highly proficient artisans who are familiar with both modern and traditional methods for the best outcome possible.

The mentioned top-quality materials are handmade with attention paid to the smallest details, hence the ergonomic designs we get to enjoy later.

The finesse of labor resources and time inevitably pushes the price a few notches higher.

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3. Innovative Technologies

ECCO wants its artisans to be familiar with modern techniques because their production involves cutting-edge technologies. These inventions take the material to the next level.

For instance, we can mention BIOM Natural Motion, a technology focusing on your natural gait, so your stability and strength will be enhanced remarkably. Therefore, it is incorporated into footwear for sporty activities in ECCOs.

Another outstanding example is ECCO TRI-FI-GRIPTM, an outsole with separate zones for different functions: rotational support, stability, and durability. Such benefits can’t be found in a poorly made shoe.

4. Ample Comfort

ECCO follows a strict policy: provide ample support regardless of the user’s posture. Therefore, their designs always feature ergonomic details that are costly to manufacture.

Due to the FLUIDFORM method, the flexible materials in ECCO are injected directly into the shoe’s prototype. So the sole and the upper are seamlessly bonded without sabotaging the overall structure.

It also means the comfort you receive is individualized for you only. Does it justify the higher price range to you?

5. Amazing Durability

The material and the structure of ECCO shoes also result in their impressive durability. Of course, how well you take care of your shoes will determine how long they last, but a good start will take you further.

The aforementioned injection of polyurethane plays a crucial part in ECCO’s durability because the construction as a whole allows these shoes to endure so much tear and wear.

If you look at the matter from a different perspective, you will see how much durable footwear helps you save money since you don’t have to replace them every few months or even sooner!

ECCO Men's Hi-Top Trainers, Grey Moon Rock
ECCO Men’s Hi-Top Trainers, Grey Moon Rock

6. Versatile Styles

ECCO is full of ambition, which shows in their determination to give their shoes both function and style.

With many other brands, you have to sacrifice either performance or fashion, and that won’t happen with ECCO.

When browsing the ECCO collection, you will find a variety of designs for your convenience. Dress shoes for formal outfits, sneakers for casual errands or hiking, or sandals for an elegant but relaxed look – ECCO has them all.

Such amazing designs wouldn’t exist without investment in talented designers, research into market demands, and seasonal updates on products – so they add more to the final price.

7. Effective Advertisements

ECCO seems to know where and when to run its advertising campaigns, especially in places with a big population like China.

Furthermore, the advertisements they host often offer real experiences and initiate direct interactions with customers, rather than simply putting the products on for a show.

Not only does ECCO promote its new designs through various platforms like newspapers and blogs, but it also finds the most suitable faces to become its ambassadors and affirm the performance of the products.

However, ECCO doesn’t slack on traditional TV promotions either. The images of celebrities wearing ECCO can thereby reach a larger group of potential customers and convince them to invest in the shoes.

8. Long-term Marketing Strategies

ECCO is a luxury brand, hence they avoid chasing the trend and making shoes that only look good without a backbone.

They come up with long-term strategies such as customizations to the customer’s preferences so the experience will be great and personalized at the same time, hence the loyalty to the brand will slowly grow.

Nonetheless, they still have several products at the average end of the price range. They ensure customers get the most value out of the money spent with a nice balance between the production cost and the benefits of the product.

Slowly but surely, ECCO convinced buyers the price tag isn’t hefty considering how much they get for these shoes.

9. Environmental Awareness

ECCO strongly believes a manufacturer will always have some impact on the environment. It can’t be helped, but they will never stop trying to reduce the damage to a minimum.

A good part of ECCo’s investment goes to sustainable sources of materials and renewable energy. Furthermore, the discharged chemicals from their factories must go through an innovative purification system.

All of these efforts accumulate into increased production costs.

10. Thorough Customer Service

Even after you leave the ECCO store, they remain your best company. Your purchase will be protected by the policy against defects from the manufacturing process.

You can always seek assistance from the customer service staff. They will respond to your questions promptly and accurately.

If you are unsure whether the damage to your shoes is covered by the policy or how to give your shoes the best maintenance, the guidance is completely within their capability.

How do they have such a responsive and effective system to acquire such a deep level of connection and commitment to their customers?

We can only assume how robust the network is, and it also makes up for the price of ECCO shoes.

11. Brand Recognition

ECCO has been keeping up with all those principles throughout, and thus building a steady reputation over the years.

When the name is brought up, we know we are discussing high-quality shoes with standards that not every brand can meet.

These shoes even appear in tournaments, and professional golfers are like quality stamps for the performance ECCO is capable of.

The technologies and the designs have won various awards for ECCO as well, so customers all over the world are more than ready to pay an extra sum for the sake of having their shoes made by such a reliable name.

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Final Words

ECCO shoes are expensive because they always aim for the highest standards of quality and performance.

They source the finest materials and process every cut in their tanneries before sending them off to the production chain – each step must pass a strict quality check.

The ultimate result is high-end shoes with all of the beneficial traits you can look for. Hence, most customers will tell you ECCO shoes are worth the money.

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