Do Vejas Run Big Or Small? Vejas Size Chart & Fitting Guide


VEJA has been gaining popularity for its ethically-produced sneakers. Their earnest commitment to environmental sustainability and timeless design aesthetics pull toward fashion-savvy and eco-conscious customers.

Do VEJAs run big or small? This question will come first when you have decided on a purchase. Let’s look at their size chart and discover how they fit.

Do Vejas Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

VEJA sneakers run true to size, which means they fit perfectly to the contours of your feet. Therefore, you should opt for your usual size.

The shoes use EU scales for their sizing system, so only whole sizes are available. Due to the supple leather material, they may require a few wears to mold themselves to the shape of your foot and fit like a glove.

Should I size up or down for VEJA? Those who are between sizes may be wondering this.

We recommend opting for the bigger size. It allows the foot room to grow into the shoe and makes them easier to break in.

To ensure that you get the right fit, we suggest buying two pairs of VEJA sneakers so that you can try both on and decide which is more comfortable.

You can return the shoes within 28 days after delivery, provided they are in their original box and new condition, accompanied by a completed Return Request.

Also, upon arrival, you should inspect the footwear for creases on the soles, holes in the insoles, and wear and tear before sending them back.

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VEJA Size Chart

VEJA Shoe Size Chart for Men

EUR UK US JP Leng (cm)
42 W8.5/M8 W11/M9 W27.5/M27 26.3
43 9 10 28 27.1
44 10 11 28.5 27.7
45 11 11.5 29 28.4
46 12 12 30 29.8
47 13 12.5 30.5 30.3
48 14 13 31 30.7

VEJA Shoe Size Chart for Women

EUR UK US JP Leng (cm)
35 2 4 21.5 22.4
36 3 5 22 22.8
37 4 6 23 23.5
38 5 7 24 24.0
39 W6/M5.5 W8/M6 25 24.9
40 W7/M6 9 25.5 25.3
41 W8/M7 10 W26.5/M26 26.1

VEJA Shoe Size Chart for Kids

EUR UK US JPN/CN Length (cm) Width (cm)
21 4.5 6 13 13.3 5.8
22 5.5 6 13.5 14 5.9
23 6.5 7 14 14.6 6.1
24 7.5 8 15 15.3 6.2
25 8 8.5 15.5 16 6.3
26 9 9.5 16 16.6 6.5
27 9.5 10 17 17.3 6.6
28 10.5 11 17.5 17.9 6.7
29 11.5 12 18 18.6 6.9
30 12 12.5 19 19.3 7
31 13 13.5 19.5 19.9 7.1
32 13.5 1 20 20.6 7.4
33 1.5 2 21 21.3 7.5
34 2.5 3 21.5 21.9 7.6
35 3 4 22 22.6 7.7
36 4 5 22.5 23.5 7.9
37 5 6 23 24.2 8.1
38 5.5 6.5 24 24.8 8.3
39 6 7 24.5 25.7 8.4

Veja’s Fitting Review – Based On Shoe Models

Let’s look at the VEJA sneaker range and how they fit.

VEJA Campo

VEJA Campo

VEJA Campo sneakers are true to size, but some may find them run large as they come in European sizing. Therefore, we recommend going one size down for a perfect fit.

The unisex design means that men’s sizes will also suit women with wider feet, as the toe box is spacious.

For those with narrower feet, however, the laces may not be enough to provide an adjustable fit, and the wide shape of the sneaker may not be suitable.

With a roomy and comfortable fit, VEJA Campo is perfect for those with wide feet.

VEJA Campo trainers are a stylish and environmentally-friendly option for footwear. They boast a modern gold letter logo design and the highest quality materials.

The upper is crafted using chrome-free leather, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and vegan suede V-logo for maximum comfort and sustainability. Additionally, they provide unbeatable style and durability.

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VEJA V-10 runs a little large. So we suggest sizing down if you consider between two sizes.

VEJA V-10 has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2016, celebrating its 10th anniversary.

This stylish and minimalistic line of sneakers has been noted for its timeless yet retro look, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to make a fashion statement.

In October 2018, Meghan Markle wore her beloved VEJA V-10 sneakers on a trip to Australia with her husband, Prince Harry, further solidifying the iconic status of the sneaker line.

VEJA Esplar

VEJA Esplar

The VEJA Esplar sneakers tend to be true to size. They are renowned for their sleek design, boasting a lower profile and a sleeker look than the popular Campo style.

While Campos tend to be more texturized and have a higher footbed, Esplars offer a slimmer silhouette. The two share a similar aesthetic, boasting a chunky sole and wide fit.

However, their construction materials set them apart: the Campo is crafted from chrome-free leather, while the Esplar features regular leather.

The chrome-free leather of the Campo provides a durable and sustainable option. In contrast, the standard leather of the Esplar gives it a classic look.

The VEJA Esplar exhibits a timeless, minimalistic aesthetic, making them increasingly popular amongst fashion-savvy individuals.

The shoes feature a soft leather upper lined with breathable organic cotton for added comfort and longevity.

The durable rubber sole, made from Amazonian rainforest rubber, ensures comfortable cushioning and support with every step. These trainers get their name from the Brazilian NGO associated with VEJA.

VEJA Recife

VEJA Recife

The VEJA Recife sneakers run true to size. Choose your regular size to enjoy a snug and comfortable fit.

The VEJA Recife low-top trainers are a modern spin on the classic V-10s. These shoes, featuring three velcro straps instead of laces, boast a vintage 90s style that makes them easy to slip on and off.

In addition to their stylish design, the Recife trainers are also sustainable. They have been made from organic Cotton, recycled E.V.A, and wild rubber from the Amazon forest.

These shoes provide a comfortable and classic style with an eco-friendly edge!

VEJA Sizing Compared To Nike

The sizes of VEJA shoes tend to be larger than those of Nike due to their different sizing method.

For women’s shoes, you should purchase 1 US size smaller than your normal size of Nike shoes. And for men’s collections, choose 1-1.5 sizes smaller. It will ensure a perfect fit and the most comfortable wearing experience.

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Break-In Tips For New VEJAs

One common complaint about VEJA sneakers is that the tongue can be too long and rub against your foot. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to eliminate this issue.

The simplest solution is to leave the top two eyelet holes un-laced to give the tongue more freedom of movement.

You can also try sliding the tongue to one side or pushing it inward underneath the laces.

If you have a low ankle, you may find that the sides come up too high and rub against your ankle bone. For this problem, we recommend adding a heel lift to your sneaker to provide extra height.

Final Words

VEJA sneakers are the perfect combination of style, sustainability, and durability. Made with high-quality materials to ensure durable shoes that look great, VEJAs are true to size and fit perfectly.

However, they come in whole sizes only, so it’s best to purchase one size down from your regular fit if you fall between sizes.

You should check the sizing chart before ordering to get an accurate fit for the shoe style you plan to buy.

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