Slave Shoes vs Yeezy Shoes: Are Yeezy Made After Slave Shoes?

Slave shoes vs Yeezy shoes have caused a quite big ruckus on and off the internet. So what is the truth?

Did the designers take inspiration from the notorious footwear for slaves, or was it only a coincidence? Is Yeezy still a product line you can trust?

This article will give you all the answers you have been looking for.

A Quick View On Yeezy

adidas YEEZY Foam Runner Onyx

Yeezy is a fashion line marking the much-awaited collaboration of Adidas and Kanye West in 2015. The fame of a top-tier brand and a famed artist was a guarantee that everyone will know about it. As expected, the collab was a hit.

Although we mostly care about Yeezy shoes, they also make clothing and accessories for various ages and genders.

With simple designs and premium qualities, Yeezy aims to provide the best items for people who want to enjoy phenomenal craftsmanship.

Ever since its release, Yeezy has always had a stable position in the fashion world. They managed to convince public figures and influencers of their quality and thus become highly sought-after commodities.

After Kanye made a careless comment, many people were angry and demanding the German powerhouse stop working with him.

Adidas was quite clear with their statement: they don’t support racism at all and Kanye has to watch his steps carefully. But the collaboration isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Slave Shoes History

Slave shoes
Slave shoes – Credit Line: Charles F. Gunther Collection, Copyright Notice: © Chicago Historical Society

Slave shoes don’t come from any brand. They are more like an item of history.

In the past, slavery was weighing heavily on Southern America. If a slave does something wrong or disobeys an order, their master will make them put on iron shoes as a punishment.

The inside of these punishing shoes also has spikes that prod and pierce the slave’s skin. With how sensitive our feet are, this punishment is truly horrifying to think about.

Many people still go to Google to wonder if Yeezy must have stolen the idea from Slave Shoes. This stems from a photo that went viral on Facebook. And in fact, it’s a picture of shoes from 300 BC, it’s not Slave shoes.

not slave shoes

Why Do Yeezys Look Like Slave Shoes?

The question was raised when people notice the spikes on the bottom of Yeezy shoes: Are Yeezys decent to wear if they have taken inspiration from the dark time no one wants to remember?

Indeed, Yeezys were made after slave shoes. But there is no solid proof about Kanye West used slave shoes as an inspiration and even a model for his Yeezy.

Kanye might not be the sweetest talker, though he never made any comment regarding this matter either.

Listening to people on SNS platforms won’t be a wise decision either. If the experts haven’t said a word about it, why would we entertain baseless theories?

There are several shoes similar to Yeezy slides, thus Yeezy is not the only brand seeing nothing offensive in their spike design. We can list a few names: Playoff, Fuschia, or Mad Love Star.

Slave Shoes And Yeezy Comparison

The obvious difference is the spikes are on the outside of Yeezys for aesthetic purposes while slave shoes have spikes on the inside to cause pain.

Furthermore, slave shoes were rough iron molding to the feet, and Yeezy only uses regular fabrics for good shoes.

With their applications being such a contrast, we can only say ‘slave shoes compared to Yeezy’ would be a stretch.

Yeezy Shoes Pros and Cons

The way the shoes hug your feet and how fine the materials ensure the utmost comfort for you. You will also receive a little boost with every step you take.

You can use and wash them without having to keep caution tips in mind.

The cooler thing about Yeezy is that their shoes are as good on the eyes. Adidas and Kanye have invested so much in designing them to make sure they are compatible with various occasions and outfits.

The biggest drawback of Yeezy footwear is that they are quite expensive. According to some users, the quality of Yeezy doesn’t live up to the price.

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1. How Do You Know Fake Yeezy?

Scammers are getting better at producing replicas!

Luckily, they don’t have enough equipment and tools to get everything right when it comes to something as high-quality as Adidas Yeezy.

You can use these tips to spot fake items:

  • Inconsistent fonts on the size tag. The letters sometimes overlap as well.
  • Messy stitches with no pattern.
  • The heel tab is placed too far away or too close to the collar.
  • The box is sketchy, oversized, or not including packing peanuts.
  • Laces are fraying and the holes are not even.
  • The sock liners have some spacing and gaping.
  • Some fake products might not have the logo.

To be sure, please do your research in advance and only buy from reliable sellers. So, you can at least get a refund if you run into a scammer.

2. Are Yeezys Good Shoes?

In terms of quality, you can rely on Adidas and expect ample comfort from this brand.

There is no questioning the design either, for the Yeezy team has done a great job in designing minimalistic yet fashionable shoes.

The price might be a bit high, though it is predictable for a collaboration between a well-known brand like Adidas and a celebrity.

3. Did Adidas Stop Selling Yeezys?

While not cutting off all its connection with Kanye West, Adidas also declared to continue producing Yeezy items and added that hate speech wouldn’t be tolerated.

However, the truth is breaking up won’t do them any good.

If Adidas decides to get rid of all Yeezy merchandise, they must be ready to lose hundreds of millions in the brand’s revenue and operating profit.

If they don’t repurpose the unsold stock and do something with it, the loss will be even more devastating.

So, once Adidas stops selling and promoting Yeezy footwear, they have to come up with a solution. According to experts, they can consider one of these strategies:

  • Remove the Yeezy name, repackage, and resell. However, the packaging process is already a lot of work and there must be a discount.
  • Distribute Yeezy’s to smaller markets. The risk is even these markets don’t want products with a negative reputation.

Final Words

Between slave shoes vs Yeezy shoes, we can’t refuse to acknowledge the similar details. But there is no evidence about it being related to or inspired by slavery.

Furthermore, Yeezy is as high-quality as any other Adidas product. Hence, you won’t be making any mistake if you purchase it upon searching for stylish and comfortable footwear.

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