Clarks Shoe Size Chart For Men, Women & Kids

Clarks Shoes

Clarks shoes are quite the catch right now. You might need the help of Clarks’ shoe size chart if you want to minimize the risk of online shopping.

Once you have got the right size, you will surely get a secure and healthy environment for your feet without worrying about a troublesome returning process.

A Quick View Of Clarks

If you have only looked at the newest designs of Clarks, you would be surprised to know their history goes as far back as two centuries ago.

In 1825, Cyrus and James Clark came up with a unique creation using off-cuts of sheepskin combined with high-leveled craftsmanship.

Generations of Clarks designers and artisans follow their elders’ steps and always try to think beyond limits.

They have come a long way from foot-shaped shoes, full and half sizes, and various width choices to 3D prints and cutting-edge cushioning technologies.

Nowadays, Clarks doesn’t simply produce shoes, but they also study and research food conditions.

They have more than 22,000 styles in the archive, which contributed to the revolution of footwear and inspired the next generation to break all the limits.

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Clarks Shoe Size Chart

Clarks uses the UK standards but they also provide conversions for Australia and other potential markets.

Women’s Clark Shoe Size Chart

Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size Standard EU Size Foot Length (mm)
2 34 35 212
35 35½ 216
3 35½ 36 221
36 36½ 225
4 37 37 229
37½ 37½ 233
5 38 38 237
39 38½ 241
6 39½ 39 246
40 40 250
7 41 41 254
41½ 41½ 258
8 42 42 263
42½ 42½ 267
9 43 43 272

Clarks shoe widths for women

Width Description
C Narrow Fit
D Standard Fit
E Wide Fit
EE Extra Wide Fit

Men’s Clark Shoe Size Chart

Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size Standard EU Size Foot Length (mm)
5 38 38 237
39 38½ 241
6 39½ 39 246
40 40 250
7 41 41 254
41½ 41½ 258
8 42 42 263
42½ 42½ 267
9 43 43 272
44 44 276
10 44½ 45 280
10½ 45 45½ 285
11 46 46 289
11½ 46½ 46½ 293
12 47 47 298
12½ 47½ 47½ 302
13 48 48 306
13½ 49 48½ 310
14 49½ 49 314
14½ 50 50 319
15 51 51 323

Clarks shoe width for men

Width Description
G Standard Fit
H Wide Fit

Toddler & Kids’ Clark Shoe Size Chart

Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size Foot Length (mm)
2 17½ 101
18 105
3 18½ 109
19 113
4 20 117
20½ 122
5 21 126
22 130
6 22½ 134
23 138
7 24 142
25 147
8 25½ 151
26 155
9 27 159
27½ 164
10 28 168
10½ 28½ 172
11 29 176
11½ 29½ 181
12 30 185
12½ 31 189
13 32 193
13½ 32½ 198
1 33 202
33½ 206
2 34 210
35 214
3 35½ 219
36 223
4 37 227
37½ 231
5 38 236
39 240
6 39½ 244
40 249
7 41 253
41½ 257
8 42 261
42½ 265
9 43 269
44 274
10 44½ 278

Clarks shoe width for kids

Width Description
E Narrow Fit
F Standard Fit
G Wide Fit
H Extra Wide Fit

Are Clarks Shoes True To Size?

Compared to other sneaker brands in the US, Clarks run half a size bigger.

As you wear them more often, the materials will break in and stretch, causing the shoes to feel even larger. Therefore, we recommend going down half a size from your regular sneakers.

Do Clarks Shoes Come In Half Sizes?

As you can see from the charts, the original US size chart has half sizes to provide more options. When converted to other countries’ standards, this good quality remains unchanged.

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How To Find The Right Size For Clarks?

The most ideal situation would be visiting the store and trying the shoes on in person. So, if you are not satisfied with the fit, you can simply ask the staff to find a more suitable size for you.

However, a lot of us live far away from shoe stores, and shopping online seems much more convenient nowadays. You can follow a few simple steps to get the right size at home:

  • Place your foot flat on the floor and make sure your heel is backed by a sturdy edge.
  • Use an erasable pen to mark two spots: where your heel touches the edge and where the tip of your longest toe reaches.
  • Measure the distance between these two points and refer to the size chart for your best fit.

Clarks shoes are available in a few widths. You can also measure the width of your foot by marking the two farthest spots on each side.

For most people, their feet are not usually of the same size. If you fall into this category, please choose the larger size.


1. What Are F And G In Clarks Shoes?

F and G are two of the widths Clarks offer for their customers. The width indicators they often use are:

  • G: standard width;
  • H: wide width;
  • XW: extra wide (It’s not UK terminology, but Clarks comes up with it for easy reference.)

For US standards, the changes in the width are:

  • D: standard width;
  • E: wide width;
  • EE: extra width.

EEE-sized users can invest in the XW still. After the materials stretch and loosen up a bit, they will give your feet more space instead of squishing your feet in a tight grip.

2. Do Clarks Need A Break-In?

We would say Clarks need a break-in period, but it will be short enough that you won’t find it troublesome at all.

After approximately a week, your Clarks shoes should be stretched enough to hug your fit snugly.

Due to the rubber soles and the leather upper, you shouldn’t suffer from blisters and discomfort even when the shoes are freshly out of the box.

If you experience such things after wearing it for the first time, you might have gotten the wrong size.

3. Do You Wear Socks With Clarks Shoes?

Wearing socks ensures the hygiene of your feet. Socks can prevent sweat from accumulating and causing bad odors.

Besides, fungal infection is another problem you have to face if you don’t put some comfy and breathable socks on.

Recently, the trend of going sockless with shoes has become more popular, but it does nothing good for your feet in the long run.

You can hide the seam of the socks by choosing low-cut designs and thinner fabrics.

Nonetheless, if you are purposely forsaking socks because of health-related reasons, we recommend using an anti-perspiration spray to avoid unpleasant smells from building up.

4. Do Clarks Stretch Out?

Since Clarks shoes need little time to break in, you can tell their materials are quite soft and thus easier to stretch. Between leather and suede, suede will stretch out even faster.

However, soft materials might not be supportive enough for people with flat feet. You should consult your doctors and possibly get an orthopedic insert.

Final Words

With our Clarks shoe size chart, baby and adult users can find the perfect for their feet, though the width is just as important.

Since the original US sizes of Clarks are half a size larger than regular shoes and the materials used in Clarks footwear are already softened, you would want to decrease your usual size.

If you have read until here, you’re now ready to place your purchase without concern!

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