How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

The Hey Dude shoes have been popular recently, thanks to their user-friendly fashionable footwear, lightweight construction, and unique Hey Dude laces.

How to tighten Hey Dude shoes so you can commute in comfort and safety all day long? Let’s read this article to learn how to do it!

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dudes, like other types of footwear, should fit with your feet for comfortable and safe movement. However, they have a loose fit, while many people prefer a snug fit.

Another problem with these shoes is that they have a different lacing system than other shoes on the market. That means you can’t tighten a bow or wrap the laces around the eyelets!

Although Hey Dudes offer a great fit out of the box, you can adjust Hey Dudes to make them hug your feet tightly while on the go.

The best way to tighten Hey Dude shoes is to wear them, then adjust the laces until your reach your desired fit. After that, use the lace to make several knots on each side of the shoes. Since Hey Dude shoes apply the Easy-On Lace Fit, you just have to tighten the laces once.

If lacing your shoes make the shoelaces bigger, but you don’t have to use extra shoelaces, you can tuck the laces under the tongue inside the shoes.

If the Hey Dude laces are too long, you can apply the double lacing technique or cut the laces to get them short. After that, seal the laces with heat so the loose ends can’t be frayed or unraveled.

Tighten Hey Dude Shoes easily

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Other Ways To Make Hey Dude Shoes Tighter

The above lacing method isn’t required to apply for shoes made of canvas, suede leather, or wally sox. You can try to apply some of the following alternatives to adjust Hey Dudes.

Wear thick socks or extra insole

You can wear a thick pair of socks, double socks, or double insoles if your Hey Dudes are Sox, Suede, or Canvas. Or, you can stuff something inside the shoes and leave it overnight, like old newspapers, old socks, or something like that.


  • Free and easy to apply at home
  • Can’t ruin the design of the shoes


  • Your feet or your toes can be extremely painful if the shoes are too tight

Size down your next Hey Dude shoes

As mentioned above, Hey Dude shoes offer a loose fit, which might be uncomfortable for some people.

If you aren’t content with your loose ones, but you don’t want to tie extra knots on them, you should size down on your next Hey Dudes. Check the size charts in the next section to pick up your appropriate Hey Dude shoe size.


  • Get your perfect fit with less effort for lace adjustment


  • Have to spend extra money on another pair of shoes
  • Still have to deal with the current tight Hey Dudes

Hey Dude Shoe Size Charts

You should measure your foot width to pick up the right shoe size for your Hey Dudes. Go one size down if you prefer a tight fit. And vice versa, go one size up if you like a loose fit.

Moreover, Hey Dude doesn’t offer half sizes. It’s only available in whole sizes.

The Hey Dude Halo differs from other styles. It has a form-fitting like wearing socks. Please consider this information if you love to get a pair of Hey Dude Halo.

After measuring your feet, check the below size charts to get your shoe size.

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Men’s Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart

Heel-toe measurement US – Mens EU – Mens
9 inches 4 37
9 ⅜ inches 5 38
9 ⅝ inches 6 39
10 inches 7 40
10 ⅜ inches 8 41
10 ⅝ inches 9 42
11 inches 10 43
11 ⅜ inches 11 44
11 ⅝ inches 12 45
12 inches 13 46
12 ⅜ inches 14 47
12 ⅝ inches 15 48
13inches 16 49
13 ⅝ inches 17 50

Women’s Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart

Heel-toe measurement US – Womens EU – Womens
8 ⅜ inches 4 35
8 ⅝ inches 5 36
9 inches 6 37
9 ⅜ inches 7 38
9 ⅝ inches 8 39
10 inches 9 40
10 ⅜ inches 10 41
10 ⅝ inches 11 42
11 inches 12 43

Kids’ Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart

Heel-toe US Toddlers EU Toddlers US Big Kids EU Big Kids
4 ⅞ inches 5 22
5 ⅛ inches 6 23
5 ½ inches 7 24-25
5 ⅞ inches 8 26
6 ⅛ inches 9 27
6 ½ inches 10 28
6 ⅞ inches 11 29-30 11 29-30
7 ⅛ inches 12 31
7 ½ inches 13 32
7 ⅞ inches 1 33-34
8 ⅛ inches 2 35
8 ½ inches 3 36
8 ⅞ inches 4 37
9 ⅛ inches 5 38

Why Are Hey Dude Shoes So Popular?

Hey Dude shoes TM

Comfortable design

One of the main reasons why many families choose Hey Dudes for all members is that they are comfortable for casual wear.

The shoes are lightweight and can be carried in your bag or luggage. You can use the shoes for standing or walking all day, or for a long weekend walk in the park.

Plus, thanks to the Easy-On Lace Fit, you can customize your Hey Dudes’ fitting to make them hug your feet tightly.

Environment friendliness

Hey Dude isn’t only well-known for fashionable and comfortable shoes, but also for its strong commitment to the environment.

There are product lines that are made of either recycled or eco-friendly fabrics. For example, the Wally and Thad lines are made of recycled leather and chambray. Plus, the Mistral line is made of vegan fabrics.

However, not all Hey Dudes are sustainable.

Some are still made of natural fabrics, like suede, and leather. And while the insole of some shoes is made of memory foam, you can choose the corked-lined or canvas-lined alternatives.

Wide selection of styles

Hey Dude offers a wide selection of styles for everyone – men, women, and youth. And since the Hey Dudes are unisex with a low profile, you can mix them with nearly all items in your wardrobe (jeans, dresses, shorts, sweatshirts, etc.).

They offer classic versions in standard, plain colors, to creative, fashionable versions in plaids, doodles, and patterns.

Nonetheless, there are various Hey Dudes for every occasion in your life. For example, casual shoes for a weekend picnic, canvas shoes for hard-working farmers, walking shoes for sports addicts, sandals for hot summer days, etc.

Easy cleaning and care

The most noticeable advantage of using Hey Dude shoes is that you can wash most of them in the washing machine. Thus, these shoes are super convenient for busy people, like students, office workers, and service providers.

Below are some tips you should remember when machine-wash your Hey Dudes:

  • Avoid washing suede, leather, and wool styles in the washing machine if you don’t want to ruin your footwear.
  • Wash your Hey Dudes in cool water in a slow/non-spin cycle.
  • If you wash shoes in multi-colors, you should use a color-catching product to avoid color fading.
  • When cleaning canvas shoes, remove the insoles, toggles, and badges before putting the shoes in the machine.


1. Can you cut Hey Dude laces?

If the laces are too long, you can cut them to make them shorter. But remember to reseal the laces afterward with heat.

2. Will washing Hey Dudes shrink them?

While Hey Dudes are machine-washable, some parts are sensitive to washing.

For example, the memory-foam insole can be shrunk and lose its shape if you wash it in the machine. So, you should remove the insole before washing the shoes.

Plus, use cold water to prevent shrinking, and set the washer on a delicate cycle to maintain the longevity of the shoes.

3. Are Hey Dudes supposed to fit loose?

Most Hey Dudes fit loose, which can be uncomfortable for many people. If you prefer a snug fit, you can tighten them to let them hug your feet better.

Final Words

Hey Dudes have a unique lacing system that makes them look clean and active for all-day commutes. After knowing how to tighten your Hey Dude shoes, you can be more confident to make the shoes fit you better.

If you don’t have time to fasten laces or prefer the simple and easy way to do this job, you can search for Hey Dude bungee laces. This tool is a lifesaver for those who haven’t worn Hey Dudes. Yet, it also saves a lot of time for those who own more than a pair of Hey Dude.

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