How To Shrink Crocs Fast? How Many Sizes Can You Shrink?

How To Shrink Crocs fast

Crocs are made of Croslite material, providing ultimate comfort and lightweight. Yet, Crocs can lose their elasticity with time. Or, sometimes, you need to correct the right size for your Crocs.

How to shrink Crocs fast and efficiently without damaging them? Keep reading to find out how to size down your Crocs to fit your feet.

Is It Possible To Shrink Crocs?

Shrinking Crocs is possible and safe.

Crocs are made of Croslite, a closed-cell resin similar to rubber and plastic that is lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Yet, Croslite is sensitive to heat and is easy to shrink when exposed to high-temperature conditions (for example, under natural sunlight).

If you mistakenly get the wrong size of your Crocs, or if your old Crocs are getting loose after years of use, you can shrink them.

However, shrinking your Crocs under extreme heat or applying appropriate techniques can damage them.

Let’s learn how to get your Crocs smaller without losing their appearance or damaging them in the below section.

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How To Shrink Crocs At Home With The Dryer?

A popular and fast way to shrink your Crocs is using a high-heat source like a clothes dryer or a hair dryer. Yet, you should be careful as these heat sources can damage your Crocs.

Clothes Dryer Machine

If you are in a hurry and struggle with loose Crocs, you can use your clothes dryer. A dryer machine can shrink your Crocs in under 10 minutes with little effort.

All you need is a clothes dryer machine and two wet towels.

You should remember 2 important tips:

  • The drying temperature should be set to the lowest available
  • The timing should be under 15 minutes. Otherwise, your Crocs will be permanently damaged.

Steps to follow:

  1. Adjust the dryer’s settings to its running time of 10-15 minutes and its lowest temperature.
  2. Soak the towels in water, then remove all excess moisture.
  3. Wrap each of your Crocs into a towel and tie it tightly with a rubber band or a string so it won’t come undone during the drying time. The wet towels work as a barrier to not letting the heat from the dryer directly contact your Crocs clogs.
  4. Put your Crocs in the dryer, hit start, and let it work.
  5. When its drying cycle has been completed, turn off the dryer and remove your Crocs. If your Crocs haven’t been transformed to your desired size, you can repeat Step 2.

Hair Dryer (Or Blow Dryer)

Like the clothes dryer, a hair dryer remains one of the most popular and fastest ways to customize your Crocs’ shape and size.

You can use it to shrink selected areas on your Crocs. Besides the shoes, you can even use the dryer to shrink the strap.


  • A hairdryer
  • 2 wet towels

Steps to follow:

  1. Dip 2 wet towels into the water, then squeeze to remove excess moisture.
  2. Wrap your Crocs into these wet towels. The towels ensure that your Crocs can’t be damaged when contacting with a high-heat source like a hair dryer. In this method, you don’t have to secure the towels as they can restrict the movement of the Crocs.
  3. Put your Crocs on a flat surface (for example, on a table). Adjust your hairdryer to medium heat to control the warmth directed to your Crocs.
  4. Turn on the hair dryer and begin styling your Crocs with heat. Take control of the machine and move it where you want your Crocs to shrink. The shrinking time should be within 10 minutes.
  5. Unwrap the towels to check whether your Crocs have been shrunk to your desired size. Continue applying heat if you haven’t reached your desired result.

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How To Shrink Crocs Without Dryers?

Crocs Special Shrinking Tool – The Safest Way To Shrink Crocs

A safe way to get your comfort fit for Crocs is by using a special shrinking tool. This method takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to size down your Crocs at least half a size.

However, since you will have to get this tool for yourself, do this method only if you have more than one pair of Crocs or you love wearing Crocs daily.


  • A shrinking tool for Crocs

Steps to follow:

  1. Put your Crocs in the heating area of the tool, then secure them with straps.
  2. Turn the tool on, and set the timer for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Press “Start” to let the tool run.
  4. After completing the cycle, take your Crocs out and let them cool down.
  5. Wear them to check if they have been fitted with you yet.

Using Hot Water

You can use hot water or (better) boiling water to make your old Crocs fit snugly and comfortably.


  • A large pot or a big bucket that has enough space for your two Crocs.
  • Water.
  • A pair of tongs.

Steps to follow:

  1. Put a large pot of water on high heat, then wait until it boils.
  2. Put your Crocs into the pot for 5 minutes. Use a pair of tongs to stir them to get them covered evenly.
  3. Take your Crocs out with tongs. Press your hand gently to mould the Crocs to your desired shape when they are still warm but not too hot.
  4. Wait until your Crocs cool down and dry. Then, wear them in and walk to check the result.

Using Natural Sunlight

Since Crocs are made of Crostile, they can be easily shrunk when left in the sun. This is done for free with no extra effort or cost.

Depending on the level of sunlight, it can take from 20 minutes to several days to let them a size down smaller.

If you need your Crocs to shrink even faster (under 20 minutes), leave them in a hot car under the sun with all windows rolled up. Once your Crocs are nice and cool, wear them to check their fit.

However, direct sunlight can also make them discolored, melted, or even cracked or damaged permanently. Thus, check them every few minutes to ensure you are satisfied with the shrinkage.

After your Crocs have been nicely fit, store them in a cool place, away from sunlight. You can keep them indoors to make them less prone to wrinkles and cracks.

Using A Heating Pad

If you don’t have access to a hairdryer, a clothes dryer, or hot water, you can utilize your heating pad to make your old Crocs fit better.

With this method, you can shrink selected areas without the risk of damaging them.

Steps to follow:

  1. Place a heating pad on a flat table, then put your Crocs on the heating pad.
  2. Set the heating pad to a low-heat option.
  3. Let your Crocs warm up but not too hot to touch.
  4. Take your Crocs off the pad after a few minutes. Then, use your hands to adjust your shoes’ shape gently.

How Many Sizes Can You Shrink Crocs?

Crocs can be shrunk quickly in warm to high-temperature conditions. The more time they are exposed to heat, the smaller they can be shrunk – at least half a size.

However, over-shrinking your Crocs down to 2 sizes can result in wrinkles or creases on the Croslite foam or permanent damage to your shoes.

Luckily, you can always unshrink your Crocs in hot water for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then, take them out and wear them with socks when they are still warm.

After walking around with your Crocs for a while, your Crocs will stretch to fit your foot’s size and shape. If you don’t want to mess with water, you can unshrink your Crocs in the dryer instead.

Important Tips On Shrinking Crocs

When shrinking your Crocs at home, you should remember these tips to protect them from unwanted damage:

  • High temperatures can melt, discolor, or damage your Crocs. So you should be careful when shrinking Crocs made of Croslite foam like Crocs LiteRide or other materials sensitive to high temperatures.
  • Leather Crocs should not be shrunk under high temperatures. Instead, you should use insoles or shoe inserts to get a better fit for them.

After finishing the work, you can use a leather conditioner to prevent them from stretching out.

  • When applying those shrinking methods on your Crocs, check them often to ensure they are not too hot. Take them off immediately when they have been shrunk to your desired size.
  • Let your Crocs cool to room temperature so they can’t burn your feet. After that, wear them to make them mold to your feet.

Final Words

Crocs are among the most comfortable type of footwear. After knowing how to shrink Crocs that are too big, you will be more confident when picking up new pair of Crocs or when wearing Crocs daily.

As Crocs are so sensitive to heat, you should be cautious when applying heat to your Crocs. And finally, try to choose the correct Crocs size to avoid the hassle of shrinking!

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