ASOS Shoe Size Chart: Are ASOS Shoes True to Size?


ASOS is famous for its stylish designs that come at an affordable price. However, as they become worldwide, we feel a guide on the ASOS shoe size chart is extremely necessary.

With enough information, you can comfortably place your order without the concern of not getting the right fit for your new shoes.

ASOS Overview

ASOS is a retailer established in 2000 and owned by a group of UK businessmen.

They look forward to serving young adults. Hence, it’s understandable that their marketing strategy involves a careful selection of popular items from reputable brands, including clothes and accessories.

Over time, ASOS became more ambitious and expanded to label products.


They started with various items for adults such as accessories and cosmetics, usually praised for the fashionable and classy designs and the affordable price tags.

Germany, France, and America were the first countries that had an official ASOS website, followed by Italy, Spain, and Australia.

But Sydney was the first choice for a label office before New York gets theirs as well.

Soon enough, ASOS set steady steps into Russia and China.

In other aspects, ASOS received positive feedback for its commitment to supporting the LGBT community, maintaining a safe workplace for its workers, and being aware of the environment.

ASOS Shoe Size Chart

ASOS Men’s Shoe Size Chart

UK size EU size US size Foot length (mm)
3 35.5 4 220
4 37 5 229
5 38 6 237
6 39 7 246
7 40.5 8 254
7.5 41 8.5 258
8 42 9 262
8.5 42.5 9.5 266
9 43 10 271
9.5 44 10.5 275
10 44.5 11 279
10.5 45 11.5 283
11 46 12 288
12 47 13 296
13 48 14 305
14 49.5 15 314

ASOS Women’s Shoe Size Chart

UK size EU size US size Foot length (mm)
2 35 4 212
3 36 5 220
4 37 6 229
5 38 7 237
6 39 8 246
7 40 9 254
8 41 10 262
9 42 11 270

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Do ASOS Shoes Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

Being UK-based, ASOS charts follow UK standards. Any other versions such as US or Australian sizes are only conversions.

However, customers from all countries generally agree that ASOS runs true to size. You can apply your regular sizes to your ASOS purchases.

But, the fit might change a little between different styles. Getting to try your footwear on directly is always more accurate than measuring and purchasing from a website.

ASOS Women shoes

How Can I Know My Size In ASOS?

First of all, you can follow a few steps to find the right measurement:

  • We recommend getting the measurement at the end of the day. Your feet are usually swollen and bigger than normal by then, and your shoes must accommodate.
  • Stand straight on a flat surface and make sure your heel is flush against the wall.
  • Mark the spot of contact between your heel and the tip of your longest toe. Measure it and you will have your foot length.
  • If one of your feet is bigger than the other, or your measurement falls in between two sizes, please choose the larger size in both cases.

In each product base, there is a button called ‘Size Guide’ and/or ‘Fit Assistant’. Besides the chart, this feature is a great help for you to find the perfect size based on age, height, and weight.

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1. Are ASOS Shoes Good Quality?

There are some reasons why ASOS is well-known and thriving:

  • Versatility

Aside from selecting and marketing the best items from good brands, ASOS designs and manufactures shoes for both casual and formal occasions.

Some of their models are perfect for daily errands, and some fulfill their duty in dressy outfits.

  • Comfort

The combination of leather and suede for the uppers provides the users with the utmost comfort and support.

  • High-fashion

ASOS takes inspiration from luxury brands. For example, most of their shoes are very slim. Sometimes, they use satin laces on women’s shoes and create a romantic vibe.

The other times, rubber soles and metallic uppers are their choices for a bold appearance.

  • Fit

The uppers of the shoes are elastic enough to mold to your feet, while the soft and breathable soles support the arch. The inferiors are shaped without seams, thus the friction against your skin is reduced to the minimum.

Nonetheless, ASOS still has some problems to fix. They are stylish and affordable, but it comes with a lack of durability. The structure is not the most amazing, hence it will lose shape and tear if you use them for hours every day.

Most satisfied customers admit that they didn’t choose ASOS to have a pair of tough shoes that can serve them in heavy duties.

2. Is It Easy To Return To ASOS?

According to the official ASOS return policy, you should be able to return your ASOS purchase without any additional fees.

In most cases, their packages come with a printed postage label. If anything, you can easily print a label by yourself.

If you order multiple ASOS products, however, the parcel might be oversized and difficult to carry around. We recommend packing the shoes with another box to reduce the size.

After you have sent the purchase back to ASOS, be patient and let them handle the matter. It might take 10 – 14 days before you receive your refunds.

Final Words

Through the ASOS shoe size chart & guide as well as the information about what they can offer, we hope you will be able to find something you like. Let’s not forget ASOS footwear is fashion-driven with enough support for short sessions, durability is not their perk.

While they are not the best for you to walk in for hours, they surely look amazing and provide enough comfort for a short time.

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