Do Vans Run Big or Small? Vans Shoes Size Chart & Guide

Do Vans Run Big or Small

As long as Vans stay on top as a renowned and reliable shoe brand, people won’t stop asking the same question: Do Vans run big or small?

Based on our experience with various product lines from Vans, we are ready to give you a breakdown of Vans’ sizing and how its most popular designs fit.

Do Vans Run Big, Small, or True To Size?

Generally, Vans runs true to the sizes listed in their size chart, so not many customers have complained about the fit. However, different designs still affect how they fit due to the diversity in materials and structures.

Vans shoes are made to meet strict standards. Hence, you are unlikely to get overly big or small footwear unless you are completely clueless about your sizes.

Sizing Notes with Vans

Before we start, it is important to take notes about Vans’ general sizing:

  • Most designs from Vans run true to size, hence the sizing is a relatively simple process. However, differences still exist between the models.
  • Vans offers half sizes under the UK 11 size. If your feet are larger than 11, you will only find whole sizes.
  • The materials of the shoes can affect how they fit. For example, canvas tends to stay the same but leather and suede will stretch as you proceed.

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic

Known as the original Vans, many fans return to Vans for no other reason than a pair of Authentic. Most of them comment that Authentic Vans pairs are true to size with an initial snug fit.

As the canvas material isn’t likely to stretch over time, we don’t recommend sizing up or down if you have a normal foot width. You are free to use inserts for more cushion, yet it will make the shoes feel tighter around your feet.

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool

The sign to recognize Vans’ iconic Old Skool line is the stripes on the side. The suede and canvas upper stretch with time, hence you might find your shoes a little loose if they feel appropriately sized for you at first.

Furthermore, the toe box might be slightly narrow even for a normal foot, thus you might need to go up half a size if you prefer more room for your toes. The laces can help you adjust the fit as well!

Vans Sk8-Hi

Vans Sk8-Hi

You can recognize Sk8-Hi anywhere due to the distinctive design and the high-top look. With canvas and suede for the upper, these shoes might feel snug at first, yet they still follow the standard sizes.

Due to the high top, the fit around your ankle will be different from other low-top shoes. The padded heel and collar might be very beneficial for certain activities, though casual duties might not gain so much from the ankle support.

Vans Slip-On

Vans Slip-On

Out of Vans’ designs, Slip-On is also very well-received because it easily combines with all outfits. However, the flexible and comfortable canvas upper might make the shoes feel a bit large on your feet.

We strongly advise you to trust your body when it comes to the elastic accents on the sides. If you don’t like a relaxed fit, these shoes will not feel right for you.

Another warning from us is Vans Slip-Ons don’t come with ample support and thus aren’t suitable for intensive activities.

Vans UltraRange EXO

Vans UltraRange EXO

The UltraRange EXO follows a standard fit, so it won’t be big or small unless your feet are narrower or wider than normal.

With an innovative cold-molded midsole, UltraRange EXO feels comfortable on everyone’s fit and simultaneously durable.

If you are tired of considering what you should and should not do with your Vans, this model will save you from the trouble.

Vans Era

Vans Era

Low-top and minimalistic, Vans Era vividly reminds its customers of the authentic Vans, yet it has more padding in the collar. The canvas upper feels snug and true to size, though the tightness might loosen with time.

Due to the flat soles, some people find it necessary to use inserts, which might make the shoes feel tighter than they should be.

Nonetheless, they will be a little vulnerable for activities such as hiking or skateboarding without the inserts, and it’s something worth considering.

Vans Snowboard Boots

Vans Snowboard Boots

Although the boot structure might make a lot of people nervous, we are happy to say Vans Snowboard Boots are true to size. They feel amazing and comfortable out of the box with no break-in time needed.

You can use Vans’ size charts to find your boot size, yet you should be aware of external factors such as the thick socks you wear in winter or the extra pants you tuck into the boots!

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Vans Sizing Compared to Other Brands

While we don’t recommend using your size with other brands for Vans, it’s true that we still like to connect and relate to these famous brands.

Customers tend to compare the fit between different shoemakers, and here is the verdict!

Compared to Converse

Compared to the most iconic designs of Converse such as Chuck Taylor or One Star, Vans generally run smaller. Converse is known for a regular to relaxed fit, while Vans is more on the snug side.

Compared to Nike

Nike runs true to size in most cases, hence it shouldn’t be too different from Vans.

However, models belonging to the Nike Air Max category tend to be a bit big due to the bubbles of the Air technology, which leads to them feeling larger than Vans.

Compared to Adidas

Adidas runs from true to size to smaller than standard, especially with the most popular models they have such as Gazelle, Nizza, Samba, or Busenitz.

At the same size, you will find them remarkably tighter than Vans.

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Vans Shoe Size Chart

Vans Men’s Shoe Size Chart

US – Men/Boys EU CM (foot length)
3.5 34.5 21.5
4 35 22
4.5 36 22.5
5 36.5 23
5.5 37 23.5
6 38 24
6.5 38.5 24.5
7 39 25
7.5 40 25.5
8 40.5 26
8.5 41 26.5
9 42 27
9.5 42.5 27.5
10 43 28
10.5 44 28.5
11 44.5 29
11.5 45 29.5
12 46 30
13 47 31
14 48 32
15 49 33
16 50 34

Vans Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US – Women EU CM (foot length)
5 34.5 21.5
5.5 35 22
6 36 22.5
6.5 36.5 23
7 37 23.5
7.5 38 24
8 38.5 24.5
8.5 39 25
9 40 25.5
9.5 40.5 26
10 41 26.5
10.5 42 27
11 42.5 27.5
11.5 43 28
12 44 28.5
12.5 44.5 29
13 45 29.5
13.5 46 30
14.5 47 31
15.5 48 32
16.5 49 33
17.5 50 34

Vans Kids’ Shoe Size Chart

US – Kids EU CM (Foot length)
10.5 27 16.5
11 27.5 16.5
11.5 28 17
12 29 17.5
12.5 30 18
13 30.5 18.5
13.5 31 18.5
1 31.5 19
1.5 32 19.5
2 32.5 20
2.5 33 20.5
3 34 21

Vans Toddlers’ Shoe Size Chart

US – Toddlers EU CM (foot length)
2 17 9
2.5 17.5 9.5
3 18 10
3.5 18.5 10.5
4 19 10.5
4.5 20 11
5 21 11.5
5.5 21.5 12
6 22 12
6.5 22.5 12.5
7 23.5 13
7.5 24 13.5
8 24.5 14
8.5 25 14.5
9 25.5 15
9.5 26 15.5
10 26.5 16

Vans Infant’s Shoe Size Chart

Age US EU CM (foot length)
1.5 months 1 16 8.5
1.5-3 months 2 17 9
3-6 months 3 18 10
6-9 months 4 19 10.5

How To Find Your Size For Vans?

Whether you are buying from Vans or any other brands, accurate measurements are the primary factor.

Aside from giving you an idea of what to buy, the measurements might also point out parts of your feet that need more attention.

  1. Place a paper sheet near the wall and make sure the edges align. Stand on the paper and let your weight distribute comfortably.
  2. Use a pen to draw the shape of your foot. Keep the pen straight while you are at it because a diagonal angle might affect the accuracy.
  3. The length of your foot is the distance between the heel and the longest toe, while the width is the widest part of your foot (usually across the ball) – measure these two gaps.
  4. Repeat the steps with your other foot and choose the larger measurement to use for Vans’ shoe size chart.

Vans Shoe Width

As a reputable brand, Vans doesn’t neglect any detail or dimension of one’s foot. While they don’t offer exclusive sizes for narrow or wide feet, they have gone the extra mile to make sure the fit is great.

First of all, all Vans designs have a roomy toe box, so even the wider feet won’t suffer bunions or blisters.

Secondly, the arch support in Vans is usually ample and generous. It lifts the foot and thus reduces the width a tad, so the flexible materials have a chance to accommodate.

Sizing Tips

Once you have got the measurements right, you will still want to make sure no flaws will get between you and your dreamy footwear.

  • The keys to the perfect fit are the heel, the arch, and the toe box. The heel should be snug but not too tight, while the toe box should give you enough room to wiggle your toes, and the arch shouldn’t make you feel restrained.
  • It’s always advisable to measure your feet in the evening or after an intense workout session when the feet are swollen and reach their largest sizes.
  • Never measure only one foot and assume the other’s size. In most cases, our feet won’t be of the same size, hence we should choose the larger measurement because a loose fit is easier to handle.
  • A slightly loose fit can usually be solved with special inserts, and these additions will provide more support and comfort too.

Final Words

Vans are true to size because they are created to accommodate a wide range of customers and their size charts are very standard.

If you want to know the specific details about Vans’ sizing, it is better to look into the features and read the reviews from people who have purchased Vans so you will be guaranteed a nice fit!

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