Do Hey Dudes Run Big or Small? Hey Dudes Shoes Size Chart

Aside from questions about quality and performance, “Do Hey Dudes run big or small” is also something customers pay extra attention to.

Hey Dude offers stylish designs and great functionality. The only thing that matters now is whether they can approach a large group of buyers or not!

Do Hey Dudes Run Big, Small, or True to Size?

Hey Dudes are true to size by standards, yet the answer isn’t absolute. With the differences in each model’s structure, you will find the fits varying a little bit.

Some Hey Dude products are advertised as “super stretchy”, which means they can become relaxed enough for wide feet in a short time. And you won’t need to size up to fit.

Additionally, footwear made primarily for support will feel tighter in the beginning, so you don’t need to consider a larger pair unless you feel pain.

Hey Dudes Shoe Size Chart

Hey Dudes Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Hey Dude – Men US EU Inches cm
4 37 9 22.86
5 38 9 ⅜ 23.81
6 39 9 ⅝ 24.44
7 40 10 25.4
8 41 10 ⅜ 26.35
9 42 10 ⅝ 26.98
10 43 11 27.94
11 44 11 ⅜ 28.89
12 45 11 ⅝ 29.52
13 46 12 30.48
14 47 12 ⅜ 31.43
15 48 12 ⅝ 32.06
16 49 13 33.02
17 50 13 ⅝ 34.61

Hey Dudes Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Hey Dude – Women US EU Inches cm
4 35 8 ⅜ 21.27
5 36 8 ⅝ 21.91
6 37 9 22.86
7 38 9 ⅜ 23.81
8 39 9 ⅝ 24.44
9 40 10 25.4
10 41 10 ⅜ 26.35
11 42 10 ⅝ 26.98
12 43 11 27.94

Hey Dudes Kids’ Shoe Size Chart

Hey Dude – Kid US EU Inches cm
11 29-30 6 ⅞ 17.46
12 31 7 ⅛ 18.09
13 32 7 ½ 19.05
1 33-34 7 ⅞ 20
2 35 8 ⅛ 20.63
3 36 8 ½ 21.59
4 37 8 ⅞ 22.54
5 38 9 ⅛ 23.18

Hey Dudes Toddlers’ Shoe Size Chart

Hey Dude – Toddler US EU Inches cm
5 22 4 ⅞ 12.38
6 23 5 ⅛ 13.02
7 24-25 5 ½ 13.97
8 26 5 ⅞ 14.92
9 27 6 ⅛ 15.56
10 28 6 ½ 16.51
11 29-30 6 ⅞ 17.46

How To Find Your Size For Hey Dudes

The traditional technique to measure feet applies to both genders and all ages.

What you need

  • Big paper sheets.
  • A pen.
  • A ruler with clear and accurate indicators.

Steps to do

  1. Stand on the paper sheet and make sure your posture is completely straight.
  2. Keep the pen up and draw a line around your foot.
  3. The length of one’s foot counts as the distance between the heel and the longest toe. The width is simply the horizontally widest section of the foot. Measure both of them and you are good to go!
  4. Repeat the same steps for your other foot, don’t neglect it!
  5. Refer to the provided size chart and choose the suitable size for you.

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Tips For Accurate Sizing

While the measuring process is easy enough for everyone, we have many factors to check and ensure the most accurate fit possible.

  • We always recommend measuring your feet after you have been through a long day or finished an intense practice. By then, they will be swollen and thus reach their largest size that an ideal footwear must accommodate.
  • Wear the socks you frequently use while measuring. So, your new shoes won’t have to fit another layer of materials inside.
  • Read the measurements very carefully and stay calm if your feet are not of the same size – most people don’t have such a blessing! Choosing the bigger foot as the standard is the way to go.
  • If you are in between two sizes, go for the larger size! Dealing with a slightly bigger shoe is always easier and safer than a smaller one.
  • Comparisons between Hey Dudes and other brands should only be meant for reference. Each brand has a standard for sizes, so the relative comparison won’t reflect the actual numbers.

Should you have any problem in sizing up or down with Hey Dudes, you can check the FAQ section on their website. The staff does a great job at keeping up with the questions and responding to them.

You will find the email for customer service there too, in case the FAQs don’t solve your dilemma.

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More About Hey Dudes

On a summer day in 2008, Italian footwear experts Alessandro and Dario finally introduced the fruits of their passion to the world.

Two years later, Hey Dude became internationally known as the source of fashionable, comfortable, and most importantly affordable shoes.

Hey Dude shoes TM

Hey Dude needed less than 3 years to reach 1 million pairs sold. This was solid evidence of their popularity. However, they certainly didn’t want to stop conquering new adventures and improving their products.

In 2017, Hey Dude attempted to make “Mistral”, a specialized footwear with a good grip that stays strong against quick flows of water.

The brand also incorporated eco-friendly technologies and materials, soon achieving the milestone of 5 million pairs purchased.

The most famous designs of Hey Dude are Wally and Wendy, respectively for men and women.

The construction is not bulky despite the ample support and comfort these shoes bring. The stretchiness makes sure they contour to most foot shapes for a flawless fit.

Hey Dudes shoes can fit wide and narrow

It is because they are available in regular as well as wide widths. You can even find the extra wide sizes in certain models. They are some of the most relaxed shoes you will ever come across!

You will know you need a wider fit if the sides of your feet feel cramped to a painful extent and the front leaves no room for your toes to curl and flex.

Wearing overly tight footwear might cause cramps, blisters, and deformations for children whose feet are still developing.

Meanwhile, when you put on bigger shoes, they won’t stay in a fixed position, which ends up with the materials rubbing against your skin and damaging the tissue. Loose footwear obviously offers zero support and comfort.

Hey Dudes Stretch Style

When you want footwear that embraces the shape of your feet immediately or at least after a short time, the stretch-style shoes from Hey Dude are the ultimate solution.

They are a bit different from other Hey Dude products due to the elasticated materials.

However, be aware that these shoes will also stretch much faster than the ones that feel a bit stiff at first. To preserve their structure, we can wrap them in towels or pillowcases while washing them.

The stretching comes with fabric threads poking out too, which is pretty much inevitable. If you want them to always look neat, just trim the shredded materials.

Final Words

In sum, Hey Dude shoes can run big and small depending on the construction of the model you choose. Even though they follow the regular standards and fit true to size on numbers.

For wide feet, going for the next bigger size is a common solution, unless you prefer a snug feeling – but make sure you are not in any pain!

On the other hand, narrow feet can make good use of inserts and socks to fill the spare room inside the shoes!

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