Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes?

Do Crocs come in Half sizes

Crocs are widely known for their ultimate versatility and comfort, even for people with foot issues, healthcare workers, and pregnant women.

Yet, do Crocs come in half sizes?

Let’s explore whether these clogs suit half-sized feet, and gain essential tips to choose your perfect shoe size for Crocs.

Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes?

All Crocs shoes come in whole sizes, with no half sizes for commercial reasons.

Shoes in half sizes take up lots of space in the brand’s inventory and huge production and distribution costs. Thus, the brand only offers shoes in whole sizes.

This size distribution of Crocs can be problematic for half-sized individuals, as they will have to spend more time picking up their desired size.

Crocs have unique shoe shapes. They have shorter lengths and broader toe boxes than other laced shoes. Thus, they might be slightly tight for wide feet.

Should Crocs Size Up Or Down For Half Size?

Crocs’s official website claims that if you are in between sizes, you should size up from your regular half size for a comfortable fit.

For example, if you have a shoe size of 7.5, you should go for Crocs in size 8.

For wide feet, order your normal shoe size as the shoes already come with a roomy fit.

Most Crocs come with a heel strap. Hence, you can keep this strap up for a comfy fit, or keep this strap down if the shoes are too wide for you.

If the shoes are still too spacious, even when strapped, you should go one size down on your Crocs.

Classic Heel Strap Clogs by Crocs
Classic Heel Strap Clogs by Crocs

How To Pick The Right Crocs?

Measure your feet

You should measure your feet to pick the appropriate size for your Crocs. Take this measurement late in the afternoon, as your feet swell during the day.

  1. Place white paper on the floor against the wall. Then, stand upright, ensuring that all areas of your left foot are placed on the paper.
  2. Mark the covered area of your left foot on the paper with a pen or pencil, especially the end point of your biggest toe and heel.
  3. Measure the length from the heel to the toe with a measuring tape.
  4. Repeat this process on your right foot from step 1 to step 3 to take the measurement.
  5. Choose the largest number, then check the Crocs size chart for your correct size.

Check the fit

If your feet are hugged securely and smoothly in the shoes with no slip, then they fit your feet perfectly.

There should be enough room for your toes to move freely inside the clogs without touching the front. Similarly, the top, two sides, and arch should hug your feet smoothly with no pain.

Unlike other shoes, Crocs come with 3 fit types for your most customized, comfortable fit.

  • Standard fit: Your feet fit snugly with limited space in the forefoot area. Yet, it isn’t too tight to feel uncomfortable.
  • Relaxed fit: This fit gives you more room inside the shoes than the standard fit. Your toes can’t touch the front, but you still have enough space to move. Your feet can stay secure in this fit without a backstrap.
  • Roomy fit (for wide feet): Your feet should have enough space to move without rubbing the shoe’s upper and no crumples on the toes. You can improve the shoes’ stability with a backstrap.

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Final Words

Crocs don’t come in half-size for commercial reasons. In most cases, you should size up for your Crocs if you have half sizes.

Measure your feet and choose your correct Crocs size based on the brand’s official size chart, and remember to choose your preferred fit to stay comfortable and happy in your clogs.

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