Do Crocs Run Big Or Small? (With Detailed Sizing Charts)

Comfortable and breathable are two common characteristics of Crocs. Nowadays, there have been over 100 styles of Crocs for people of all genders and occasions. If this is the first time you buy these foam clogs, you might ask yourself questions like, “Do Crocs run big or small?” “Should I size up or down my Crocs?”, etc.

This article will provide important information on Crocs sizing to help you pick up the perfect Crocs for you.

A Brief Introduction To Crocs

Crocs Logo

Crocs (or Crocs Footwear) is an American footwear brand. Founded in 2002 by Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker Jr and has its headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. The first Crocs were lightweight foam boating shoes and were first introduced in 2001 in Florida. Since then, there have been 300 million products sold worldwide.

Crocs are first known as foam shoes in bright colors, with a Swiss-cheese toe area and inspired by the Dutch clogs. These shoes have ports, or ventilation holes, to keep your feet dry and odor-free. Besides, the heel straps allow you to use the shoes as slip-on clogs or sandals.

Apart from its signature classic Crocs with over 20 colors, Crocs has developed new product lines, like Crocs sandals, boots, sneakers, and flip-flops. Crocs also distribute therapeutic footwear for recovery purposes, or for people whose jobs require all-day standing or walking. Besides footwear, Crocs also sells Jibbitz decorations, mainly for kids.

Why Crocs are so popular?

First, they are so comfortable, simple, lightweight, and easy to clean and wash. You can wear a pair of Crocs for many purposes, including going to work, shopping, playing, doing gardening/farm jobs, etc.

Second, they are also affordable and easy to find online or at any shoe store nearby.

And third, Crocs offer a heel of 1.6 inches, making you look taller, more confident, and more attentive based on height. There are two types of heels – platforms and slingbacks. You can pick a heel style based on your preferences.

Do Crocs Run Big Or Small?

Generally, Crocs are true to size with a loose fit to support your feet without applying pressure on them. The upper is gentle and the toe box is spacious with plenty of room for your toes. Plus, the heel straps provide adequate support while allowing you to switch between sandal mode and clog mode. These straps don’t cause blisters even at first wear.

However, there is no half-size option for Croc clogs, which is a con for many people. This isn’t a problem for Classic Lined Crocs or Baya Crocs, since these models are customized for a spacious fit. However, if you aim for other product lines of Crocs, like Crocs sandals or Crocs Crocband, you should be more careful while picking up your Crocs sizing.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Tie Dye Lined Clogs
Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Tie Dye Lined Clogs

How Should Crocs Fit You?

The exact sizing of a pair of Crocs depends on three main criteria – the type of Crocs, its purposes of use, and its type of fit.

Type of Crocs

Although Crocs are known for its loose-fit design, its sizing might differ depending on product lines. If you don’t have much time for sizing, you should choose Crocs Classics.

These clogs are designed with standard sizing and provide a comfortable fit for everyone. But this story isn’t true for other types of Crocs. For example, the Bistro Clog is a great choice for wide feet. Its toe box and upper are closed but are still more spacious than other Crocs.

On the contrary, Crocs Crocband will provide you with a snug fit, which is quite painful if you wear these shoes all day long.

Professional/Purpose of use

If you want footwear to walk shortly around the house or to clean your garden, Crocs flip-flops, Classic Crocs, or any Crocs will fit you.

But if your work requires hours of walking or standing, like a healthcare professional or a chef, you need to find ones that have a snug fit to secure your feet.

Crocs men sandals

Types of fit

Crocs offer you three types of fits – roomy fit, relaxed fit, and standard fit.

  • Roomy fit

Roomy fit is the most popular fit type for Crocs. This fit type allows generous space for your feet, from width to length. And there is no worry about slippery since the straps at the bottom will secure your feet with the shoes. Also, there is plenty of room on the top for air ventilation.

  • Relaxed fit

Unlike the roomy fit, the relaxed fit provides less room for your feet. The sides of your feet reach the shoes’ walls, but your toes can’t reach the shoes’ front. There are also heel straps or laces to secure your feet while lessening cramps and rubbing on your skin.

  • Standard fit

Standard fit gives you a snug yet comfortable fit among the three fit types. With the standard fit, your feet are kept securely with little to no slipping as you move. The shoes’ side, arch area, and upper should hug your feet comfortably.

Roomy fit vs Relaxed fit vs Standard fit – Which fit is for you?

If you have wide feet, you should choose the roomy fit to get the most space for your feet. If you have regular feet but want a loose-fit feeling to walk around the house, you should choose the relaxed fit. And finally, if you prefer a snug fit, the standard fit should be the one you choose.

Sizing modifications

All shoes stretch out slightly at first wear. But do Crocs stretch like other shoes, and if yes, how much will they stretch?

Crocs also loosen in the first several usages. However, they won’t stretch too much after that, unless you expose them to the sun for hours.

Once again, since Crocs only come in whole sizes, you will have to resize your shoes to get them perfectly fit you.

In most cases, you should choose a half size up when wearing Crocs. If the shoes are oversized, you can wear socks with your Crocs to make the shoes better fit your feet.

If the shoes are too tight, you can stretch them out by putting them in the freezer overnight. You can also warm your Crocs with some towels in the dryer in ‘extra dry’ mode. When the Crocs are warm, wear three pairs of socks on your feet and wear the shoes immediately to stretch them out.

Crocs Sizing Charts

Do Crocs run big or small based on size? The actual sizing of Crocs might differ based on the shoe model, purpose of use, and type of fit. Below are the Crocs sizing charts from the official Crocs website.

Men’s sizing chart

US size UK size EU size Inches MM
4 3 36-37 8 ⅝ 221
5 4 37-38 9 229
6 5 38-39 9 ⅜ 238
7 6 39-40 9 ⅝ 246
8 7 41-42 10 255
9 8 42-43 10 ⅜ 263
10 9 43-44 10 ⅝ 272
11 10 45-46 11 280
12 11 46-47 11 ⅜ 288
13 12 48-49 11 ⅝ 297
14 13 49-50 12 305
15 14 50-51 12 ⅜ 314
16 15 51-52 12 ⅝ 323
17 16 52-53 13 331

Women sizing chart

US size UK size EU size Inches MM
4 2 33-34 8 ⅜ 212
5 3 34-35 8 ⅝ 221
6 4 36-37 9 229
7 5 37-38 9 ⅜ 238
8 6 38-39 9 ⅝ 246
9 7 39-40 10 255
10 8 41-42 10 ⅜ 263
11 9 42-43 10 ⅝ 272

Kids sizing chart

US size UK size EU size Inches MM
C2 2 17-18 3 ⅞ 98
C3 3 18-19 4 ⅛ 107
C4 4 19-20 4 ½ 115
C5 5 20-21 4 ⅞ 123
C6 6 22-23 5 ⅛ 132
C7 7 23-24 5 ½ 140
C8 8 24-25 5 ⅞ 149
C9 9 25-26 6 ⅛ 157
C10 10 27-28 6 ½ 166
C11 11 28-29 6 ⅞ 174
C12 12 29-30 7 ⅛ 183
C13 13 30-31 7 ½ 191
J1 1 32-33 7 ⅞ 200
J2 2 33-34 8 ⅛ 208
J3 3 34-35 8 ½ 217
J4 4 36-37 8 ⅞ 225
J5 5 37-38 9 ⅛ 233
J6 6 38-39 9 ½ 242

Unisex sizing chart

US size UK size EU size Inches MM
M4 | W6 M3 | W4 36-37 8 ⅝ 221
M5 | W7 M4 | W5 37-38 9 229
M6 | W8 M5 | W6 38-39 9 ⅜ 238
M7 | W9 M6 | W7 39-40 9 ⅝ 246
M8 | W10 M7 | W8 41-42 10 255
M9 | W11 M8 | W9 42-43 10 ⅜ 263
M10 | W12 M9 | W10 43-44 10 ⅞ 272
11 10 45-46 11 280
12 11 46-47 11 ⅜ 288
13 12 48-49 11 ⅝ 297
14 13 49-50 12 305
15 14 50-51 12 ⅜ 314


1. Do Crocs run big or small for toddlers?

Crocs provide a snug fit for toddlers with extra space at the uppers and sides. In other words, many parents consider Crocs for toddlers true to size. If your kid’s size is 4, you should choose Crocs with a size 5.

2. Do Crocs Clogs run big or small?

Crocs clogs are true to size with a more comfortable, spacious fit than other sneakers or sandals.

3. Do Baya Crocs run a size bigger?

Since Baya Crocs run bigger than other shoes or sandals, you should go a half size down. For instance, if you are a size 8.5, you should go down to a size 8.

4. Should I wear socks with my Crocs if they are slightly too small for me?

Crocs are great to go with or without socks. If you wear your Crocs without socks, your feet will become sweaty soon and make your underfoot irritating. On the other hand, if you pair Crocs with socks, you should choose high-quality socks to keep your feet dry and odor-free.

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Final Words

In a nutshell, Crocs are true to size but more spacious than other footwear. Plus, Crocs run bigger or smaller depending on your professional, purpose of use, and fit type. If this is the first time you plan to get a pair of Crocs, you should choose a size down or get to the nearest store to have a try.

How are the Crocs sizing charts compared to Nike? The sizing of Crocs is identical to Nikes. So, you can choose your Crocs clogs in the same size as your Nike sneakers.

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