Do Birkenstocks Have Arch Support?

Birkenstocks Have Arch Support

Birkenstocks are widely known in the orthopedic footwear niche for their exceptional comfort and anatomical footbeds. These shoes are popular for individuals with foot issues, or those seeking supportive daily footwear.

Yet, do Birkenstocks have arch support? What to do if your new Birkens cause pain in your feet?

Let’s delve into the distinctive designs of Birkenstocks, especially their footbeds, to learn how these shoes contribute to your robust movement support.

Do Birkenstocks Have Arch Support?

Birkenstocks have orthopedic footbeds made of cork and latex, providing great arch support. This footbed also has a deep heel cup and a roomy toebox, adding more comfort to the shoes.

How is Birkenstock arch support different from that of other footwear brands? Let’s discover its myths in the next section.

How Special Is Birken Arch Support?

It’s molded for enhanced comfort

What differentiates Birken arch support from other footwear brands is that it is directly molded onto the shoe’s footbed.

This concept started in 1774, when the founder Johann Adam Birkenstock invented this arch support based on the fact that shoe beds were flat and caused severe foot problems.

On the other hand, the arch support of other shoe brands is either in the insole or orthotics. Thus, Birken arch support ultimately provides solid support.

It follows natural foot movement

The arch support and overall footbed of Birkenstock mimic your natural foot shape and size, following your body positioning and movements through the soft sand.

Thus, you can always feel the natural comfort when wearing Birkens, just like walking barefoot.

Birkenstock arch support is recommended by podiatrists

Birkenstock has spent more than 20 years developing and improving its orthopedic footbed. Hence, its arch support has perfect dimensions and is approved by podiatrists worldwide.

Birkenstock Footbed features
Birkenstock Footbed features

It helps relieve foot problems

The contoured footbed of Birkenstock footwear provides arch support. This arch support has a supportive, longitudinal arch. Thus, it can assist in healing or support the treatment of some foot problems, like flat feet, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Birkenstocks are also beneficial for individuals with a high arch. For example, the classic Arizona platform slides have a chunky, supportive EVA sole and an anatomically designed cork footbed for ultimate comfort.

However, if you have a severe ailment, you should ask your doctor or podiatrist for a personalized medical approach. And although Birkenstocks are healthy for human feet, they can’t replace medical treatment or orthopedic footwear.

Layer Of Birken’s Footbed
Layer Of Birken’s Footbed

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What If Birkenstocks Still Hurt Your Arch?

Sometimes, you still experience pain and discomfort when wearing Birkenstocks with arch support. Follow this section to explore the reasons and methods for fixing this discomfort.

Have an appropriate break-in period

A new pair of Birkenstock takes up to a week to be comfortable for normal people. Once the shoes pass this period, there will be no arch pain and foot fatigue.

The break-in process should be gradual and slow. You should wear the brand-new shoes for 2 hours on the first day. From the second day, add up to 1 hour more on wearing them.

After 7 days, you can wear them for 8 hours. To speed up this process and avoid pain, wear thick socks.

For people with lower to flat arches

Birkenstocks are designed for normal arches. Thus, they can be painful for individuals with lower to flat arches.

There are 2 solutions to cope with this condition. First, spend a longer time during the break-in period. Or, you can choose Birkens with a soft footbed, since these shoes come with an additional foam insert for extra arch support.

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Final Words

Birkenstocks have good arch support that molds to your feet and follows your natural walking gait. These shoes also support the entire foot, making the arch support more effective.

Provided that you choose the appropriate footbed type, and spend enough time during the break-in period, you can experience the comfort from heel to toe, with your feet positioned perfectly.

Birkenstocks can’t replace a serious medical treatment. So, if you have severe foot problems, you should ask your healthcare provider before using these sandals.

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