Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun

There is no denying that Crocs are among the best shoes for comfort, though people sometimes notice an unwanted change in size.

So… do Crocs shrink in the sun by themselves, even if we don’t do anything to them?

Let’s get to the bottom of the mystery so you know exactly what to avoid and how to prolong the prime time of your Crocs!

Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

Yes, Crocs shrink if left under direct sunlight, and the change is visible even to our eyes, which explains why experts always advise you to keep Crocs away from heat.

The good news is, despite Crocs shrinking a little too quickly, they can also regain their form if you walk around with them for a bit, as long as you don’t neglect them in unfavorable conditions for days.

Crocs Shrink Warranty

If you accidentally get into trouble with your Crocs, don’t panic! There is a chance that you have activated the warranty Crocs has for shrinkage.

When your Crocs shrink unexpectedly because you leave them in the car or at your doorstep, you can go to a Crocs store with the receipt of your purchase or consult customer service in advance.

Other than the proof of purchase, you will need to make sure your Crocs are not worn out, so the brand doesn’t have to be responsible for the damage from your daily use.

However, if your Crocs shrink because you have intentionally put them under intense heat sources like a dryer, you will not be eligible for the warranty policy either.

Should you meet the requirements, they will exchange your Crocs for a brand-new pair, with no further questions. We consider the policy reasonable and fair enough to keep customers happy.

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Why Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

The classic Crocs use Croslite, a resin material with closed cells. Rather than the rubber and plastic we commonly see, Croslite is a polymer called EVA. It goes through various processes before forming the product into Crocs.

One of these processes involves heat, though when the material is heated again, the connection between the molecules breaks, leading to the misshaping of Crocs.

An interesting fact is, although Croslite is extremely sensitive to high temperatures, its melting point is much higher. So, even the hottest days on Earth won’t be enough to melt your Crocs.

croslite material

How Fast Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

Crocs take 3 – 4 hours to shrink under the effects of the sun. The duration is based on the average size of Crocs and the rate of shrinkage from solar rays.

Knowing this rate will give you a rough idea of how much your Crocs can endure before the unfortunate happens.

If your Crocs are smaller or the sunshine is more intense than average, it might take less time than that estimated rate. Otherwise, the shoes might be able to endure some more.

You will start feeling the shoes grow tighter and less comfortable if you leave them in direct sunlight (on the beach, for example) for a whole day, hence it’s best if you spare them some attention!

How Much Do Crocs Shrink?

Crocs can shrink to 2 – 3 sizes smaller than the original form if you leave them under direct sunlight for a few days without having any method to fix them.

When the heat is extreme and prolonged, Crocs can warp aside from shrinking, so they will end up unwearable at some point.

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1. Do Crocs shrink over time?

Crocs can shrink if left in the sun. It is the heat that causes them to shrink instead of how much you use them. In most cases, wearing Crocs frequently only makes them stretch quicker.

2. Can Crocs shrink in a hot car?

Yes, Crocs will shrink in a car with closed windows and doors, since the space inside will be extremely hot without the air conditioning. If you think a car is a good place to keep your Crocs, it’s time for a change!

3. Do Crocs shrink in the washing machine?

Crocs also shrink if you machine-wash them with hot water, though that’s not the end of the disaster!

Not only do Crocs shrink, but they also lose shape due to the tossing and tumbling of the machine. So, it’s best to stick to the lowest setting and use cold water only!

Final Words

Crocs shrink if left in the sun, hence you should avoid making the mistake of drying them in sunlight after cleaning them so they can maintain their best fit and form for a long time.

Hopefully, you now have another tip to take care of your Crocs up your sleeves and your favorite shoes will serve you to their full potential.

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