Are Ultraboosts Good For Running? Top 4 Best Ultraboosts Running Shoes

Ultraboosts good for running

If you have ever owned a pair of Adidas Ultraboost, you might ask some questions like “Are Ultraboosts good for running?” “Can I run in Ultraboosts?”

This article will provide you with a detailed answer on the usage of these popular shoes.

Are Ultraboosts Good For Running?

The short answer is yes. Ultraboosts are great for running. These Adidas sneakers are among the best running shoes for runners of all levels. This is a great idea for daily runs, long-distance runs, to half-marathons.

So why are the Ultraboosts so preferable? Let’s check the next section to learn more about some features that make runners love these sneakers.

Why & How Ultraboost Are Good For Running?

Established in 2015, the Adidas Ultraboosts are among the best options for runners of all trades for the following reasons:

Energy Boost

Instead of the traditional EVA midsole, the Adidas Innovation Team created E-TPU (Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane) particles, with various rice grains providing better cushioning while being softer, more flexible, and more elastic.

The shoe’s midsole comprises more than 3,000 E-TPU capsules, compressed with steam and pressure for more energy bounce back and cushioning.

The Boost technology was first introduced in 2013. But only in the launching of the Ultraboost lineage in 2015 did it achieve a great job, thanks to the 20% extra E-TPU capsules.

ultraboost technology

Maintain your natural gaits

The Ultraboosts offer a great adaption to your foot’s shape and size. First, the Ultraboost sneakers hug your feet tightly but are still comfortable, thanks to the sock liner.

Nonetheless, the heel is adjustable while moving and well-aligned to the movements of your Achilles tendon.

Plus, the Torson system at the sole added softness and stability to your feet. A natural gait.

Excellent durability

Despite their high price tags, the Ultraboosts can last for years under regular usage. Since the midsole is made of a single material, it provides consistent performance from heel to toe.

This simple construction also prevents the sole from deformation, while maintaining ambient temperature for the shoes while running (being stiff under high temperatures and being soft under low temperatures).

Various color and texture choices

Starting from the all-white option, Ultraboosts are now available in various colors/textures. Some highlighted versions are the reflective glow zone 2015 by Kanye West at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards or the versions for famous movie series like the Games of Thrones.

Adidas Ultraboost Colorways

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Which Ultraboost Is Best For Running?

Ultraboost 22

The Ultraboost 22 is the latest and also the most comfortable Ultra Boost.

Ultraboost 22

Released on October 13, 2022, this version includes a lot of tweaks to the fit and upper for female runners, designed by an all-female and went through the feet scanning of 1.2 million female runners.

Thus, Ultraboost 22 is not a unisex shoe or a smaller version of men’s, but rather a version designed to match women’s foot shape and running habits.

According to the brand, these improvements promise to give the shoe 4% extra efficiency underfoot than the Ultraboost.

In terms of weight and fit, Ultraboost 22 weighs lighter than its preceded Ultraboost 21 (286 grams versus 297 grams), which means a lot for runners who aim for speed.

However, there is still sometimes hefty underfoot. The shoe has a narrower S-curve heel that fits the Achilles tendon of women better. The instep is narrower and the ankle area is higher, avoiding slippery and blisters while running on wet, uneven terrains.

The shoe also has more support in the sole, thus avoiding overpronation – a common issue for women with wider hips.

There are a lot of changes in the upper area. For example, the Primeknit+ yarn comprises 50% recycled plastic, giving the Ultraboost 22 more support and firmness in this area.

The Ultraboost 22 still uses the same plastic lacing system as in the previous one, but the lower laces don’t go through the plastic lace. They are connected with 2 material loops, thus lowering the hot spots and pressure on the foot’s top. Plus, there is also more foam cushioning in the tongue.

A downside of this Adidas running shoe is that it runs small, especially in the upper and the toe box. So, this shoe might not suit runners with wide feet.

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Ultraboost 21

Ultraboost 21

The Ultraboost 21, released on February 4, 2021, brings the most updates for the Ultraboost lineage since 2015. These updates are mainly in the upper and the sole unit of the shoe.

The sneaker was rolled out in collaboration with Beyonce’s IVY PARK and Pharrell Williams, with colorways including Vivid Red, Solar Yellow, Halo Silver, and Ash Pearl.

The Primeknit upper of the Ultraboost 21 is made of PRIMEBLUE – a sustainable, durable yarn that consists of 50% Parley Ocean Plastic.

Yet, it is applied the FORGED technology to lessen the stretch on key areas of the upper unit. Furthermore, there are pockets in the heel area, providing more cushioning and a sock-like fit in this area.

Besides the upper, there are a lot of improvements in the outsole. The outsole is still made of Adidas’s signature Stretchweb with Continential Rubber at key traction areas of the shoe, giving runners more confidence in marathons.

Yet, it is more lightweight and provides better grip yet more flexibility on various kinds of weather and terrains.

Ultraboost 21 vs Ultraboost DNA

A lot of people mentioned the Ultraboost DNA (including the 5.0 DNA and 4.0 DNA). So, what are the differences between these two versions?

  • The Ultraboosts 5.0 DNA is more casual than the Ultraboost 21. Its midsole is more prominent in the heel area than that of the Ultraboost 21. However, the DNA 5.0’s upper is less breathable.
  • In the Ultraboosts 4.0 DNA, the foam Boost sole is also made of the PRIMABLUE material of Adidas. Yet, its midsole is in black color, while that on the Ultraboost 21 is in white color.

Ultraboost 20

Ultraboost 20

The Ultraboost 20 was released on December 6, 2019, in partnership with the U.S. National Lab of the International Space Station. This release was a highlight in the history of shoemaking of this German brand – enabling the brand to test the performance of its BOOST in space.

There is 7mm less Boost in the midsole area of the Ultraboost 20, which is great news. On the Ultraboost 19, there is too much Boost in the heel area but too little Boost at the forefoot. Similarly, its stack height has dropped from 29mm to 22mm (for the heel), and from 19mm to 12mm (in the forefoot).

Adidas Ultraboost 20 also offers Primeknit, but there is extra stitching in the toe cap area, which is similar to the SolarBoost.

The plastic heel cup area has more padding, providing more lockdown feeling to runners. Compared with the previous versions, this heel cup area is softer and sounds like neoprene.

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Ultraboost 19

Ultraboost 19

The Ultraboost 19 was first released with the limited “Laser Red” on December 15, 2018, and followed up with a global release on February 21, 2019. This version has a lot of differences in appearance and materials compared to the first Ultraboost release in early 2015.

First, the number of pieces in this shoe has decreased from 17 pieces to 4 pieces, including the Boost midsole, the Continential outsole, the Primeknit upper, and the 3D heel frame.

Unlike the plain Primeknit on the predecessors, this Primeknit 360 is rough on the outside with lateral stitching for better foot support around your feet. This upper doesn’t stretch too much at the midfoot area but provides an adequate amount of support for the foot’s upper.

Since it’s breathable, you can use this shoe without socks. And for the Boost, there is a 20% extra Boost for a smoother, responsive ride.

Second, Ultraboost 19 has a bootie construction, with a lot of stretch in the toe box. Thus, it can be great for runners with wide feet. The midfoot of the shoe is made of translucent plastic, adding more support for long runs while preventing the risks of irritation


1. How long do Ultraboosts last for running?

Ultraboosts can last from 300 to 500 miles. Quite durable.

2. Are Ultraboosts good for exercise?

The Ultraboosts are great to use for training and weightlifting in the gym.

While you can use training shoes for a lot of stability, the Ultraboosts can be acted as training shoes or running shoes for treadmill sessions – which is more convenient and budget-saving.

3. Are Ultraboosts good for sprinting?

Adidas Ultraboosts are good for sprinting, especially the Ultraboost DNA. These sneakers have a low profile and a soft, lightweight upper, making them a favorite choice for track athletes.

4. Are Ultraboost max-cushioned shoes?

Although the Adidas Ultraboosts have the weight of max cushion shoes (around 11 ounces), they are not max-cushioned shoes anymore. These sneakers aim more toward daily trainers or daily/short to medium-paced runs, rather than recovery runs or long runs that need extra plushness and support on your muscles and joints.

Final Verdict

In sum, Adidas Ultraboosts are good for marathons and half marathons as well as fun or short runs. The latest version, Ultraboost 22, is highly praised as the most comfortable Ultraboost for female runners.

Although these sneakers are expensive, they are still worth your money for durable and comfortable footwear. Plus, they also give you a fashionable look while offering you a stunning running experience.

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