Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof?

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof

Are Merrell shoes waterproof? Hikers always ask themselves the same question when choosing tough footwear for the rigorous journey they will indulge in.

Although Merrell is a brand you can trust for comfort and durability, it is important to know whether they hold up against the damage of excessive wetness or not.

And Chooze Shoes is delivering the answer.

Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof?

Merrell shoes are well-received by hikers, so durability and resistance to negative factors are usually not a problem. Most of them are water-resistant, though the level of this resistance varies greatly across the models.

The simplest and most common way to find a waterproof Merrell is by looking for the GORE-TEX tag. This is the most effective technology Merrell uses to give their shoes enough endurance to water.

With the GORE-TEX tag present in various designs within its line, Merrell hiking shoes are generally considered waterproof, yet we still need to maintain and reinforce this feature regularly.

What Makes Merrell Shoes Waterproof?

The secret behind Merrell’s water resistance is the materials and the technologies incorporated in their production.


GORE-TEX® is widely acknowledged as the leading technology in waterproofing. They create specialized membranes that prevent moisture from permeating your shoes without sacrificing breathability.

GORE-TEX® technology

Merrell’s partnership with GORE-TEX® allows them to incorporate these membranes in various designs, so you are likely to have a waterproof pair if it is tagged with GORE-TEX.

M-Select™ Shield

M-Select™ Shield is also a waterproofing technology renowned for its amazing effects against moisture as well as the lightness on our feet.

When applied to the upper of the shoe, this shield allows for generous air ventilation to maintain a dry and comfortable environment inside without giving the moisture much of a chance to get in.

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M-Select™ DRY

Merrell keeps this technology exclusive to them because this unique, innovative membrane does a wonderful job of keeping moisture at bay while still relieving the inside of the shoes from sweat.

Therefore, shoes tagged with M-Select™ Shield tend to be strongly resistant to wetness at a well-regulated temperature for our feet.

How To Know If Your Merrell Is Waterproof?

Emergency: You haven’t checked carefully before placing an order for your Merrell shoes, and now you have no idea how to determine if they are waterproof.

Fortunately, there are several details you can pay attention to.

Product Information

Any of the technologies mentioned above – GORE-TEX, M-Select Shield, or M-Select DRY – can be an indicator for footwear with special functions for water resistance.

However, that doesn’t mean the shoes are fully invincible against water. Merrell will include a description of the waterproofness level, so make sure you read the information carefully.

GORE-TEX Merrell shoes label


You can browse the review section of your purchase for both positive and negative feedback on how it performs in wet conditions.

Even though the reviews might be very helpful because they come from customers like you, don’t forget that we all have different expectations and perceptions of the same thing.

Hence, a review doesn’t get to decide your experience.

Contact Customer Service

If the information included in the package is confusing for you, the customer service is always reliable.

Once again, the customer service staff might give you accurate details about the product in discussion, yet it still doesn’t mean you have to feel exactly what they want you to feel.

How To Make Merrell Shoes Waterproof?

As I have affirmed before, heavy rain can become a problem and Merrell shoes can get wet to the point they become uncomfortable for you as well as prone to damage.

Increase the waterproofness level of your Merrells and make sure your feet have a dry and healthy environment.

1. Remove the insoles

Since Merrell shoes are quite a tough nut to crack (literally), you will need a knife or a screwdriver rather than your capable hands.

Make sure you are familiar enough with these tools and know how to control your strength, or you might end up ruining the footwear.

We recommend a flat-head screwdriver that is small enough to fit in between the lining and the shoe’s side.

Pry them apart gently until your insole is off and put them somewhere clean.

2. Clean the shoes

You would want to work on a clean surface, and the most convenient way to clean your shoes is using a piece of cloth wetted with rubbing alcohol.

Alcohol tends to dry quickly, though you should still give the shoes a few hours to dry completely.

While you clean, be gentle and move the cloth in little circles so you won’t end up with a fuzzy and damaged texture. If there is any debris, use suitable tools to get it out, and always stay patient.

Should there be any stubborn stains, you can rub some wax on them, which will effectively conceal them once the shoes are dry and ready for use.

3. Apply Sealant

For seam sealants, we highly recommend spraying instead of a liquid product.

After spraying the surface thoroughly for the first time, give the shoe a few minutes for the substance to settle before adding a second layer. This double-coating method will ensure you don’t leave any parts untouched.

Pay more attention to the seams and the edges, but avoid the insoles. Most insoles are designed to absorb your sweat and release the moisture outside, so you might disrupt this function by using waterproofing products on them.

4. Apply Waterproof Product

Once the sealant is dry, you can start using the waterproofing product of your choice. If you don’t wait for the sealant to settle, the waterproofing layer might not be applied to your shoes properly.

Give the shoes an entire night to settle, and apply a second coating the next day.

Depending on how torn and worn they are, they might need more than two layers of waterproofing to function properly. There is no limit to how many coats you want to put on, as long as you wait in between them so the layers can fully dry.

5. Replace Insoles

After you are satisfied with the coating, it’s time to replace the insoles.

The whole structure will get tacky if you are patient and give it another night to rest. So, when some moisture seeps through unsealed spots, the multiple waterproof layers you put on will come in handy.

6. Repeat If Necessary

Wearing your shoes regularly, especially for harsh tasks, will cause the waterproof layers to fade.

Hence, you will need to re-apply the substance every few weeks or after cleaning the footwear.

Once the fabrics lose their shine and smoothness, it might be a good sign that the water resistance is no longer there.

By then, you should start looking for new shoes, so you won’t have to go through negative experiences.

Closing Words

As you can see, not all Merrell shoes are waterproof, even though most of their hiking shoes are equipped with a certain degree of water resistance.

You can look for special tags indicating that the product is waterproof if you need to make sure your shoes can handle extreme wetness, as well as apply waterproof products to enhance the performance!

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