Are Birkenstocks Unisex?

Birkenstocks Unisex

Simple designs but exceptionally comfortable, Birkenstock has become an essential source of footwear for shoe lovers. But are Birkenstocks unisex?

When they perform so amazingly under all circumstances, won’t it be such a shame if they only target a certain group of customers?

If you are a first-time buyer, let’s get to know the basics of Birkenstocks right away!

Are Birkenstocks Unisex?

The majority of Birkenstock designs don’t have a specific gender tag, hence the “Unisex” category on their website is quite packed with options.

Some models are created based on how women usually walk or style their outfits (Mayari or Madrid), yet the simplicity doesn’t forbid men from putting them on. Furthermore, each design comes with two substitutes for both genders.

If you want a quick comparison between men’s and women’s Birkenstocks, you can check on the widths. Female shoes are typically narrower.

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Popular Unisex Birkenstock Sandals

So, which Birkenstocks are unisex?

Birkenstock has declared that they have various unisex designs and also put a lot of products in the mentioned category. They are extremely demanded by both genders, and here are some best sellers from them.

Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock Arizona

It feels wrong to mention Birkenstocks without the signature Arizona sandals. Ever since 2019, it has taken the market by storm and become an optimal choice for both women and men.

The key to Arizona’s versatility is the flexible and lightweight footbed with EVA and cork. This combination allows it to accommodate different types of feet, regardless of gender.

Birkenstock Mayari

Birkenstock Mayari

The origin of the Birkenstock Mayari was the gait and style of women, yet Birkenstocks have come up with substitutes for either gender.

You can filter men’s shoes (or women’s), and you will still see Mayari in both categories.

Most of the time, people determine the gender associated with these sandals by the color of their straps. It is quite subjective, yet it means you get to choose what you put on.

Birkenstock Boston

Birkenstock Boston

Birkenstock Boston fits both women and men, if you choose the width accurately. On the other hand, the adjustable strap with buckles is certainly another bonus for a more versatile fit.

Despite the identical design, the men’s Boston ranges from 6 to 17.5 in size, while it is 4 to 12.5 for women.

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Birkenstock Madrid

Birkenstock Madrid

Much similar to Mayari, Birkenstock Madrid was first designed for the sake of women styling their outfits.

At first, the curves and the exposure of Madrid sandals seem like the perfect look for the ladies. However, with a suitable width to fit, the gentlemen can rock them too.

You can find Madrid in the unisex collection of Birks, and it is one of the best-selling models.

Birkenstock Milano

Birkenstock Milano

From the classic Arizona, Birkenstock has upgraded and added a heel strap for more stability and security. Hence, your heel will stay in the deep heel cup instead of slipping back & forth with every step you take.

Birkenstock Milano is tagged on both male and female collections, which indicates that the design is unisex.

Convert Birkenstocks Size

With unisex footwear, the sizing may differ from the standard a little bit. In Birkenstock’s case, they only use the UK standard, with no half sizes.

No matter where you live, you can measure your feet in centimeters and refer to the authentic chart from Birkenstocks. Also, if you know your US size already, the task might be significantly easier.

  • For male: US size + 33 = Birkenstock size
  • For female: US size + 31 = Birkenstock size

Check your Birkenstock size chart here.

Birkenstock Widths

Birkenstock offers two primary widths for their sandals: M and N.

M stands for “medium” and fits like your regular footwear, while N is short for “narrow” and more compatible with thinner feet.

When you browse Birkenstock designs with an N width, you will find a note saying “Slim Fit” in the description, and it is the better choice for women.

At the same foot length, men’s feet are often wider, so they should opt for the M width instead.

With that said, if you are a woman with wide feet or enjoy a relaxed fit, you can go for the M choice of your desired design too.

Final Words

Birkenstocks are unisex in most cases, even though most of them were created with women’s traits in mind.

These unisex designs often look good and fit well for both genders, with only the M and N widths as suggestions for sizing, so men can comfortably wear Birkenstocks too.

If you have never tried unisex footwear before, make sure you convert the size correctly for maximum comfort!

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