Are Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers Comfortable?

Are Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers Comfortable

There is no doubt that Alexander McQueen is one of the most successful and impressive brands on the market right now, though it also begs the question: Are Alexander McQueen sneakers comfortable?

How well do they perform in real-life activities when they look like they belong to a theatrical collection only?

Are Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers Comfortable?

Yes, you will find Alexander McQueen sneakers very comfortable and easy to wear as soon as you put them on. The midsoles are packed with cushioning for more softness and flexibility than what they look like.

Alexander McQueen sneakers’ sizing is also on the wide side, so they can be more versatile for various feet types.

If you have normal feet, you might need to go for half or a full size smaller. One thing is for sure: Alexander McQueens will hardly ever make you feel restrained.

What Makes Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers So Good?

Alexander McQueen shoes are extremely comfortable without sacrificing style, and the most important factors in footwear are materials and designs.


As soon as you unbox your McQueens, the smell of the finest leather will have your nose excited for more. Sometimes, they treat suede with special technology to give it the look of snakeskin and crocskin.

Upon looking more closely, you will find various intricate details such as laces and eyelets, midsoles, and outsoles – all of which are crafted from high-quality materials with perfectly masterful stitches.

All of the materials guarantee a secure fit with a balance between firmness and softness for your feet, hence the overall experience is nothing less than comfortable.

Alexander Mcqueen Sneaker on hand

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Staying loyal to the key principle of maximal shoes with minimal uppers, Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers and general shoes share a timelessness in their designs, which will never go out of fashion.

From the lace colors to the funky heel tabs, these sneakers offer an amazing performance along with the power to turn heads.

You might look like a model walking down the street, but every step you take is accompanied by ample support and all the pressure points on your feet are never too exhausted.

How To Make Your Mcqueen Sneakers More Comfortable?

For some people, leather might be an omen that their shoes won’t be comfortable out of the box.

However, you don’t have to clench your teeth and suffer unwanted discomfort when there are many good tips you can try.

Get the right fit

The first condition for you to get the most out of your McQueen shoes is the right fit, and the way you measure your feet or refer to the size chart will determine this first step.

Here are some tips we have for correct measurements.

  • Always measure after a long active session, when your feet are heated and stretched.
  • Measure both feet and choose the bigger number.
  • Get your feet measured again once or twice per year, as health conditions or weight changes can affect your foot size too.

Break in

The slight stiffness in leather shoes is very common, and the most likely reason is they haven’t broken in. When we talk about a break-in period, we are referring to the natural process and not severe methods.

Putting your McQueen shoes on for an hour at a time or stuffing them with slightly wet paper balls are some safe methods to stretch them for more comfort.

Choose the right socks

Aside from the fit, the environment inside your McQueen shoes needs to be healthy for maximum comfort.

If you are planning to go out in hot weather or have a long exercise session, get moisture-wicking socks instead of cotton or leather so your feet won’t be soaked with accumulated perspiration.

Overly thick socks also lead to rubbing and cause blisters since your feet are typically larger under heat conditions. Hence, a balance between thickness and material is much needed here.

Use insoles

If you want to add more comfort to your McQueen shoes, there is no better way than upgrading the footbed. Additional insoles from renowned stores can enhance your experience to the point common insoles never can.

The main focus of insoles is arch support, because your arch takes most of the pressure when you walk or run. But the new and innovative insoles don’t overlook important features such as shock absorption and heel support.

Blast with heat

For genuine leather like the one used in Alexander McQueen shoes, you can choose the warm mode on your hair dryer and let the slight heat stretch your footwear a little without letting the nozzle get too close.

After the shoes feel a little warmer, it’s time for us to put on a pair of thick socks and walk around for a while in the heated shoes.

Take care of your feet

Did you know the discomfort might come from you as well and not always the shoes?

For example, there is nothing wrong with the toe box, but your overgrown nails are rubbing against the front of your shoes instead.

Another common situation is when people have very calloused and dry skin, hence it hurts when the shoes rub on them, whether they wear socks or not.

Applying moisturizers such as petroleum jelly or cocoa butter is usually the solution.

Final Words

With premium materials and top-notch designs, Alexander McQueen shoes are comfortable beyond what an average brand can offer.

You might encounter some obstacles while searching for the ultimate comfort you want because the leather hasn’t been broken in or the arch isn’t supportive enough for you.

Yet, all these minor problems can be fixed using simple solutions, so it should never stop you from getting your favorite footwear!

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