Are Air Force 1 Comfortable?

Are Air Force 1 Comfortable

We all know Nike is a powerhouse, and Air Force 1 is one of the most iconic designs with thousands of loyal followers.

So, the question often asked is “Are Air Force 1 comfortable or not”. What can we do to make these shoes ready for service as soon as they are out of the box?

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Are Nike Air Force 1 Comfortable For Walking?

The simple answer is, yes.

From my experience, Air Force 1 is good for standing all day and walking, as long as you choose the right size, whether you have thick socks on or not (though I will never skip socks when wearing shoes!).

Since its first release in 1982, Nike has made sneakerheads fall in love with the Air technology for cushioning. The more your feet have to work, the more handy this technology becomes.

I’m a jogging enthusiast with rigorous sessions, and I barely feel any shock or negative impact when wearing AF1.

It would be unfair to talk about the comfort the Air Force 1 can bring without including the supportive ankle or the padded tongue.

However, those nice features might be heavy for troubled feet, so you might want to seek footwear made for comfort explicitly.

There are still reports about the AF1 feeling stiff and not comfortable if used successively for hours. I believe this is how AF1 was in the beginning though, because leather always needs a good break-in.

Nike Air Force 1 Low "ATL"
Nike Air Force 1 Low “ATL”

Are Air Force 1 Comfortable For Running?

I would say my AF1 gives a decent performance during my cardio-running exercises. The responsiveness and the bounce were both sufficient to give me no pain or fatigue.

Still, I don’t think hardcore runners will enjoy what Air Force 1 can offer. Even with Nike Air Force 1 Highs, the support for your ankles wouldn’t be too impressive, hence uneven terrain might become a painful experience for your whole legs.

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Are Nike Air Force 1 Designed For Working Out?

Since Air Force 1 is not the best shoe for running, you shouldn’t expect it to replace your highly athletic footwear, either.

It can handle casual use with low impact only, hence you will have no problem using the treadmill but not weight-lifting and similar intensive training forms.

If you plan to hit the gym, we recommend finding shoes specifically created for this purpose. So, both you and your AF1 won’t have to endure more than you should.

The Most Comfortable Air Force 1 Models

Always sold out before their other siblings and never failing to please the most choosey customers, these models have been contributing to the success of Air Force 1 over the years. Rest assured, the quality left me in awe!

Mark Smith Laser Pack Air Force 1 – Most comfortable AF1 for walking

In 2003, the Mark Smith Laser Pack was released and unfortunately not appreciated as much as it deserved. But when I had the chance to try it on, I was in awe.

The leather on the upper and the lining hugged my feet perfectly, and the puffy insole was something I loved to feel during my long walks.

Mark Smith Laser Pack Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 07 SE – Most comfortable AF1 for running

A neat outline was what drew me to 07 SE, aside from the simple yet eye-catching colors.

As an AF1, the chunky look was inevitable, hence the breathability and the toe space were such a delightful surprise for me: not too small for my comfort and simultaneously not too big for my feet to remain in position.

John Elliott x Air Force 1 – Most comfortable AF1 for working out

The most distinctive AF1 I have seen is the John Elliot collaboration. It features a Lunarlon insole for more support and cushioning, which isn’t included in other Air Force 1s.

The hexagonal Zoom Air unit of the heel adds a springy and responsive feel to my steps, so I simply had no trouble completing simple gym exercises with these shoes.

John Elliot x Air Force 1

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How To Make Air Force 1 More Comfortable?

If you search for methods to break Air Force 1, you will never see a shortage of them. However, only a few of them are sure not to damage or alter the structure of your shoes permanently.

The first thing to do is wear your shoes regularly, so the shoes will have to work extra time and mold to your feet’ anatomy soon.

Nike Air Force 1 Mids and Lows might be a bit uncomfortable for your ankles when they are still stiff, hence I recommend using Nike’s shoe liners for more lift and support.

My second favorite method is to put socks on. This simple trick works for all types of footwear that provide remarkable coverage for our feet (so flip-flops are out of the picture here).

And, you don’t need to walk with them. Just putting the socks on and sitting for hours is good enough.

You will find the last method a little too good to be true: deodorant. I used it on the stiffest spots on my AF1 and they became much more tolerable.

It was like hitting two birds with one stone, because my sneakers grew softer and my skin was free from blisters.

Final Words

Nike Air Force 1 shoes are comfortable, especially when you know the proper ways to break them in.

They can handle short and long walks perfectly, though intense running and rigorous exercise might be more than what they are capable of.

If you are looking for stylish and casual footwear, you have got it right here!

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