Alexander McQueen Sizing Chart – Are They True To Size?

Alexander McQueen size chart & fitting guide

Alexander McQueen is amongst the top designer shoes with a fair price tag and a wide variety of styles and fabrics. However, the Alexander McQueen sizing is not the same for all styles.

This article will provide you with useful information on shoe sizing, including the charts and the guide to help you your perfect shoe size.

Are Alexander Mcqueen True To Size?

Alexander McQueen isn’t true to size. Instead, most of these shoes run a size bigger than your normal shoe size.

So when switching from another brand to Alexander McQueen, you should run down 1 size to avoid wearing shoes that are too big. If you are between sizes, always pick up the smaller one.

For example, if your training shoes are in size 5, you should choose McQueen shoes in size 4.

Some shoe models of Alexander McQueen are available in 2 fit options – regular fit and wide fit. If you have wide feet, you can check some models like the T-Bar Oxford, McQueen mules, or McQueen boots.

Alexander McQueen Sizing Chart

Alexander McQueen size chart for Men

US – Men UK EU Inches CM
6 5 39 10.2 25.9
39½ 10.35 26.3
7 6 40 10.47 26.6
40½ 10.59 26.9
8 7 41 10.75 27.3
41½ 10.87 27.6
9 8 42 11.02 28
42½ 11.14 28.3
10 9 43 11.26 28.6
10½ 43½ 11.38 28.9
11 10 44 11.54 29.3
11½ 10½ 44½ 11.65 29.6
12 11 45 11.77 29.9
12½ 11½ 45½ 11.93 30.3
13 12 46 12.05 30.6
13½ 12½ 46½ 12.17 30.9
14 13 47 12.32 31.3
14½ 13½ 47½ 12.44 31.6
15 14 48 12.56 31.9
15½ 14½ 48½ 12.72 32.3
16 15 49 12.83 32.6

Alexander McQueen size chart for Women

US – Women UK EU Inches CM
4 1 34 8.9 22.6
34½ 9.02 22.9
5 2 35 9.17 23.3
35½ 9.29 23.6
6 3 36 9.41 23.9
36½ 9.57 24.3
7 4 37 9.69 24.6
37½ 9.8 24.9
8 5 38 9.96 25.3
38½ 10.08 25.6
9 6 39 10.2 25.9
39½ 10.35 26.3
10 7 40 10.47 26.6
10½ 40½ 10.59 26.9
11 8 41 10.75 27.3

Alexander McQueen size chart for Kids

UK – Kids EU inches
8 25 6.1
8,5 26 6.3
9 27 6.5
10 28 6.7
10,5 29 6.9
11 30 7.1
11,5 31 7.3
12 32 7.5
12,5 32,5 7.7
13 33 7.9
13,5 33,5 8.1
1 34 8.3
2 35 8.7

How To Find Your Appropriate Alexander Mcqueen Size?

Measure your feet width and length

When trying on new shoes, especially designer shoes with a stiff fit like Alexander McQueen, it is important to measure your feet width and length. Otherwise, you can get the wrong ones that cause discomfort or pain for you.

You can use a measuring tape to get your accurate numbers, then compare them to find your size in the size chart.

When measuring your feet, remember the 3 important rules:

  • Take your measurements in the late afternoon, as your feet swell during the day.
  • Measure your left and right shoes to get the biggest number.
  • Stand upright when taking measurements.

Pick a shoe style

  • Soft leather: The Alexander McQueen sizing for soft leather shoes is easy to guess. You should measure your foot, then compare your measurement with the above size chart to get your correct shoe size.
  • Suede leather: Suede leather shoes and boots often runs up to 0.5 sizes bigger than soft leather ones. You should measure your foot, then add up to 0.5 to get your correct shoe size.
  • Sneakers: McQueen sneaker models are consistent in size. All you have to do is just measure your foot length and width.
  • Loafers: Unlike sneakers, loafers are available in wide and regular fits. They are wider and longer than standard sneakers.

Shoe exchange program

There is a free 30-day return policy at Alexander McQueen to help you send the shoes in the wrong size back to the store. More specifically, you can exchange the same shoe model in a different size or color with no extra fees within 30 days of receipt of the products.

To get your shoes exchanged or returned, the shoes must be in their original condition with no damage, soil, or alteration. This policy doesn’t apply to personalized shoes or non-returnable products.

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Why People Choose Alexander Mcqueen Shoes?

Overall comfort and fit

New leather Alexander McQueen shoes are not comfortable. The leather is firm and stiff, giving you discomfort or even pain at first wear. After wearing the shoes and walking around with them several times, the leather will become softer and wrap around your feet better.

You can avoid the annoying break-in period by purchasing old McQueen shoes. These shoes are softer and more comfortable at first wear.

The midsole give a fashionable look

Alexander McQueen shoes have oversized, chunky midsoles made from rubber. Plus, there is a stitching pattern around the forefoot area. This signature midsole gives the shoes a special, fashionable look.

The outsole is also a signature

The signature Safari print pattern on the outsole of the shoes gives you an animalistic look. Plus, there is also an Alexander McQueen brand name on the back and the tongue area of the shoes.

There is an extra lace set

McQueen shoes often come with big, chunky, narrow laces that fit with the oversized shoe style. Plus, there is an extra lace set coming along with the default one, which isn’t often found in other designer shoe brands.

Some Caring Tips For Your Alexander McQueen Shoes

  • The leather can get creased faster if you wear shoes that are too big. Thus, you should choose the correct Alexander McQueen sizing to avoid crease marks.
  • Suede is sensitive to water. If your suede leather McQueen shoes, especially those in dark colors (black, red, or maroon), gets water, the leather will absorb water and fade the color of the shoes.
  • Glitter shoes seem fancy at first, but they can lose their appearance over time. The glitters can fall off if you rub the shoes together or bang them.
  • Similar to glitters, the metallic back on the shoes can be fallen off if you hit something, hit two shoes together, or when taking the shoes off with your feet. If you prefer durability over appearance, you should choose shoes with suede back in light colors.
  • You can skip the break-in moment and get a comfortable fit out of the box if you wear velvet McQueen shoes. Yet, the velvet is easy to be worn and you can get it back once it is gone.


1. Do Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers run big or small?

They often run a full size bigger than your normal shoes. So you should run 1 size down when choosing these sneakers.

2. Are Alexander McQueen sneakers and boots available in various widths?

They are available in 4 width options, including small, medium, large, and extra-large. If you have never worn McQueen shoes before, you should try on several sizes and widths of these shoes before making your decision.

Final Words

Alexander McQueen shoes are expensive because they are made of high-quality, handmade Italian leather. After knowing the Alexander McQueen sizing guide and chart, along with some useful tips, you will be more confident to pick up a pair of McQueen shoes that best fit your feet’ shape, width, and length. If it is the first time you get a pair of McQueen shoes, you should try on several shoes to find out which ones fit well with your feet.

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