Zara Shoe Size Chart (Men, Women, Kid) & Fitting Guide

Zara Shoe Size Chart & Fitting guide

Besides clothes, Zara is worldwide well-known for its fancy, fashionable shoes. If you have owned several pairs of shoes from this brand, you know that Zara shoe size is not consistent. Their actual fitting depends on some criteria, like gender, shoe type, material, etc.

Are Zara shoes comfortable? Do they run true to size, big, or small? Let’s dive into the size charts and fitting guide of some popular Zara shoes to learn more.

Zara Shoe Size Chart

Zara shoe size chart for men

US – Men EUR UK Inches cm
6 39 5 10 25.5
7 40 6 10 ⅕ 26
8 41 7 10 ⅖ 26.5
9 42 8 10 ⅗ 27
10 43 9 11 28
11 44 10 11 ⅕ 28.5
12 45 11 11 ⅖ 29
13 46 12 11 ⅗ 29.5
14 47 13 12 30

Zara shoe size chart for women

US – women EUR AU inches cm
5 35 5 / 5.5 8.7 22.4
6 36 6 9 23
6.5 37 6.5 9.2 23.6
7.5 38 7 / 7.5 9.5 24.3
8 39 8 / 8.5 9.7 24.9
9 40 9 9.9 25.5
10 41 9.5 / 10 10.2 26.2
11 42 11 10.5 26.8

Zara shoe size chart for kid & toddler

US – Kid & Toddlers UK EU inches Cm
8 7 24 5.8 15
9 8 25 6 15
9.5 8.5 26 6.3 16
10 9 27 6.6 17
11 10 28 6.8 17
12 11 29 7.1 18
13 12 30 7.3 19
13.5 12.5 31 7.6 19
1 13 32 7.9 20
2 1 33 8.2 21
3 2 34 8.4 21
3.5 2.5 35 8.7 22
4.5 3.5 36 8.9 23
5 4 37 9.2 23
6 5 38 9.5 24
6.5 5.5 39 9.7 25
7.5 6.5 40 10 25

Reviews On The Fitting Of Some Zara Shoes

Zara shoe sizing is not only based on its shoe size charts. Their fitting also depends on the shoe type and material. Let’s take a look at some popular Zara shoes to know whether they run big, small, or true to size.

Zara Mules

Zara PU mules are hard to wear. Their straps are too tight so you have to pull to get your feet into the mules.

Zara Platform Heels

Similar to Zara mules, Zara platform heels have short straps. Thus, they run smaller than your standard shoes. You should spend more effort to get your feet fit into these heels.

Zara High Boots

Zara high-heeled leather boots, especially some classic models, look great for your working outfits or night parties. Sadly, they are not spacious enough for your toes or your thighs. You should notice the thigh part when picking up a pair of these boots.

Zara Studded Heeled Sandals

They look stunning. Their straps are long and thick to hold your feet in position. Yet, they are not wide and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Their straps are rough on your skin and can cause blisters.

If you still love wearing these blink-blink Zara high-heeled sandals, avoid wearing them too long. Otherwise, they will become tighter and unbearable for you.

Zara Slingback Heels

Zara slingback heels run true to size for wide feet, with a proper length and width. Yet, they can be too wide for regular feet.

Zara Clear Heels

They look cute and lightweight, making them ideal footwear for your trips. Although their instep straps are slightly too big for you, they don’t affect the heel’s fitting.

Zara Leather Loafers

If you have regular feet, you won’t find any problems while wearing these tan leather loafers. They fit your feet perfectly and are easy to match with many items in your wardrobe.

If you need to find classic shoes for all your daily activities (to work, school, to the grocery), these faux leather loafers are a great choice.

Zara Low-Collar Sneakers

Low-collar Zara sneakers run true to size and they fit your feet perfectly. They are also more affordable than New Balance sneakers.

Zara High Top Sneakers

They look snug, but they run true to size and are comfortable for regular feet. You can style these Zara sneakers with shorts.

Zara Jetfoam Clogs

Zara jet-foam clogs look like oversized Adidas Yeezy vibes but at an affordable price tag. They are a combination of Yeezy Foam Runners and Yeezy Slides.

Yet, they have a problem with sizing. For example, you pick up the clogs at size 10, but they can be too big. You should measure your feet length and width, or try these clogs at a nearby Zara store to get your exact size.

Zara Leather Clogs

Zara faux leather clogs run true to size for regular feet. They offer you a classic yet comfy look for all occasions in your life. They are also half the price compared to the premium Birkenstock Bostons.

Zara Leather Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are one of the best-selling shoes of Zara. Luckily, these leather boots are true to size and great to go with many types of clothes and accessories. You should get several pairs of Zara Chelsea boots for the upcoming winter.

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How Do I Know My Zara Shoe Size?

Know your feet length and width

You can measure your feet to get your exact Zara shoe size.

Zara shoe sizing is measured in shoe length (cm), with UK sizes from 2 to 9 and EU sizes from 35 to 42. There is a gap between women’s sizes and men’s sizes.

To get your shoe size:

  • Stand upright on a piece of white paper or cardboard.
  • Use a pen to mark your feet’ length from heel to toe.
  • Use tape to measure the length of your feet. You should measure your left and right feet since they might have some differences in sizing.
  • Check the above size charts to get a conversion of your feet length to your shoe size. You can also get your size on the product page of the Zara e-store.

Remember to choose the biggest number as your shoe size. And if your measurement stays between two sizes, you should go for the larger number. For example, if your feet length is 22.5cm (or somewhere else between 22.4cm and 23cm), the shoe size you should pick is 6.

Shoe type

Each shoe type has its unique fitting. For example, you can pick the same size between kitten heels, high heels, and sneakers. An easy rule to remember is that the higher the shoe is, the smaller size you should pick.

For example, if your feet are 25.6cm in length. According to the Zara size charts, you are between UK 39 (25.3cm) and UK 40 (26cm).

If you want to get Zara high-heeled sandals, you should choose the UK 39. But if you prefer to get flat shoes, you should choose the bigger size (UK 40).

30-Day Free Return

If shoe sizing is a dilemma for you, Zara has got you covered. Its 30-Day Free Return program allows you to exchange your purchase within 30 days from the shipping date with no extra fees.

So, if you are not sure about your shoe size, or your feet are between sizes, you can get two pairs of shoes on the Zara e-store to try, then get back the pair that doesn’t fit you.

From May 2022, Zara starts to charge fees for good returns. Customers in the U.K or some European markets (including the Netherlands and Belgium) have to pay 1.95 pounds (around $2.45) for online purchase returns to third-party drop-off points. To get your shoes returned free of charge, you should bring them to any Zara store.


1. Are Zara shoes true to size or bigger than normal shoes?

Zara shoes are true to size or a half-size smaller than normal shoes. Although its actual sizes also depend on the shoe’s models and the shoe types, some customers reported that Zara shoes have a narrow width.

So you should run a half size up for width when picking new Zara shoes.

2. Are Zara heels fit for wide feet?

Unluckily, Zara heels don’t offer sizes for wide feet. Sizing up your shoes can only satisfy the shoe length, not the width.

3. Should I size up or down in Zara shoes?

Zara shoes run true to size, so you can choose your standard shoe size if you have regular feet. Yet, if you have wide feet, Zara shoes run small, especially in the shoe width.

The Bottom Line

In sum, Zara’s shoe size is not equally treated for all types of shoes. If you choose the high heels from Zara, you should go for the bigger size. And vice versa, get the smaller size for flats or sneakers.

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