Where Are Xero Shoes Made?

Where Are Xero Shoes Made

Instead of heel rise and arch support, minimalist shoe brands like Xero is a new trend among running communities worldwide.

Xero shoes are highly recommended for its wide range of footwear products for running and daily life activities.

Yet, where are Xero shoes made?

Let’s learn about the origin of this footwear brand and how its shoes are designed for your foot’s comfort.

Xero Shoes Overview

Xero (Xero Shoes) is a minimal footwear brand managed by Feel The World Inc. It was founded on November 23, 2009, by Steven Sashew and his wife, Lena Phoenix.

Now Its headquarter is located in Broomfield, CO., United States.

Xero Shoes Logo

Its Chief Product Officer, Dennis Driscoll, previously worked for top footwear brands like Dr.Martens, Crocs, Avia, and Wilson Sporting Goods.

The first Xero shoes were inspired by the barefoot running experience of Steven. Its first products were DIY sandals made of rubber soles and laces, providing more freedom for runners than traditional cushioning shoes at that time.

Up till now, Xero has offered various ready-made closed-toed shoes and sandals. These shoes support your natural running gaits and reduce the risk of injuries.

From its headquarter in the U.S., Xero expanded to Europe and had its second office in Prague, Czech Republic. Now they are available to get worldwide.

Where Are Xero Shoes Made?

Xero shoes are designed in their home country, America. Yet, they are manufactured in 3 Asian countries – China, Vietnam, and South Korea.

United States

America is the home country of Xero and is also where it is headquartered.

All Xero shoes are designed in America, then finished in Xero’s partnered factories in other countries.


China is where most production of Xero shoes occurs. It is also the global footwear manufacturing house of some sports giants like Adidas or Nike.

Why did Xero choose China for the majority of its shoes?

First, China has a resourceful, skillful footwear workforce to produce shoes under a tight deadline.

Second, China’s manufacturing and labor costs are much lower than in European countries or in America.

Since Xero can lower its production cost, it can maintain its commitment to affordability.


Besides China, more and more Xero shoes are made in Vietnam.

Vietnamese shoemakers have rich knowledge and skills in shoemaking. Plus, the manufacturing cost in Vietnam is relatively low.

In the future, the production trend of Xero and other footwear brands will switch from China to Vietnam due to the US-China tariff war and the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Korea

Some Xero shoes are made in South Korea. Yet, there is no further information on the shoe manufacturing of Xero in this country.

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Who Owns Xero Shoes

Xero is now under the management of Feel The World Inc., a company co-founded by Steven Sashew and his wife, Lena Phoenix.

Xero Shoes Tree

How Xero Shoes Are Made

Material selection is the first and most important step in Xero shoe production.

Xero shoes are made of environmental-friendly materials with no cruelty or footprints on Earth.

The shoes are made from vegan materials like Coffee Carbon Fiber, Hemp, or rPET. This transparent material selection matches the firm’s sustainability goal.

Aside from using renewable materials, Xero shoes are applied to the latest innovations to bring customers a minimal yet comfortable running experience.

FeelTrue is among its greatest ones. This technology is used to make the rubber sole. It is also durable and can withstand harsh times and weather.

Plus, the Xero shoes’ upper is made of various breathable, lightweight layers of textiles. This upper maintains dryness and cleanliness inside the shoes and is beneficial for multiple needs and preferences.

You can walk or run up to 5,000 miles on your Xero shoes, not only 300-500 miles like other brands.

Xero shoes use fewer components than popular ones. This minimal approach to shoemaking lowers the wasted energy for production and puts less strain on the environment.

Xero shoes are also made with strict quality control and ethical standards. These standards include safe working conditions, fair labor practices, and environmental sustainability.

Xero collaborates with like-minded partners to deliver excellent products with strong ethical values.

Are Xero Shoes Sold In Stores?

Xero shoes are available on its official website or e-commerce websites like Amazon or Zappos. You can also try on its shoes at offline shoe retailers worldwide.

Final Words

While designed in America, Xero shoes are manufactured in 3 countries – China, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Although there is no clear information on its manufacturing facility, we all know that Xero stays with its sustainability goal. This direction is shown in its material choice, minimal shoe design, strict quality control, and standardization.

Xero is working hard to provide its customers with ultimate comfort and protection while bringing fewer negative effects on Mother Earth.

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