Shein Shoe Size Chart: Are Shein Shoes True to Size?

Shein Shoes

Shein quickly took over the world of youngsters by storm recently. Hence, we feel a Shein shoe size chart with comprehensive guidance is due.

We can ensure you the sizing is one of many reasons Shein stands out compared to its direct opponents.

Shein Shoe Size Chart

Shein Shoe Size for Men

Shein Size Shoe Inner Length Platform Height
39.0 10/ 25.3 0.6/ 1.5
40.0 10.2/ 25.97 0.6/ 1.5
41.0 10.5/ 26.64 0.6/ 1.5
42.0 10.8/ 27.31 0.6/ 1.5
43.0 11/ 27.98 0.6/ 1.5
44.0 11.3/ 28.65 0.6/ 1.5

Shein Shoe Size for Women

Euro Size US size Outsole Height Ball Girth Foot length
35.0 5.0 3.0 20.5 22.0
36.0 6.0 3.0 20.8 22.5
37.0 6.5 3.0 21.2 23.0
38.0 7.5 3.0 21.5 23.5
39.0 8.0 3.0 21.9 24.0
40.0 9.0 3.0 22.2 24.5
41.0 10.0 3.0 22.6 25.0

Shein Shoe Size for Toddlers

Shein Size Bust Waist Hip
cm inches cm inches cm inches
68 45 17.7 47 18.5 47 18.5
74 47 18.5 48 18.9 49 19.3
80 49 19.3 49 19.3 51 20
86 51 20 50 19.7 53 20.9
92 53 20.9 51 20 55 21.7

Do Shein Shoes Run True to Size?

Shein is different from other retailers. It doesn’t simply post products and let you deal with them alone.

The size charts provided by Shein are true to size, neither large nor small, which will contribute to your convenience.

However, if you have extremely narrow or wide feet, you would need to be more cautious when choosing a suitable size. We recommend going up or down half a size accordingly to your sizing dilemma.

Shein Shoes, Sneakers, Slippers

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How To Know My Shoe Size In Shein?

Measure Your Feet

It’s not difficult to measure your feet, whether you are doing it on your own or with some help. All you need are paper sheets, a pen, and a ruler.

  1. Stand with your back against a straight wall when someone is measuring your feet. If you are alone, be sure your heel touches the wall.
  2. Outline your foot before marking the two spots of your longest toe and your heel. You can skip the drawing and simply mark the spots with a dot as well.
  3. Measure the gap between these spots and try to read the numbers as accurately as possible.
  4. Repeat the process with your other foot and choose the larger measurement as the standard to use the size chart.

Sizing Tips

The steps above should be easy enough for everyone, though there are still things we can keep an eye on for even more accurate measurements:

  • It’s best to measure your feet in the afternoon or evening when you have been active all day and your feet are more swollen than usual. Your shoes have to be able to accommodate your largest size.
  • Read the measurement correctly because even a few inches could turn a potentially comfortable pair of shoes into something that causes you pain.
  • Shein might offer shoes from different brands but they have their standard sizing chart. Therefore, you should follow the guide instead of assuming your sizes because you have bought from a certain brand before.
  • If you plan to wear socks with your new shoes, don’t forget to keep them on while you are sizing your feet, for the socks might add a small bit to your measurement.
  • When measuring your baby’s feet, ask them to stand as well (unless they are too small to do so!) because the weight will be distributed on their feet and create minor changes in shape and size.

Return Policy

If there is something to talk about Shein other than how affordable and reliable their products are, it would have to be the easy and simple return policy.

Should you be unhappy with your purchase (even though we don’t want that to happen at all!), you can activate your rights to return the item within 30 days.

Since Shein is all online, we all would have an account. You need to open the “My Orders” tab and find the purchase you want to return before following the procedure accordingly.

After you provide a reason for your request, they will approve and put a label on your order.

Another beneficial thing about Shein is the returns are all free as long as the items are eligible. It’s a significant thing if we think about how far the customers might be away from the retailer.

More About Shein Shoes

Shein is not a brand, to clarify things. Instead, it is a retailer founded in China in 2008. And currently, it is headquartered in Singapore.

By 2022, Shein has become the biggest retailer in the whole world.

In the first four years of its dawn, Shein claimed to be a wedding dress seller, yet you can find different types of womenswear as well.

Their resources came from the Guangzhou market, a renowned address for both manufacturers and sellers.

Shein expanded quickly and sold to other countries in Europe. By 2016, over 800 employees were working for the company.

They also attempted to give customers a more enjoyable experience by disqualifying vendors whose photos and items are not of adequate quality.

Due to the breakout of COVID-19, the need for online shopping skyrocketed, and Shein benefitted from it. It was the main topic for Generation Z on SNS platforms when it comes to affordable purchases.

Nowadays, Shein is one of the best options for people who have an eye for pretty things and a budget to save.

Without extra costs from physical stores, Shein could keep their price tags at an extremely competitive level.

However, it is not everything they offer.

  • Shein’s collection of shoes is very tempting. They want to respond to a wide range of customers, hence you can find both classic and trendy designs no matter what you are trying to find.

The collection covers sandals, boots, sneakers, high heels, and everything you can imagine.

  • The online system is one of Shein’s biggest advantages. You don’t have to follow operation hours because everything is ready for viewing and purchasing anytime you deem convenient.
  • Although Shein keeps the costs affordable, their shoes are still of quality. Aside from the decent materials, the structure is also extremely sturdy.

You can have something lasting for years without burning your budget.

  • Last but not any less important, Shein offers various discounts and sales throughout the year. Hence, customers can reduce the price even further.

Final Words

With our Shein shoe size guide as well as measuring tips, we believe you will be more confident when purchasing from their online website.

If you have never tried Shein before, it might be the time to give them a chance, for you won’t regret it!

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