Where Are Nobull Shoes Made?

Where are Nobull shoes made

Nobull has become a phenomenon among athletic and fitness addicts. Nobull shoes are great for CrossFit sessions or high-intensity exercises when you must move back and forth quickly.

While inheriting the American spirit, where are Nobull shoes made? Are they also made in America or somewhere in Asia?

Let’s explore the origin and the magic behind Nobull shoes and which exercises you can use these shoes for.

Where Are Nobull Shoes Made?

Although Nobull shoes have their roots in America, they are all made in China. In other words, all Nobull shoes have the American spirit and innovation but are assembled by skillful Chinese shoemakers.

This footwear brand has over 100 employees consistently making shoes in Chinese factories.

So, the next time you see a pair of Nobull with the “design in America” tag, it must be made in a Nobull factory in China.

Nobull Shoes made in China

The reason why Nobull chooses China as its first and only manufacturing center goes beyond economic reasons.

China is the destination for the footwear industry, with a high availability of labor force. Shoe artisans here have the experience and skills to make complicated shoe models with perfection.

Although Nobull shoes are made in China, they are delivered to Nobull’s warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts. All orders on Nobull shoes are shipped globally from here.

Thus, if you notice that your Nobull shoes are shipped from China or somewhere else, they might be fake.

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Who Owns Nobull Shoes Now?

Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson are the owners of Nobull shoes till now. These two Reebok alumni are also the founders of the Nobull brand.

They established the Nobull brand in 2015, with a solid concentration on CrossFit training.

Nobull Shoes

Before Nobull, Marcus and Michael had years working at Reebok. Wilson was the head of brand strategy, and Michael was the global creative director.

After leaving Reebok, Michael and Marcus became close friends. They started the Nobull footwear brand based on their experience and insights from their years at Reebok.

Nobull has been funded by Exeter Captain, a private equity firm in Boston, since 2021. Via the 2021 fundraising round, this company was valued at around $500 million as it planned to expand its brand globally.

Before Nobull, Michael and Marcus had created Bold & Co., a Boston-based design and marketing agency.

More About Nobull Shoes

Nobull (Nobull Footwear) is an American footwear brand founded in 2015 by two Reebok ex-employees. This brand has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nobull shoes are qualified for various athletic types, especially training and CrossFit.

Aside from shoe production, Nobull has hosted and sponsored many sports events, like the worldwide CrossFit Games title sponsor (2016) and the partnership with PGA Tour runs (until 2027).

It is also the favorite brand of many famous athletes like Brooke Wells (CrossFit), Scott Stallings (golf), Caeleb Dressel (Olympic, swimming), and Mac Jones (NFL).

Nobull shoes appeared on their social media profiles and soon became a worldwide staple in the sports community.

How Nobull Shoes Are Made?

Nobull shoes are incredibly comfortable, long-lasting, and supportive. Although not cheap, they are worth every penny. They are great for CrossFit, squats, heavy weightlifting exercises, jumping ropes, running box jumps, and more.

The SuperFabric Trainer is the first and best-selling shoe for CrossFit and weightlifting purposes.

Nobull shoes for Crossfit

Like some other Nobull training shoes, this sneaker is made from SuperFabric, an exclusive material from Nobull.

This material is bouncy, light, and comfortable, yet durable. It is welded to the breathable mesh and phylon foam to add more flexibility and support to your move.

This material is cruelty-free and a great alternative to animal leather or non-renewable materials.

Assembled in China but Nobull shoes are designed in America. Before mass production, these shoes were conceptualized from design elements, functions, and specifications in the United States.

Final Words

All Nobull shoes are manufactured in China, with their spirit from America. If you are in the United States, you can visit and get a pair of Nobull in one of its three retail stores here.

Otherwise, your Nobull orders will be shipped via DHL or UPS. The international shipping time depends on your geographical position, generally around 2 to 4 weeks.

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