Michael Kors Shoe Size Chart: Are They True To Size?

Michael Kors Shoes

Take a look at Michael Kors’ shoe size chart before you grab one of their strappy heels and summer-ish slides for an enjoyable vacation!

We don’t want to stroll down the beach in a pair of shoes that look good but don’t make us feel good.

This article will ensure you won’t feel clueless about the sizing and the possible mishaps.

A Quick View On Michael Kors

Karl Anderson JR. was born in New York with a burning passion for fashion and an eye for exquisite details.

With the talent he showcased ever since he was a little boy, his mother felt the need to encourage and support him on this path of life.

Later on, he got to change his name to Michale David Kors, taking after his stepfather’s surname.

However, an institute wasn’t big enough for Karl. Instead of focusing on studying the typical, he left and opened his boutique to display the clothes and accessories he designed.

In 1981, he launched the first Michael Kors product line for womenswear.

Michael Kors Sneakers

It took a long time until he was ready to venture into the menswear territory in 2002. Two years later, MICHAEL Michael Kors came to reality and targeted sporty users.

You can’t buy Michael Kors from their stores directly because the products are distributed to department stores and recently online retailers.

The limited platforms don’t seem to stop Michael Kors from being an attraction to fashion lovers.

Nowadays, Michael Kors remains popular for being glamorous but trendy and partially casual at the same time. Loved and famed, it has been winning many rewards for both leadership and artistry.

Founder Michael Kors is also the youngest person who receives lifetime achievements for his dedication to fashion.

Michael Kors Shoe Size Chart (US & UK – cm & inches)

Michael Kors Men’s Shoe Size Chart

31.00 12.20 13 47 12
30.00 11.80 12 46 11
29.50 11.60 11.5 45 10.5
29.00 11.40 11 44.5 10
28.50 11.20 10.5 44 9.5
28.00 11.00 10 43 9
27.50 10.80 9.5 42.5 8.5
27.00 10.60 9 42 8
26.50 10.40 8.5 41 7.5
26.00 10.20 8 40.5 7
25.50 10.00 7.5 40 6.5
25.00 9.80 7 39 6
24.50 9.60 6.5 38.5 5.5
24.00 9.40 6 38 5

Michael Kors Women’s Shoe Size Chart

28.00 11.00 12.5 42.5 8.5
27.50 10.80 11.5 42 8
27.00 10.60 11 41 7.5
26.50 10.40 10.5 40 7
26.00 10.20 10 39.5 6.5
25.50 10.00 9.5 39 6
25.00 9.80 9 38.5 5.5
24.50 9.60 8.5 38 5
24.00 9.40 8 37.5 4.5
23.50 9.30 7.5 37 4
23.00 9.10 7 36 3.5
22.50 8.90 6.5 35.5 3
22.00 8.70 6 35 2.5
21.50 8.50 5.5 34 2

Michael Kors Kids’ Shoe Size Chart

MICHAEL KORS Pre-walker shoe sizes

EU UK USA Approximate age
16 0.5 1 0-3 month
17 1.5 2 3-6 month
18 2.5 3 6-9 month
19 3.5 4 9-12 month

MICHAEL KORS Junior shoe sizes

21 4.5 5
22 5.5 6
23 6.5 7
24 7 7.5
25 7.5 8
26 8.5 9
27 9.5 10
28 10 10.5
29 10.5 11
30 11.5 12
31 12.5 13
32 13.5 1
33 1.5 2
34 2.5 3
35 3.5 4
36 4 4.5
37 4.5 5
38 5.5 6
39 6 6.5
40 6.5 7

Are Michael Kors Shoes True To Size?

Although our feet are drastically different in width and length, and the brand has numerous designs, customers generally agree that most Michael Kors shoes fit true to size.

Additionally, heel heights have a little bit of an impact on sizing as well, for it affects the user’s comfort. Michael Kors have heels from 1 to 10 cm, from the most flat shoes to the highest high heels.

Thick shoes also mean more room for the toes. Michael Kors footwear ranges pretty far with widths. All you need to do is ask the staff members to help you.

Michael Kors Shoe Size Review

“Michael Kors shoes tend to run about a 1/2 size too small, especially if you have wide feet, which I have.

So if you normally wear a size 8.0 go up a half size for comfort otherwise these are a pair of very cute comfortable flats.”– Wilcox recommends going up half a size to ensure you have enough comfort no matter what the case is.

“I absolutely love these shoes! I think they fit true to size because the more you wear them (and trust me you will wear them a lot) they loosen up perfectly.

I tried a .5 size bigger than what I usually wear and they slipped off when I walked so stick with your true foot size.” – Michelle thinks the shoes she bought are perfectly sized.

“Very nice! I suggest ordering your true size. Based on the reviews it says to 1/2 size up, originally ordered a 7.5 & it was too big. Returned for a size 7, my true size, & the fit was fine.

Not too tight & I am sure it will stretch. The leather is soft & overall comfortable.” A customer with the nickname C also agrees that staying true to size is the best choice.

Sizing Tips for Michael Kors Shoe

Measurement Tips

It is not difficult to make the heel and the tip of your longest toe before measuring the gap between them. But people still struggle to find perfectly fitting shoes because they forget several minor but essential details:

  • Always measure after a long and active day. Your feet will be swollen by then, you will get the largest measurement possible and thus avoid purchasing overly tight shoes.
  • Use tape or a ruler with clear indicators for accurate reading.
  • For narrow feet, Gia pumps and Sienna wedges are some of Michael Kors’ products that fit more snugly.
  • For wide feet, you will need more room in the toe box. Fulton Harness boots or Jackie II wedges are worth considering.
  • Feet with high arches need average to low heels and more cushion in the insoles, Lena loafers and Mercer boots are suitable for it.

Last but not least, don’t let the sizing stress you out. Michael Kors is very generous when it comes to the lengths and widths of their shoes.

Hence, you are sure to find something that hugs your feet the most.

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Refund Policy

So, what if you have done everything yet the sizing isn’t to your liking?

Michael Kors takes care of their customers in this aspect as well. In the most extreme case, you can return your purchase as long as you comply with their policy:

  • Keep the original packaging and the receipt.
  • When you first try the shoes on, stay indoors for safety. Wearing your footwear might invalidate its warranty, which applies to a lot of brands.
  • Before you send your package back to them, be sure to call their customer service and notify them about your case.
  • Pack your shoes up like when you first got them and entrust them to a reliable delivery service.
  • Your refund will be processed within 14 days, so give them some time to deal with the request.

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Final Words

Michael Kors shoes run big or small depending on which design of them you are going for. It’s good to keep in mind that they also have various widths to assure you have what you need.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need more advice before placing your purchase!

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