Dansko Shoe Size Chart: How Do They Fit?

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If you work long hours with a constant demand for comfort, Dansko shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name.

However, a Dansko shoe size chart is still necessary, so you will at least get the sizing right before worrying about the numerous models they offer.

Dansko Shoe Size Chart

Dansko Women’s Shoe Size Chart

4.5-5 35
5.5-6 36
6.5-7 37
7.5-8 38
8.5-9 39
9.5-10 40
10.5-11 41
11.5-12 42
12.5-13 43

Dansko Men’s Shoe Size Chart

7.5-8 41
8.5-9 42
9.5-10 43
10.5-11 44
11.5-12 45
12.5-13 46
13.5-14 47
14.5-15 48

Do Dansko Shoes Run Small, Wide, or True To Size?

When it comes to the length of your foot, Dansko stays true to it, not necessarily bigger or smaller. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you should apply the size you use in other brands to every Dansko shoe!

For the width, Dansko shoes run wide especially to accommodate different widths. They are designed with a broad front and a deep heel cup for more room. So, your feet won’t feel too cramped.

Besides, the footbed with extra cushioning also allows your feet to sink further and utilize the volume better. Therefore, even the low arches wouldn’t be a problem.

If you have high arches and narrow feet, you might want to invest more time and explore the products with contoured insteps. They have smaller boxes for toes with heel cups fitting snugly to secure your feet.

  • Closed-back clogs: They will fit snugly if you get the right size. There should be a little gap between your toes and the front point of the clog.

  • Open-back sandals: They emphasize the foot’s length. The heel might meet the back of the sandal or stay a tad forward, thus it is not a problem.

Dansko Men shoes

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Dansko Shoes Overview

24 years ago, Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot went to Europe on a trip and discovered a fascinating shop. Impressed by the clogs displayed on sale here, they decided to bring some back to Pennsylvania.

After selling the clogs at horse shows in their station wagon and realizing how much riders enjoy the rich support and generous comfort, the couple was determined to make it big.

Although the clogs are the core of their business, ambition urged them to expand their business to boots and sandals for both men and women.

They also want to incorporate technologies and tend to the needs of athletic people.

All of their products follow the same pattern of comfort footwear that the doctors always favor. Premium materials mean durability and ergonomic designs mean stability.

With Dansko, you don’t have to forgo comfort for style or the other way around.

Nowadays, Dansko is in a positive light with its policy for sustainability.

From the structure of the company (brick and mortar all the way) to the B Corporations, they are ready to stand with companies with strict principles for environmental and social performances.

How To Determine Dansko’s Shoe Size?

Measure your feet

No method is better than measuring your feet and referring to the chart for the Dansko shoe size guide. Follow the steps below and repeat them for both feet to ensure the measurements are in sync.

  • Measure the length: Stand against a straight surface with your heels touching it and measure from the heels to the longest toes.

  • Measure the width: Wrap the measuring tape around your foot and try to choose the part with the largest width while you are standing normally.

You should also do it with your socks on because it will affect the measurement. The socks you usually wear will be the most suitable.

Sizing tips

First of all, do not assume your size. It’s a common but serious mistake to use the same shoe size for every brand you are interested in. Always keep in mind that different shoemakers have different standards.

If you measure your feet by yourself, we recommend doing it after you have been active for a whole day. So, you can get the measurements when your feet are swollen and adjust to it.

You should consider getting Dansko shoes mostly when you have wide feet. All Dansko models come in wide, medium, and narrow widths. The furthest they can go is Width 10.

When you use size conversion, make sure you get the units right! US and UK standards might have minor differences!

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1. Can I have custom orthotics?

Some Dansko shoes come with a detachable footbed. Aside from alternating your worn-out accessories, it also allows you to use custom orthotics.

However, you should try the orthotics along with your shoes so you can see if it fits nicely.

2. What size is 42 in Dansko shoes?

The 42 in Dansko shoes belong to the EU standards. It is size 11.5 – 12 in US charts, and it mostly serves men of average height or extremely tall women.

3. What is the heel height for Dansko shoes?

1.75 – 2.25 inches is the normal heel height of Dansko.

If your feet are on the flat side, you will feel more comfortable with low heels. And the other way around applies to feet with high arches.

Don’t forget that your preferred heel height might not be the best fit for you.

4. Should I size up in Dansko clogs?

As always, a new customer might feel insecure about getting clogs with incorrect sizes.

Aside from measuring your feet and referring to the Dansko size guide, it’s better if you don’t forget that Dansko footwear feels a little large for feet with normal widths.

It’s safe to say you’d better size down a little bit. The good news is Dansko offers half sizes, hence you should be able to adjust the fit very easily.

5. How to spot fake Dansko shoes?

To avoid getting Dansko knockoffs, you can refer to several criteria and ensure the purchase is authentic:

  • Material: Unlike fake shoes, Dansko always sources the best materials possible. Some of them are made of rubber (mix), and the others are leather.

  • Quality: Dansko shoes have ample cushion for both your instep and arch, hence you should feel like they are fitting without any gap at all. They also have properties such as waterproofness and spill resistance.

  • Outsole: The patents are branded on the bottom of real Danskos. Furthermore, you can look for the specs and make sure they match the official data.

Final Words

With Dansko, size up or down shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you, even though they don’t fit the same way most brands do.

They aim to be a comfort footwear brand, so their designs usually offer more room in the width while the length remains true to size. Measure both the length and the width of your feet, and you will be fine!

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