Louis Vuitton Shoe Size Chart: Are They True to Size?

Although we all might have heard of this name countless times, the Louis Vuitton shoe size chart is still indispensable when you are purchasing its footwear, especially for the first time.

Follow our guide, and you will have no difficulty finding your correct size.

Louis Vuitton Overview

LV is a legendary brand, and the man who built this empire was also a legend.

At the age of six, he was already determined to become a trunk-maker. Ten years later, Louis Vuitton went to Paris on his feet and worked for Marechal’s atelier.

Louis Vuitton shoes

Back in the day, when people traveled or delivered something by trains or boats, their luggage was never taken care of. Eventually, craftsmen earned a valued position because the need to guard belongings grew stronger.

Vuitton stayed for 17 years before building the Asnières workshop, an icon of LV’s success as a family and a brand in the making. A couple of decades later, the workshop had expanded ten times larger.

LV goods consist of leather items such as shoes, watches, trunks, and accessories. The sales are very steady throughout the years, making LV one of the brands with the most profit.

For footwear, LV sources leather pieces of the highest quality possible and turns them into beautiful shoes with elegant yet classy designs.

Lately, they have also taken the sustainable way and tried to make their products more friendly to the environment.

Louis Vuitton Shoe Size Chart

LV Women’s Shoe Size Chart

CM Inches US UK EU
20.1 7.91 5 1 34
21.4 8.43 34½
21.8 8.58 2 35
22.3 8.78 6 35½
22.7 8.94 3 36
23.1 9.09 7 36½
23.5 9.25 4 37
23.9 9.41 37½
24.4 9.61 8 5 38
24.8 9.76 38½
25.2 9.92 9 6 39
25.6 10.08 39½
26 10.24 7 40
26.5 10.43 10 40½
26.9 10.59 10½ 8 41

LV Men’s Shoe Size Chart

CM Inches US UK EU
23.5 9.25 5 4 37
23.9 9.41 37½
24.4 9.61 6 5 38
24.8 9.76 39
25.2 9.92 7 6 39½
25.6 10.08 40
26 10.24 8 7 40½
26.5 10.43 41½
26.9 10.59 9 8 42
27.3 10.75 42½
27.7 10.91 10 9 43
28.2 11.1 10½ 44
28.6 11.26 11 10 44½
29 11.42 11½ 10½ 45
29.4 11.57 12 11 45½
29.9 11.77 12½ 11½ 46½
30.3 11.93 13 12 47
30.7 12.09 13½ 12½ 47½
31.1 12.24 14 13 48½
31.6 12.44 14½ 13½ 49
32 12.6 15 14 49½

Do Louis Vuitton Shoes Run Big, Small, or True To Size?

Louis Vuitton shoes are true to size. They are well-known for providing sufficient comfort and molding to the user’s feet without fail.

Elaborate designs from LV might feel tighter around your feet because they tend to have more layers of fabric as well as ornate features.

If you have wide feet, you might consider going up half a size in this case!

How To Determine Your Shoe Size With LV?

Get The Measurements

What you need:

  • A4 paper sheets
  • A pen or a pencil
  • A ruler or a tape measure

After getting everything you need, it only takes two minutes to measure your feet with high accuracy.

  1. Stand straight while you measure so the weight will be on your feet and fill in all the space in your shoes.
  2. Most shoes feel better with socks, so keep your socks on and make sure your shoes aren’t too tight.
  3. Most of us have our feet in uneven sizes, so be sure you measure both of them and use the larger number for the chart.
  4. Stand on one paper sheet and use the pen to outline your foot.
  5. Use the ruler to measure the longest and widest parts in your drawing so you will find the correct width for your shoes as well.

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Sizing Tips

There are several things you can do to ensure the measurement you get is as accurate as possible:

  • Take the measurements in the afternoon, when your feet are swollen after an active day. If the shoes you choose don’t cause you any discomfort in this state, it is all ready for service.
  • If you use a wheelchair, standing up won’t be necessary.
  • Don’t assume your size! Be as precise as possible because the difference between two whole sizes is about 7mm, which might be sufficient to cause trouble.
  • When you get to try the shoes on, remember to walk around and check if your feet receive enough support and comfort.
  • Be careful when you are using the Louis Vuitton conversion chart in cm and inches so you won’t get the wrong size!

What If It Still Doesn’t Fit?

If you have done everything correctly and the shoes still turn out imperfect, there is no need to worry.

Louis Vuitton has always been recognized as a luxurious brand with great services and policies. However, they also have a few conditions to protect their rights as a seller.

  • Your refund must be in the same country and currency as your purchase.
  • The shoes must be in their absolute saleable state with the packaging and wrapping not tampered with.

LV has stickers and labels on its products. They only accept refund requests if everything remains unopened and unsealed.

  • The condition applies for exchanging merchandise, though some countries are not on the list: China, India, Korea, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brazil, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.
  • If your purchase is export, you need to make sure you follow relevant laws.


1. Do LV Sneakers Come In Children’s Sizes?

Although LV has special gifts and items that would make children elated, they don’t have a complete collection for baby’s footwear, at least not yet.

It is important to note that adults with small feet cannot wear children’s shoes. Also, children with big feet shouldn’t wear adults’ shoes either.

Incorrect footwear comes with discomfort and inappropriate structure for your age!

2. How Do Louis Vuitton Sizes Run, Compared To Gucci?

It’s quite interesting to know that LV and Gucci are quite similar when it comes to sizing.

Most of their footwear products are true to size, except for a few designs that fit half a size smaller. Therefore, you can use your measurement for both of these brands.

Final Words

With our Louis Vuitton shoe size guide, we hope you will be able to look for what you want and need without any trouble.

LV shoes might be made of the best materials and intricate details, though the luxurious feelings they can bring to you only comes true if you get this first step right!

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