Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Put Crocs In The Washing Machine

The manufacturer of Crocs claims that they are very easy to clean and maintain, but can you put Crocs in the washing machine without the fear of ruining them beyond repair?

Chooze Shoes has gathered all the information provided by Crocs as well as long-term customers of Crocs to provide you with the most thorough view of this matter. Let’s check it out!

Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put Crocs in the washing machine for a good clean. However, it is only doable for certain types of Crocs and the process includes precautions that mustn’t be ignored.

Fuzzy Crocs

The linings are permanently attached so you can’t put fuzzy Crocs in the washing machine or the linings will be ruined. Crocs recommends gentle washing with mild soap and warm water with these models.

Leather Crocs

They call for a mildly dampened rag to a soft sponge to get rid of the dirt before you apply a cream for the shine and spray for water resistance.

Cleaning detergents and chemicals like alcohol are not recommended.

Wool and suede Crocs

Use a soft brush to clean the upper from dust and debris. Afterwards, reinforce the uppers with a waterproof spray.

Wedges and heels Crocs

They require you to avoid solvent cleaners because they might ruin the glue that keeps the construction pieced together.

Canvas Crocs

They are stretchy and elastic, so they are not compatible with washing machines. A soft brush, damp cloth, and mild soap are all you need to clean them.

Crocs with fleece

This is the type associated with machine washing more often, though the heat and the cycle must be minimized.

Classic Crocs

These shoes with Croslite material are perfectly fine with washing if only cold water and soft detergent are involved.

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Before Putting Crocs In The Washing Machine

There are several precautions to be taken before you can leave your Crocs in the washing machine without fear.

Remove the accessories

Many Crocs use Jibbitz charms for decoration or a statement. If you have them or similar accessories, the first thing you need to do is remove them.

These accessories are detachable with possible sharp edges on them. They can be damaged or damage your Crocs under the effects of the cycling speed.


You wouldn’t want your Crocs to be tossed and turned along with dirt and debris.

Not only are your hands better at handling stubborn and tricky stains, but the washing machine might make them set in more easily instead of removing them.

Keep other items safe

Although we don’t fancy the idea of washing shoes with other laundry items, sometimes you don’t have a choice!

To prevent unwanted damage, wrap your Crocs in a laundry bag or pillowcase in advance. If you forgot to take any accessories off, this step will help too.

How To Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

After you complete the precautionary steps, it’s time to think about the suitable settings of the washing machine, so your Crocs will be clean without causing any damage.

Washing Machine Mode

Temperature of Water

Hot water being better at cleaning compared to cold water is a general belief, which explains why some people think they can do the same with Crocs.

However, high temperatures might shrink these shoes, and hot water is only another form of heat that you should avoid.

Crocs recommend cold water for washing, always. It can retain the shape and size of the shoes, and you won’t feel any discomfort afterwards.

Cycling Mode

If you are not sure how much pressure Crocs can take, go for the lowest setting for the cycle. As the construction of Crocs is relatively simple, a gentle cycle will be enough to clean the shoes.

Harsh cycles will agitate the materials of your shoes and even tear them beyond your imagination.


When you choose detergents for Crocs, always go for the mild ones that are made for delicate fabrics. Anything harsher will have the potential to leave severe damage on your shoes.

Furthermore, bleach might discolor your Crocs, and fabric softeners might affect Croslite negatively. Keep these little tips in mind while doing your shopping!

After you finish washing Crocs

Once you have done the main part, the only thing you need to do is dry your Crocs.

Air-drying is always the optimal solution, though by “air”, we are talking about an area with sufficient ventilation and away from direct sunlight or excessively intense heat sources such as dryers or radiators.

If you really need to dry your Crocs quickly, choose the lowest heat mode and keep a safe distance between your shoes and the heat source!

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1. How often should I wash Crocs?

The frequency of footwear washing has no rules since we wear our shoes for different purposes and different session lengths. As soon as you find a visible dirty mark on the shoes, it’s time to wash them.

Nonetheless, if you often get them dirty, you might want to invest time in hand-washing them so you can extend their longevity.

2. Do Crocs shrink when washed?

The washing machine cycle might warp the Crocs, though the hot water and the high temperature are the factors that cause shrinking. If you know where the damage comes from, the prevention steps will be much easier!

Final Words

You can put Crocs in the washing machine for a nice and deep clean, though only with some Crocs models that are durable enough.

According to the brand, it is also advisable to use cold water and set the cycle on low settings, so your Crocs won’t be warped or shrunk, or the change in shape and size might cause so much discomfort for you.

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