How Long Do Birkenstocks Last?

Birkenstock has a very stable foothold in the industry regarding comfort and durability, but how long do Birkenstocks last exactly? Do Birkenstocks last forever, as some of the myths indicate?

Let’s dig into the matter and come up with the best solution so you can enjoy your Birks to their full potential!

How Long Do Birkenstocks Last?

Compared to many other shoe brands, whether they have similar products or not, Birkenstocks last for many years longer. Nevertheless, the saying “nothing lasts forever” remains accurate in this case, too.

Birkenstocks wear out as well, especially if you wear them every day or use them in unfavorable weather.

Most people can keep their Birks for 5 – 7 years, and some can go up to a whole decade. More interestingly, the most well-known products are vegan Birkenstocks, and they are highly appreciated for their durability.

When I did a small survey, I found out that proper maintenance and regular alternation between several pairs of Birkenstock prolongs the life cycle.

Some of the repair services provided by Birkenstock also contribute to this achievement!

Durability Guarantee

I won’t be too surprised if you have heard of Birkenstock’s lifetime guarantee.

However, although it makes sense because the brand is extremely well-known for its impressive longevity and the shoes truly last for so long, all they offer is a durability guarantee.

This means Birkenstock assures its customers that the high-quality materials and the innovative production incorporated into each footwear will allow your shoes to stay in service for a long time.

Strict quality control will back Birkenstocks up at any time.

I believe taking good care of your Birkenstocks makes the “lifetime” expectancy possible. It isn’t guaranteed by the brand, but it is up to you.

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Can Birkenstocks Be Repaired?

Other than the guarantee for durability that still has to follow the consumer laws of your country, Birkenstock repair is a rather popular concept because both Birkenstock shops and independent shoemakers can offer you some decent services.

So, what can be repaired in your Birkenstocks?

The hardware is fixable most of the time, so you can get a brand-new footbed if necessary. Shops are likely to be capable of replacing the outsoles and patching the cork for you as well.

Any local shoe repairer will be able to give your shoes a heel tap. It is a reinforcement for the soles, especially when you have the habit of dragging your heels with each of your steps.

Birkenstocks repair

Repairing your shoes instead of getting a new pair at the first sight of damage is sustainability at its finest. However, it might not be tempting on the financial side.

Replacing soles and footbeds can cost a chunk, almost as much as buying something new.

So, when is the best time for a replacement?

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When Should You Replace Your Birkenstocks?

It isn’t difficult to tell whether the damage is mild enough for repair or severe enough for replacement. In most cases, you can spot the signs on the footbed, the strap, or the stain in general.

Cracked Footbed

A cork sealer can prolong the prime of your cork footbed significantly, though used and old cork can still become dry and crack.

As I have pointed out, the artisans can patch the cork or change it completely, yet the price won’t be pleasant.

Therefore, a cracked footbed is usually a good sign to go for a new pair of shoes, unless your local shoe shop is not that expensive.

Cracked Footbed

Worn-out Leather Straps

Over time, the straps might come off. There is no actual prevention method here, because putting the shoes on or off is a basic need for us.

When the straps are too worn out and look dirty, they might cause your shoes to fall apart at any time. The repair cost for such damage may surpass the price of new footwear.

Visible Stains

When you have worn your Birkenstocks for years, stains will appear no matter how careful you are with the shoes.

Unlike the stains resulting from use, the visible dark patches over time might be more difficult to clean and also indicate the disintegration of the materials.

If you are not a fan of dirty-looking shoes, these visible and stubborn stains might be very annoying to see, and demand a replacement as soon as possible.

How To Increase The Life Expectancy Of Birkenstocks?

I’m sure this part is crucial for Birkenstock lovers!

After getting to know the theory, we are finally at the action part. To avoid the mentioned signs of damage, you have a few notes to keep in mind.

Avoid heat

Birkenstock might be highly enduring to wear and tear, yet heat will permanently be a weakness for them. The EVA sole and the cork footbed – Birkenstock’s signature – might dry, shrink, and crack under intense heat.

On a wider note, you should also avoid soaking your Birkenstocks in wetness, or the same drying problem will repeat, especially when you need to settle for a fast solution in the hope of getting them ready in time.

Seal the cork

The cork layer makes the iconic Birkenstock footbed sturdy, so it is extremely durable. However, it doesn’t mean you can neglect the cork, because it can dry and break with time too.

You can find a cork sealer from Birkenstock to maintain the cork footbed in its prime condition and increase the longevity of your shoes.

Waterproof the shoes

Besides the cork footbed not faring well with excessive moisture, the leather, nubuck, or suede uppers of Birkenstock shoes might also suffer damage from being exposed to wetness for an extended duration.

Birkenstocks thus offer a specialized product for water and stain repellency. You can directly apply the product to your shoes after getting rid of the dirt and debris.

Remove the stains

Due to the natural materials that react quite strongly to humans, your Birkenstocks might start to get dark stains, which don’t look good at all.

The good news is, these shoes aren’t that difficult to clean.

You only need a soft cloth dipped in warm water and a mild soap to wipe the stains away. Extreme heat will subject Birkenstocks to damage, hence we recommend air-drying the shoes.

Keep the nice smell

Aside from comfort and endurance, Birkenstock footwear is well-received thanks to its fresh and pleasant smell.

But the nice aroma might fade with time because of perspiration building up and external factors.

Sooner or later, you will have to give your shoes some proper care, using the Cleanser and Refresher by Birkenstock.

It will eliminate unwanted odors, provide a healthy foot environment, and thereby extend the footwear’s longevity.

Store Birkenstocks properly

When you air dry Birkenstocks or simply give them a break, avoid spots with high temperatures and direct sunlight. A sheltered and well-ventilated place is the most ideal.

No matter what Birkenstocks you have, don’t pile them up with other footwear so they can get some fresh air. If you can, keep your shoes on a rack or put them in the original box they came with.

For leather, nubuck, or suede Birkenstocks, regularly reapplying a conditioner or a protective spray can take you pretty far on the footwear journey.

Final Words

Birkenstocks last a long time, even though the longevity may vary greatly between different users.

The lifetime guarantee on Birkenstocks is only a misunderstanding, yet their durability is truly enough to withstand the test of time, much longer than you would expect if you follow the instructions from the brand and are not subject to harmful factors!

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