Hermes Shoe Size Chart: Are They True to Size?

Hermes Shoes

Hermes offers some of the most stylish shoes and sandals on the market. However, a Hermes shoe size chart has become a necessity for new customers because getting such expensive footwear and realizing it doesn’t fit wouldn’t be a good experience.

Therefore, we will take a look at the Hermes size chart and some solutions if the fit isn’t to your liking.

About Hermes

Hermes is a high-fashion brand from France, established in 1837. It has consistently been one of the biggest brands even when you are evaluating only one product category they offer.

In the beginning, Hermes was a harness workshop in Paris. Due to the commitment to what they do, they kept expanding and finally started selling leather bags.

From then onwards, more and more merchandise was added: silk ties, perfumes, shoes, and more.

Even when surrounded by the trend of reaching out to cheap markets, Hermes stays in their lane and upholds an unmoveable standard for their manufacturing.

At Hermes, you will still find lovely items handmade by top artisans and their traditional techniques.

Every piece of fabric they use is chosen carefully from their resources all over the world before being sent to Hermes workshops and handled by the artisans.

After the products have taken shape, they will have to undergo strict quality control to make sure every detail is as perfect as possible, whether they are being delivered to the customers or the retailers.

Nowadays, Hermes is available in more than 140 countries, and they have authentic stores in over 50 countries. All the partnerships they have overseas are essential and long-term.

The long history of Hermes has been filled with inspiration. From the humble starting point to international success, Hermes deserves all the respect as a powerhouse of the fashion world.

Hermes Shoe Size Chart

Hermes Men’s Size Chart

EU US Centimeter Inches
46 13 29.30 11.50
45 12 28.90 11.25
44 11 27.90 11.00
43 10 27.30 10.75
42 9.5 26.70 10.50
41 9 26.00 10.25

Hermes Women’s Size Chart

EU US Centimeter Inches
41 10 26.00 10.25
40 9 25.40 10.00
39 8 24.70 9.75
38 7 24.10 9.50
37 6 23.50 9.25
36 5 22.90 9.00
35 4 22.20 8.75
34 3 21.60 8.50

Hermes Kids’ Size Chart

EU US Centimeter Inches
34 3Y 21.60 8.50
33 2Y 21.00 8.25
32 1Y 20.30 8.00
31 13 19.80 7.80
30 12 19.00 7.50
29 11.5 18.30 7.20
28 11 17.50 6.90
27 10 16.50 6.50

Do Hermes Shoes Run Small, Big, Or True To Size?

Hermes footwear is neither small nor big, though it still depends on which type of shoes you are going for.

For example, if you are getting something with heels, we recommend sticking to your regular sizes. Meanwhile, the flat sandals might feel a bit tight at first.

The Hermes Oran sandals are true in size. If you have wide feet, you might need to give them some break-in time.

They might cause blisters to overly sensitive skin, though once you get past that phase, it feels like walking on clouds.

Hermes Sandals

What Affects Hermes’ Sizing?

Although Hermes footwear is true to size, every Hermes shoe size guide still has to consider additional factors affecting the fit.


As we have mentioned, different designs of Hermes shoes will fit differently. The easiest way to get the fit right is by visiting the store and trying them on.


Various leather types might not stretch the same. Some shoes need longer break-in periods, some will feel comfy out of the box.

Foot shape

Extra narrow or wide feet will require sizing down and up accordingly.


Wearing socks is beneficial, but socks can change the fit of your shoes too.

Fortunately, with a brand like Hermes, you can return the shoes if they don’t fit, as long as you have been following their policy and securing the warranty.

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1. Do Hermes Sneakers Run True To Size?

Like most Hermes footwear, Hermes sneakers also run true to size.

If you have extra wide feet, you might go up half a size for a comfortable fit. Otherwise, you can stick to your regular sizes even when you adorn thick socks.

2. Why Is Hermes Oran So Popular?

There are 3 main reasons why the Hermes Oran is still popular even with more and more designs coming to the market.

First of all, the timeless design doesn’t follow or try hard to catch up with the trend. It includes minimalistic details very compatible with different styles of clothing, hence you don’t have to think too hard about what to pair with them.

Secondly, people are hooked on the Oran because they are extremely comfortable. These sandals might look pretty, though they can give you comfort all day long as well.

Last but not least, the materials and the craftsmanship. The high-quality leather gets better with time, and its finesse is due to the attentiveness of its creator.

3. How To Care For Hermes Shoes?

There is always a dire need to maintain Hermes shoes in their prime conditions due to the top-tier materials and the passionate craftsmanship.

They use nothing less than full-grain leather and keep the natural traits such as pores and wrinkles untouched. In leather, these visible features are not flaws but proof of quality and potential to age finely.

Aside from the exquisite leather, Hermes shoes also include signature pieces like studs, plates, padlocks, buckles, and more.

Once you know they are plated with precious metals and polished by the hands of skilled craftsmen, you can’t help but do your best to protect them from unfavorable factors.

So, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Keep it away from bad weather

We are not only talking about rain but also natural elements such as heat, oil, or light. If you are about to endure them for a prolonged time, it is advisable to change to more suitable footwear and avoid losing the original color of the leather.

  • Let it rest

Resting time is also essential in preserving the gorgeous appearance of your Hermes footwear. During its break, you can put it back in the box with a dust cover, bubble wrap, or tissue paper.

We will need to give the shoes a naturally dry habitat, hence no need for things like sachets.

  • No bad influence

Don’t leave permanent traces on your shoes by using ink, alcohol, or oily products, and perfume. You would want to avoid putting heavy items on them as well, or you will be ruining the shape.

  • Invest

Taking care of Hermes shoes at home with commercial products might seem very tempting, but it won’t work out well.

Let the experts at Hermes solve your questions and pamper your footwear. Not only will they retain the ideal states, but they will make the leather more and more beautiful as time passes.

Final Words

Although Hermes shoes run true to size in general, you will have to be very cautious if you use Hermes shoe size conversion and do online shopping.

There is nothing to complain about the exquisite materials and the unique designs but their leather might need some time to fully embrace the shape of your feet.

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