Where Are Dansko Shoes Made?

where are dansko shoes made

Dansko clogs have become immensely popular since their early days for their ease and comfort to wear.

Most Dansko shoes adhere to the stringent American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) approval standards and even carry the coveted APMA seal of Acceptance.

Where are Dansko shoes made then and now?

Let’s explore how this US-headquartered brand locates its manufacturing.

Dansko Shoes Overview

Dansko is a leading provider of comfort footwear based in West Grove, Pennsylvania.

This footwear brand was founded in 1990 by an American couple, Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot Dansko.

It was amongst the 500 fastest-growing companies in Magazine Inc.’s 1999-2000 report.

Clogs are the most well-known footwear products of Dansko. These clogs have been a top choice for healthcare professionals and anyone requiring comfortable and supportive footwear.

Dansko Men shoes

In 2012, the company stopped making Sanita clogs to focus more on developing its unique clog lines.

Dansko clogs have excellent arch support with anatomical contour, a slightly raised heel, and a rocker-bottom sole. They offer shock absorption and stability for those on their feet for extended periods.

Along with clogs, Dansko has a range of dress and casual shoes, sandals, and boots.

Where Did Dansko Shoes Originate?

Dansko had its first factory in the US. After two years of operation, the company moved its shoemaking away from the US due to the high production cost.

Dansko relocated to Poland and continued its manufacturing there until 2005.

In 2006, this footwear brand transferred its manufacturing facilities from Poland to Brazil.

The following year, they relocated again, from Brazil to Italy and then to China in 2008.

Where Are Dansko Shoes Made Now?

Dansko has been focusing on footwear manufacturing in Asia as of 2022.

80% of its shoes, including the iconic Dansko clogs, are made in China. The remaining 20% comes from Europe, with some models made in Italy, Poland, and Brazil.

Dansko plans to spread its production and distribution worldwide. This plan reduces the risk of dependence on China and serves its international customers.

Dansko also made a major operational upgrade by unveiling its larger facility in 2012 (when it stopped working with Sanito to distribute only its clogs).

In this new facility, there were 46 Kiva robots to enhance order fulfillment capabilities and reduce the distance employees had to walk during a workday.

This investment allowed for increased efficiency in Dansko’s operations.


Dansko started manufacturing its shoes in China in 2008. This country has contributed 80% of the brand’s shoe production.

Migrating production to China was a strategic move of Dansko. This change helped Dansko utilize premium materials and experienced workers to make durable, high-quality clogs.

These China-made shoes remain at US prices, ranging from $120 to $235 for different footwear types, such as clogs, sandals, and boots.

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Dansko reached out its shoemaking footprint to Italy in 2007 and remains in production as of now. This European manufacturing country accounts for only a minor part of the brand’s output.

Dansko utilizes Italian technicians and techniques to produce models requiring better quality and durability.


After shifting its production away from the US, Dansko relocated its manufacturing facilities to Poland in 2005.

The company worked with its Danish partner to produce Dansko shoes at the partner’s factories there. The local production stopped and moved to Brazil just one year later.


Dansko clog production was moved to Brazil in 2006 after re-engineering. However, this country is no longer in the company’s current manufacturing network.

Dansko chose this country to produce the Santos Collection – hand-made clogs for Spring 2017.

It sought to capitalize on the local abundance of natural materials to create a shoe line embracing the beauty of wood.

This collection included three styles: a slide, sandal, and sandal/bootie. They all feature a distinct cut-out wedge-heel hand flame-burnished for a unique aged and light distressed look.

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In 1995, Dansko invested in a US-based factory to produce its molded clogs. The company strived to offer a product that was proudly labeled “Made in the USA.”

The factory in the US shut down after approximately 18 months due to high production costs and a lack of skillful workers.

After moving the production overseas, Dansko has been researching to bring its clog-making back to America.

Final Words

Dansko shoes are manufactured outside the US, most in China and some in Italy. The brand also expanded its clog beginning to other footwear, making Dansko women’s shoes a popular choice.

It still focuses on comfort and promoting foot health. Dansko is a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia, proving its dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

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