Can You Put Crocs In The Dryer?

Put the Crocs in the Dryer

Crocs have been widely acknowledged and acclaimed for the supreme comfort and low maintenance they require.

But, can you put Crocs in the dryer to get them ready in just a few minutes? Does it come with consequences and how to minimize the risk?

Let’s dive into this comprehensive article and get all the information you need!

Be Cautious When Putting Your Crocs In The Dryer

Most professionals will not advise you to put your Crocs in the intense heat of a dryer because heat can damage Crocs and shorten their longevity.

There are two primary purposes for people to use a dryer on their Crocs: to dry them or to shrink them. No matter what your goals are, you have a few precautionary methods to be aware of.

So, what happens if you put Crocs in the dryer?

The Risks Of Putting Crocs In The Dryer

The main material used in Crocs is Croslite. It is basically a polymer created by putting multiple molecules into a chain using high temperatures.

However, when subjected to heat again, the bond between these molecules will break and cause the construction to fall apart.

Extreme dryness

Heat can make Croslite more brittle and prone to damage, hence the breaking and cracking of the texture is something you can expect.

Bad odor

Croslite might emit a rather unpleasant scent under the effect of heat. If it combines with your sweat during summer or your sock smells, it can become a disaster.


Some people rely on heat to change the size of the Crocs without knowing that overdoing it might make the shoes too small to be useful.


The dryer has a signature tumbling motion that can affect the shape of your Crocs and turn them into something less aesthetically pleasing or even unusable.


Heat can also render Crocs so sensitive to external forces that they either take damage or cause damage to other items if you put a whole batch in the dryer.

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Tips To Put Crocs In Dryers

Whether you are trying to dry or shrink your Crocs with a dryer, it is better to follow a few tips and ensure the safety of your shoes.

Remove all the dirt

When your Crocs have some stains on them, we strongly recommend removing all the debris and dirt first.

The pre-treatment will eliminate strange objects from your dryer, as well as avoid having the stains set in deeply.

Choose a low-heat mode

Since most unwanted incidents with Crocs happen under the effect of high temperatures, going for a low setting is the simplest method to prevent your shoes from turning overly dry.

Get a laundry bag

If you have a batch in the dryer, a laundry bag will be very helpful to keep your Crocs away from other items.

Check frequently

You don’t want to throw your Crocs into the dryer and leave them there until the session is over. Come back every few minutes and make sure the shoes are not being heated as much as they should be.

If you have tried every cautious method but still feel insecure about the pros and cons of a dryer, perhaps it’s a sign for you to try another method.

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Alternative Methods

If you don’t want to rely on the precautionary notes, you might want to go for a whole new method of drying your shoes, even if those methods are more time-consuming.

Air dry

Air drying is a counter technique to an electric dryer and is very effective, even for the more sensitive designs like the fuzzy Crocs.

Although it might take more time than using a dryer, it ensures your shoes will be free from harm after.

All you need to do is find a clear and well-ventilated area for your shoes to rest until they are as dry as you want.

However, keep in mind that air-drying doesn’t mean leaving the Crocs under direct sunlight all day long.

Wipe clean

If your Crocs are not soaked, maybe the dryer is unnecessary. With a piece of soft cloth, you can wipe the shoes clean off the excess wetness before letting them air dry.

The removal of moisture will speed up the drying process and prevent new stains from clustering on the dampened texture.

Blow dryer

A bow dryer is much less intense than a regular dryer, hence, you can use it as a safe alternative method.

If your blow dryer has various settings, choose the low or medium mode only. The distance between the nozzle and the shoes should be at least 6 inches, so no overheating accident can happen.

Shoe dryer

Shoe dryers or boot dryers are specialized devices that reduce moisture in footwear effectively and safely. Hence, you can use them without too much concern.

Some of these dryers are designed for Crocs, so the function modes are compatible with all models of the brand.

Final Words

Footwear experts generally believe that it is not safe to put Crocs in the dryer.

High temperatures can shrink Crocs and make them much more uncomfortable to wear, turn the material brittle, and evoke unpleasant odors from them.

You will need to be careful in the process or choose a new method to subtly dry your shoes.

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