6 Best Tennis Shoes Made In USA For Men’s And Women’s

best tennis shoes made in USA

Tennis shoes are an integral part of every tennis play. These shoes allow players to make solid lateral movements, and provide adequate stability while avoiding unexpected sprains and ankle pains.

Since tennis shoes made in USA are hard to find due to their high production cost, we have collected a list of the 6 top-rated sneakers that are favored by world top champions like Serena William, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, etc.

An American Tennis Shoe Brand Doesn’t Mean All Its Shoes Are Made In The USA

It’s hard to find tennis shoes made in USA. In other words, not all tennis shoes are American-made due to the 2 following reasons.

High production cost

The business operation costs, especially the production costs in the US are higher than in other areas of the world like Asia.

And complex shoe designs require many assembly operations, leading to high production costs.

Therefore, American-made tennis shoes have simple construction to lower labor costs.

Supply chain

The supply chain for the North American footwear industry doesn’t have a great vertical integration like that in Asia.

Thus, many US-made sneakers are made from basic fabrics like EVA, PU, leather/faux leather, and rubber soles, instead of complex ones like midsole foams or breathable mesh.

As a result, the market share of tennis shoes that are made in the USA remains limited than those made in Asia.

So, buying shoes either made in the USA or Asia should be no more than a personal choice (like supporting your local economic growth or something similar).

Why Are American-Made Tennis Shoes Preferred

There are some differences between shoes that are manufactured in the US and those that are assembled in the US.

American-made tennis shoes are manufactured from A to Z in the US. These shoes follow the strict rules of the Federal Trade Commission and have high production standards.

On the other hand, shoes assembled in the US have separate parts made in third-party countries (like China).

These differences aren’t noticeable, provided the condition that the final stage of production happens within the U.S. border and the shoes follow their footwear brand standards.

Some Popular Tennis Shoes Made In USA

1. Made in USA Wilson tennis shoes: Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

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Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is #1 among the best men’s tennis shoes made in the USA.

These shoes feature some evolutionary technologies like 3D FS, Sensifeel, and Endofit inner lining. These technologies ensure to provide exceptional comfort, flexibility, and stability for tennis players of all trades.

In the Rush Pro 2.0s for performance focus, the Wilson Rush Pro shoes keep your movements smooth yet secured with a dura-last rubber outsole and thread pattern.

Plus, the white and orange color combination makes them suit any tennis clothes of yours.

  • About Wilson

Wilson (or Wilson Sporting Goods Company) is an American sportswear manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois. This firm was first under Amer Sports, a Finnish multinational company, from 1989 to 2019.

Up till now, it’s been under the management of Anta Sports – a Chinese firm since 2019.

Wilson is famous for high-quality tennis shoes, clothes, and gear for professional tennis players. Almost all racquets of its being made in China, while a few are made in the US.

Not only being well-known in the tennis gear-making industry, but Wilson has also earned in various related ones like baseball, badminton, basketball, golf, soccer, American football, and more.

2. Made in USA Adidas tennis shoes: Adidas Performance Barricade

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The Performance Barricade (2018) and Performance Barricade (2016) are two highlighted models of Adidas tennis shoes that are made in America.

The 2018 version has a unique mix of red, purple, and magenta. Besides their alluring appearance, these shoes have a solid rubber sole and geo-fit design providing great traction on the court.

The insole is replaceable, making it easy to clean or replace the insole when needed. Plus, the sneakers have a breathable outsole to give players superior air ventilation and comfort.

The 2016 version is another best-selling model in the Adidas Performance Barricade line. These sneakers bring you a classic look with a color mix of blue and white.

In terms of comfort, these shoes are made of lightweight TPU fabric for the outer, with a toe and forefoot protection feature powered with ADITUFF and ADIPRENE technologies.

Besides, they also feature the ADIWEAR technology for added durability.

  • About Adidas

While having some models made in the USA, Adidas (Adidas Group, Adidas AG) is a multinational sportswear manufacturer founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

It was established in 1924 by Adolf Dassler, a German shoemaker.

Up till now, Adidas is the #2 best well-known sportswear manufacturer in the world and the #2 one in Europe.

This German firm started involving in the tennis equipment industry in the 1960s and sponsored many famous tennis players like Stan Smith, Illie Nastase, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, etc.

Some highlighted tennis products of Adidas are tennis racquets, tennis shoes, and more.

Adidas is also the parent company of Reebok since August 2005, following an intellectual property lawsuit. This deal worthed $3.8 billion.

However, these two brands still maintain their operations under separate brand names. Adidas also acted as a replacement for Reebok as the official uniform provider for the NBA in 2016.

3. Made in USA Asics tennis shoes: Asics Gel Resolution 7

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The Gel Resolution 7 is another noticeable name among best-selling tennis shoes made in USA.

The sneakers have a wide external low heel with AHAR outsole, which is excellent for running with no skidding on all courts with great durability.

Nonetheless, the PG guard toe protector provides extra protection for players, while the Gel cushioning system offers shock absorption from heel to toe. These features allow you to maximize your skills in all harsh conditions.

  • About Asics

Asics (ASICS Corporation) isn’t an American brand, but it does make tennis shoes with good durability, comfort, and quality.

This brand was created in 1949 in Kobe, Japan, under its initial name Onitsuka Co., Ltd.

First introduced publicly in tennis with its first Tiger tennis shoe, Asics then innovated and introduced many tennis shoe models with excellent Japanese standards.

Nowadays, this Japanese firm holds a significant market share in the tennis industry till now.

Some highlighted sneaker lines of Asics are Solution (Solution Speed FF), Court (Court FF and Court Speed FF), and Gel (Gel-Dedicate, Gel-Challenger, Gel-Game, Gel-Resolution).

Its latest collection “Court FF Novak” is a collab between Asics and the tennis star Novak Djokovic.

4. Made in USA Nike tennis shoes: Zoom Vapor for Women

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The Zoom Vapor from Nike is a tennis shoe that offers a dynamic fit and fashionable look for female players.

This sneaker uses lightweight TPU fabric to elevate support and comfort on the court, while The upper has a padded collar. It has a low heel profile, which is breathable and easy to take on/off.

Nike Zoom Vapor provides great protection yet comfort to let you maximize your experience and skills. The outsole has extra rubber for extra traction, allowing smooth and consistent lateral movements.

Apart from its optimum support, this shoe has a pleasant mix of Geogre green and white, making it suitable for sporty women.

  • About Nike

Nike (previously known as Blue Ribbon Sport) is the #1 world’s largest sportswear manufacturer. This brand has had its root in Oregon, United States since 1964 with Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as its founders.

Nike started entering the tennis industry in 1973 with its first collab with Illie Nastase – a Romanian tennis player – at the Rainier International Tennis Classic in Washington.

Although Nike is founded in the United States, most of its tennis shoes are made outside the U.S. boundaries.

China and Vietnam are the two main manufacturing centers of Nike, each of which accounts for 36% of the total products worldwide.

5. Made in USA New Balance tennis shoes: New Balance MC806 Stability

New Balance MC806 Stability

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New Balance MC806 Stability is an elegant black-white tennis shoe made of synthetic fabric and leather for professional players. This shoe promises to give maximum durability even for hardcore players.

The most highlighted point here is that it has the ADSORB cushioning technology by New Balance. This technology helps make bouncy movements, allowing every player to make his best on the court.

Its premium toe protection box acts like a steel toe for hard-working players. This prevents the forefoot area from pain while dragging inside the shoe.

It also has a C-Cap in the midsole and rubber in the outsole for traction and support on various types of terrain.

  • About New Balance

New Balance is founded in 1906 in Massachusetts under the name New Balance Arch Support Company.

And it makes 25% of its tennis shoes in the USA as its national pride of the high craftsmanship in this country.

This company has 5 producing plants in Massachusetts and Mains, accounting for over 4 million pairs of shoes per year. It even has a limited “Made in the USA” collection.

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6. Made in USA tennis court shoes: Nike Court Flare

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Nike Court Flare is the favorite tennis shoe model of every woman, thanks to its stunning, elegant design. This shoe has a fully breathable mesh upper that acts as both a doorway for fresh air ventilation and an extra protection layer for the ankle.

This Nike shoe fits snugly, giving you adequate firmness for fast movements. Plus, its outer sole has an extra solid rubber for added traction and durability.

While Nike has some manufacturing plants in various states in the U.S. (e.g: North Carolina, Virginia, Oregon, Mississippi, Texas, New York, etc.), those plants only focus on sports apparel like shorts, t-shirts, and accessories.

Almost all tennis shoes of Nike are made in other factories outside the US, like China and Vietnam.

However, in 2019, Nike opened its manufacturing factory in Goodyear, Arizona to produce some shoes here.

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1. Are Brooks tennis shoes made in the USA?

Although Brooks originated in the U.S. by Warren Buffet, its tennis shoes aren’t made in the USA due to the high labor costs.

They are made in more than 60 countries with cheaper costs, including Taiwan and El Salvador.

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2. Are Skechers tennis shoes made in the USA?

Skechers tennis shoes are mainly made in Vietnam and China, but not in the USA. Although Skechers is an American company, there is no Skechers factory founded in the US.

So, most of the shoes sold in the US are manufactured in countries outside the U.S. boundaries.

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Final Words

In a nutshell, there is a small number of tennis shoes made in the USA due to their high production costs, labor costs, and lack of vertical integration.

Whether your tennis shoes are made in the USA or in another country like Vietnam or China, they can offer you excellent support and comfort while on the courts, provided that you purchase authentic ones.

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