7 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

best shoes for jumping rope

Rope-jumping is more than a game for children but an effective form of workout for stamina and overall training.

You need the best shoes for jumping rope before you start practicing though, for the activity might be overwhelming for beginners whose bodies are not ready for the intensity.

Let’s see what we have here!

7 Best Shoes For Jumping Ropes

1. Reebok Unisex-Adult Nano X3 Sneaker – Best Overall

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When you do rope jumping, you know how comfortable it is to NOT have much impact on the ball and the heel of your feet. And Nano X3 from Reebok gives you exactly what you wish for.

In most shoes, the index for firmness of the midsole area is 26.6 on average. However, Nano X3 pushed this number to 27.6, which means the foam is firmer than what you usually get from the market.

Your feet won’t sink into the foam and lose balance with each jump. Hence, the bounce will also be better.

There is a difference of 7.6 mm between the forefoot and the heel. With a firmness of 20.6 only, the front of the shoes is much softer than the midsole.

It protects your feet every time you land and reduces the soreness you might encounter during the session.

One more important in jumping rope that people sometimes forget: is the lockdown.

With a thick tongue and a rigid heel; counter, these shoes are resistant to squeezes and pushes, keeping your feet in a fixed and natural position.

Although we have talked about the performance, we mustn’t neglect the materials providing these benefits. The knitted upper ensures no weight on your feet and extra breathability, while the rubber outsole is for durability.

You can practice in any weather without worrying about wearing out your footwear.


  • Affordable
  • Fits nicely with a breathable upper and durable outsoles
  • Sufficient bounce and stable
  • Impact reduction
  • Stylish appearance


  • You need to break them in
  • Slightly heavy

2. Nike Air Zoom Superrep 3 Mens Trainers

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At first sight, you can already spot the mesh upper with enhanced perforations. According to the testers, this upper allows smoke to infiltrate effortlessly.

With so much airiness to keep your feet dry, you will always feel at ease during your practice.

The next impressive thing about Air Zoom Superrep 3 is that they have a high energy return due to the amount of spring in the forefoot area. After each jump, you will be ready for the next without too much exertion.

Although the shoes fit snugly, we realized that both the front and the heel are wider than average.

People with medium feet can enjoy it, and people with wide feet will be thankful for it. Yet, people with narrow feet might not like the fit that much.

Beneath the footbed is an arc structure. While we agree that it is very aesthetically pleasant, we are sorry to say it will be a hassle when you are outdoors.

Debris such as dust and sand can be trapped in there and give you a hard time cleaning your shoes.


  • Lightweight and bouncy
  • Flexible and breathable materials
  • Thoroughly supportive


  • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • The arc is debris-sensitive

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3. Nike Free Metcon 3 Unisex Shoes

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What amazed us was the support distributed evenly to all parts of these shoes.

The testers didn’t need too much force to bend them to a 90-degree angle, and they returned to their original form as soon as they were released. It proved how flexible the structure is for your jumps.

The collar and ankle of this design are padded to reduce the impact on your pressure points. From the rear, the sidewalls run past the midsole and embrace the back of your feet securely.

You won’t need to worry about injuries every time you jump.

Compared to the cushiony heel, the midsole is remarkably firmer and thinner. Therefore, your feet won’t be sinking into the midsole with each jump. Instead, you will feel the ground much more clearly.

Nonetheless, this mesh upper won’t hold up if you keep using it for long runs after your jumping practice. As a gym lover, you will have to give up on that 2-in-1 dream and find another footwear for workouts.


  • Cushioned midsoles and ankle support
  • Roomy toe box
  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • Affordable price


  • The upper is not too durable
  • Not for heavy duties

4. Nike Men’s Flex Control Tr4 4e Cross Trainer – Best Lightweight Shoes For Jumping Rope

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If you direly need lightweight shoes for jumping higher, Flex Control Tr4 from Nike might just be your destination. Worry not, it has so much more than a feather-like feel.

A common footwear for training weighs 326 grams, though this shoe is 49 grams lighter. That’s why people feel like they are wearing air when they switch from normal trainer shoes to Flex Control Tr4.

It’s certainly a good start for your rope-jumping sessions!

As you can tell, the upper is a big part of the footwear’s lightness with thin materials and amazing ventilation. Even after long hours of exertion, the inside of the shoes will remain cool and fresh.

Furthermore, just because it weighs like air doesn’t mean it cannot keep you stable. The outsoles are reinforced with treads that grip and cling to numerous surfaces.

Hence, you will be ready for both indoor and outdoor practices.

Still, the materials in use here might be light and comfy, yet they are not amazing at coping with high-intensity workouts.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Flexible with a nice grip
  • Simple yet pleasant style
  • Fits true to size


  • The durability is not impressive
  • Not for gym goers

5. Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 Training Shoes  – Best Breathability Jump Rope Shoes

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Nike jump rope shoes are already dominating this list but it will be unfair to leave Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 out of our recommendations.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this stylish design with unique colors, especially when you want to put on a show.

The benefit of coming from one of the most well-known brands for sportswear is there are always many sizes and widths you can choose from. From 3.5 to 18, both children and oversized adults can find a nice fit for them.

Without the Nike Flyknit, Nike proves that they know how to combine the familiar mesh upper with the Zoom Air technology and give us a mix of traditional and modern. It is bouncy and flexible behind the seemingly casual appearance.

We have no complaints about the lacing system and the lockdown that keeps the shoes snug while you jump.

However, it feels a bit heavy once we speed up. The price tag is also something you need to consider.


  • Various colors and sizes
  • Good for energetic activities
  • Breathable and stable


  • A little expensive
  • Slightly heavy

6. Reebok Men’s Nanoflex Adventure Tr Cross Trainer – Best Affordable

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The price alone should be enough for you to include Reebok’s Nanoflex Adventure Tr in the list of the best shoes for jumping exercises. But we can assure you these trainers have so much more to offer.

The endurance of the upper and the support of the soles give you the flexibility and the spring you need to jump. These features also provide more control over your movements.

The front and the midsole do the job, though we love that the heel counter is doing well.

Your feet will stay in position without feeling like they are forced to be there. The ventilation of the upper also plays a great part in the overall comfort.

These shoes will feel stiff at first, and we need to break them in. Nonetheless, it won’t change the fact that they are a little heavy and thus not suitable for more demanding activities.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Durable and protective
  • Ample support and breathability


  • Only suitable for certain activities
  • A break-in period is required

7. Nike Mens M in-Season Tr 13 Running Shoe

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Another Nike… But don’t be impatient and skip it yet. If you want breathable shoes that keep you fresh and dry all day long, a mesh upper will never fail you.

The high-wear zones are made with overlaid layers of fine materials, which can endure your various activities, from rope jumping to the treadmill, if you feel like squeezing some workout in after your practice.

Secondly, the plush feeling and the comfort are amazing, yet the energy return is what makes this footwear valuable. You can give each jump your everything and get most of that spent energy back.

In the long run, it makes your practice so much more effective.

Despite the good things, the lack of variations in colors has made this design less attractive, especially for younger users.

Perhaps it was meant to be for indoor uses, which would explain the quick wear-out when you bring it outside.


  • Versatile applications
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • High energy return to reduce fatigue


  • Not made for outdoor use
  • Limited choices of colors


1. Is it better to jump rope barefoot or with shoes?

Jumping rope on bare feet means you will be jumping without the support and comfort of your shoes and socks. It is extremely beneficial when you are sufficiently skilled.

But, the risk of injuries will be high if you don’t have a proper and accurate posture.

The health benefits you can get once you can handle barefoot rope jumping are:

  • Strength

With no support, your feet, ankles, and legs will be working much harder. The muscles will be trained and thus enhance your strength.

  • Stability

Most shoes today are responsible for your balance, though it means they have also weakened your ability to remain stable without your awareness.

It might not be an issue when you are young but it will be a different story once you grow old.

  • Support

The more arch support your shoes have, the less your feet have to work to keep your body upright. Rope-jumping with bare feet removes this artificial support and obligates you to use your natural support.

  • Mobility

No matter how lightweight the shoes are, they still add to your whole weight.

So you shouldn’t be too surprised if you move quicker and easier without shoes on. The agility will get better as well when your muscles undergo more training.

2. Can running shoes be used for jumping rope?

In short, you can jump rope with running shoes if you don’t have any better choice.

The signature features of running shoes are ample cushioning and support, especially around the ankle, hence they can keep you safe when jumping. Furthermore, running shoes tend to be very affordable.

However, the downside of running shoes is that they provide less than required if you want to try advanced moves. They weigh more than shoes that are made for jumping rope as well.

3. Are walking shoes good for jumping rope?

Although walking shoes are sturdier than casual shoes, they are only made to respond to your walking steps, which don’t put too much pressure on your feet or require extra support.

Meanwhile, in rope-jumping, you are constantly bouncing off the ground and exposing your feet to strong impact. It will be more than what a walking shoe can provide.

4. Should you jump rope with flat shoes?

Yes, flat shoes are good, yet you need to make sure they have some features to prevent impact or slipping, a rubber sole for example.

The structure should be flexible and breathability at the same time because your feet will be moving so much and sweating profusely too.

Final Words

There are many factors for you to consider when it comes to the best shoes for jump rope and running. However, if you want to cut the way short, we think you will be happy with the Nano X3 from Reebok.

The design is unisex, hence both genders can enjoy the utmost comfort, flexibility, and bounce from the high-quality materials making up these shoes.

The price is delicious too, though you might have to wait a bit until the initial stiffness goes away.

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