7 Best Golden Goose Knockoff Shoes to Save Your Money

Best Golden Goose Knockoff Shoes

Being designed and crafted by the best artisans in the industry, it is no surprise that Golden Goose shoes are pricey.

Therefore, Golden Goose knockoff shoes have become a solution for many people who want to rock that luxurious look with only a small part of the cost!

7 Best Golden Goose Knock-off Shoes

1. VINTAGE HAVANA Women’s Lester Star Perforated High Sneakers – Best Golden Goose Dupe Brand

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Many people would say Vintage Havana is the best Golden Goose dupe brand ever. And they have all the reasons to believe so.

When you compare these two brands, the number of similarities is beyond imagination.

It’s hard to not fall in love with the iconic high-top form and the elegant colors incorporated into the design. The intricate details don’t go overboard, hence we won’t have a difficult time styling these shoes.

If you want to look casual, T-shirts and jeans would do. To dress up, a simple and sporty dress might be a nice pick.

Unlike the simple appearance, the rubber sole of the Lester Star-Perforated is extremely durable with a nice grip.

It allows us to take part in energetic activities indoors and outdoors without worrying about wearing our shoes.

The only setback we need to put into words is Vintage Havana shoes run smaller than they should. Since we often wear socks with sneakers, you might want to consider going up half a size.


  • Elegant and youthful at the same time
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable upper and sole


  • Many users say they fit smaller than regular sizes

2. Dolce Vita Women’s Zina Sneaker – Good Golden Goose Alternative

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Perhaps Dolce Vita sneakers don’t come with the GG stars, though no one can confidently look at the design and say they don’t look like Golden Goose at all.

Fabrics, metallics, and the slight lift – everything screams GG.

Despite the elaborate lace-up system, Zina is slip-on footwear. It consists of a mesh upper that doesn’t scrub against your skin or block air ventilation.

Aside from this tender piece, the sole is completely a tough guy with a concealed lift to add to your height and your bouncy steps.

Dolce Vita has always been well-known and received for selling trendy and quality products at such friendly prices. And the Zina sneakers are one of those lovely offers.

Furthermore, this purchase would be even more valuable for you if you want something easy to mix and match. Most available colors are on the tender side instead of a bold look.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Multiple choices of colors and all of them are stylish
  • Durable and firm rubber soles


  • Improper shipment at times
  • It needs some break-in

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3. Steve Madden Women’s Rezume Sneaker

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Steve Madden is one of the brands that never fail to catch up with the trend and introduce dupes inspired by designer shoes to us. As you can expect, they also have shoes like Golden Goose but cheaper.

The Rezume sneakers from Steve Madden feature a similar look to Hi Star and Super Star from Golden Goose, with uppers made of suede and leather.

You can also spot the legendary star, glitter, mixed colors, and prints. It is not identical to GG but close enough.

Customers highly appreciate the comfort and especially the fit of these shoes. It runs true to size, hence it won’t be different from your regular footwear.

Even if you have narrow or wide feet, it won’t be a problem because they have various widths for you to choose.

However, for loyal GG users, their eyes will easily spot the difference between the original and the dupe. Steve Madden doesn’t have such sleek soles or perfectly perforated stars.


  • Very affordable compared to Golden Goose
  • Trendy design
  • True to size


  • Not as sleek as the authentic Golden Goose

4. Mi.iM Daisy Mid Star Sneakers

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One big bonus point about Mi.iM is they use vegan leather. So, their Daisy sneakers are completely cruelty-free and ready to serve people who are highly aware of the environment.

Furthermore, it features suede lining to enhance the fit and tenderly cradle your feet at the same time. If anything is still off, you can utilize the laces and adjust your feet to your liking.

Living up to the name Daisy, these sneakers are very dainty with their mid-top look and lovely little details.

You can rock something as feminine as a dress with flower prints or as sporty as denim clothes. So, any occasion would be good for these shoes!

They fulfill our need as a pretty alternative to Golden Goose shoes with only one little flaw: the materials are not exactly durable. You wouldn’t want to use them for daily errands or heavy duties.


  • Very nice design
  • Vegan leather to get rid of cruelty
  • Versatile with styles


  • Not very durable

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5. PARTY Women’s Fashion Star Sneaker

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Now, if all you care about is a fashionable look, you would be very happy with the Star sneakers from PARTY. I mean, we all must have fallen in love with Golden Goose glitter at some point!

Besides the vast signature star, you can choose between solid colors and animal prints depending on which style you want to showcase.

In most cases, you can treat Daisy shoes as a gift for young ladies when they are about to start a new school year or a new job.

With these shoes, you will also get a breathable upper and a padded sole to make you comfortable throughout the day.

Its drop is almost zero, keeping your posture proper at all times.

It costs much less than Golden Goose, which is certainly a bonus. Nevertheless, we cannot expect high-quality materials and top-notch features from an average brand.

You would still want to get them if you are willing to look past the flaws.


  • Similar design to Golden Goose
  • Dainty but still supportive enough


  • Not for sports and regular outdoor activities

6. RF ROOM OF FASHION Women’s Casual Low-Top Sneakers

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Has someone ever told you it would be impossible to possess manmade footwear at an affordable price?

Now you can show them the sneakers from Room of Fashion and prove them wrong!

For a starter, you can choose the low or high top based on what kind of looks you are attempting.

However, keep in mind that the mid-top version comes with more options for patterns and colors, while it’s only black vs white with the high-top shoes!

The height of the sole is consistent from the front to the back. Hence, your feet will always be in good alignment and contribute to your posture.

Additionally, the insole part is packed with cushioning and the outsole is perfected with TPR rubber for more endurance.

Once again, shoes in this price range don’t seem to be the most durable. It probably won’t stay with you for a long time if you want to use it 16 hours a day.


  • Two versions with various patterns for your choice
  • Cushioned and durable outsoles


  • Cannot endure intense sessions in the long run

7. P448 Star-W

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Even if you forget about the fact that Star-W has no star on its side, it is still remarkably similar to Golden Goose.

However, it is not easy to call them a Golden Goose knock-off due to many reasons.

P448 has several models for customers who want to recreate a Golden Goose look, though the Star-W surely takes the spotlight regarding styles.

The high-top structure blends exceptionally well with the monotonous patterns, allowing us to explore different kinds of clothing.

The number of details included in these sneakers can make anyone speechless: laces, padded collars, zippers on the side panels for closure, and soft linings to complete everything.

If there is anything that stops people from purchasing P448 Star-W, it can only be the hefty price tag as well as the maintenance to keep them in prime condition.


  • High-quality maintenance
  • Fashionable design
  • Various details to ensure the best experience


  • Not easy to maintain
  • More expensive than most recommendations in this list

Final Words

If you want a safe start with Golden Goose knock-off shoes, VINTAGE HAVANA is the best option.

They are very well-known for the similarities they share with GGs in both materials and designs, except that their sizes are smaller than usual.

In case you have your eyes on another option, please share your thoughts with us!

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