Are Veja Sneakers Comfortable To Walk In?

Are Veja Sneakers Comfortable

There are times when Veja breaks into the Instagram world and gets praised as the #1 brand. The title is up for discussion, but are Veja sneakers comfortable enough for the hype?

With my fair share of experience with Veja and the fair reviews I collected from my fellow buyers, hopefully, you will get a thorough view of Veja before your purchase!

Are Veja Sneakers Comfortable For Walking?

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the comfort level of my Veja when I first unboxed it.

These shoes are far from the most comfortable shoes for walking I have tried, though I know better than to feel disheartened and take them off right away.

If you have bought leather shoes before, you will be aware of the break-in time needed, and Veja is the same. After I break them in properly, the initial stiffness doesn’t bother me anymore.

Still, leather tennis shoes will always feel less breathable and lightweight than canvas and mesh. Therefore, I can walk for hours with Veja, but I might need something else for hiking or rigorous training.

Veja Sneakers Comfortable For Walking

Are Veja Sneakers Comfortable For Running?

Let me get it straight first: walking and running are two drastically different activities. If your shoes feel great when you walk, it doesn’t mean they are good for running.

I have experienced the same thing with my Veja. Everything was fine until I decided to put them on for my morning cardio session. My feet were sore after 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Other Reviews On Veja Sneakers’ Comfort

I wandered around and checked out other buyers’ comments on the Veja sneakers before I decided on a purchase. Some of these were very helpful to me, and I thought I would share them with you!

The review that first caught my attention was from Elizabeth. She thinks Veja shoes are extremely comfortable and trendy while still maintaining sustainability and quality.

On the other hand, Miss Sharon recommends people order the right size because her Vejas don’t run big like some reviewers insist. And she gets such a perfect fit by sticking to her size. Many users also agree with her!

Another user named Nick shared that they chose Veja for a vacation in Europe during the hottest days and didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

I haven’t brought my Veja along on a trip, yet, I would love to try it soon!

The Most Comfortable Veja Shoes

Veja V-10 was the first pair of shoes I bought from this brand, mainly because I needed a simple sneaker design that would look good with everything I have in my wardrobe.

It turned out that the cushioned soles and the comfortable uppers made me fall in love even more than the design.

Another model I often hear of is the Veja Campo sneakers. Compared to the previously renowned Veja Esplars, Campo fits wider than the standard sizes and features an enhanced sole.

Hence, it ends up feeling a bit more comfortable than its siblings.

Coming up next are the sustainable Veja SDU sneakers, consisting mostly of recycled materials. My overall impression of the SDU is: breathable, lightweight, and extremely flexible.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to my favorite Veja Recife. What sets this design apart is the velcro straps for better adjustment than the traditional laces. If you need to take your shoes off and put them back on many times a day, Recife might be a great choice.

Veja Recife Chromefree EE Leather White Platine

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If Your Vejas Aren’t Comfortable, Try These Tips!

Now, I want to share my tips to get over the stiffness first. I am all about versatile solutions that will work anywhere and anytime, so you are unlikely to have any difficulty trying these tricks!

Get the right size

To me, the first step to getting comfortable shoes is buying the correct size. That’s why I re-measure my feet twice a year, especially when I gain or lose weight.

Considering other factors is another crucial step, and I’m talking about your favorite thick socks or intense exercises, which might add to the size of your feet.

Afterward, you need to be careful with conversion and reference when you use Veja size charts. If you are in between the two sizes, going for the bigger one is a safe solution.

Break them in

There are many things you can do to loosen your shoes. In my case, I pull and tug at the tongues of my shoes a bit and leave the top holes of the laces untouched.

The next task to do is simply walk around the house in these new shoes, perhaps for an hour.

I don’t recommend taking them outside because you might end up invalidating the warranty that comes with your purchase.

Add insoles

Insoles are never outdated when you need some more comfort and support. You might consult the store selling your shoes for compatible insoles, in case your Veja isn’t suitable for inserts.

While I don’t recommend jogging with Veja, I feel like the insoles make everything easier, so your shoes will be able to serve you more effectively.

Wear socks

Use thicker socks than the ones you often use. Otherwise, wearing double layers of socks is also a solution.

However, be warned that your feet might feel some pressure and even pain. You don’t have to force yourself through the pain when there are still other ways you can try!

Try shoe stretchers

In case you don’t know, shoe stretchers are a tool to expand the size of your shoes for more comfort without loosening the structure and adding a whole size to them.

I have a two-way stretcher for length and width (because I don’t wear high heels so often), and it helps my Veja shoes to soften much more quickly.

Final Words

You can ask me a hundred times and I will tell you, my Veja shoes are comfortable again and again.

After I broke them in properly, they were comfortable enough for me to run my errands and go on outdoor dates without any struggle.

They might not surpass sportswear brands when you need to run long miles, but I’m sure the versatile design and the sustainability will compensate!

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