Are Uggs Waterproof?

Are Uggs Waterproof

Uggs lovers tend to wear them everywhere and anywhere because they are so comfortable and warm. But are Uggs waterproof? They might protect you from the cold, but can they still fly in an environment with extreme wetness?

Before you launch into the rain with your Uggs, let me break down the details for you!

Are All Uggs Waterproof?

Not all designs of Uggs are waterproof. If you go for the classic Uggs, you will get some water resistance, meaning part of the moisture will not be absorbed by the material if the wetness doesn’t linger for too long.

In parallel, Uggs also come in a separate product line tagged as waterproof. These shoes are certainly a better choice than the classic model, when you have to dart through the rain.

Classic Uggs

The original purpose of classic sheepskin Uggs was to keep our feet warm during cold and dry days, which means they weren’t designed to endure moisture. Exposure to wetness might result in the end of your Uggs era.

However, we can make necessary changes to the surface of these shoes and improve their resistance to wetness with the assistance of a suitable spray.

Classic Ugg Boot
Classic Ugg Boot

Waterproof Uggs

By demand, waterproof Uggs eventually come to life with better resistance to wetness. The waterproof layer on these innovative designs is quite decent, but have you ever wondered how far it can go?

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD® UGG Women Clear Waterproof Shearling Boots Coated
AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD® UGG Women Clear Waterproof Shearling Boots Coated

Are waterproof Uggs good for rain?

With enhanced water resistance, these boots will be fine if you have a quick walk in the rain. You can also run on them, thanks to the nice grip. However, soaking them in heavy rain for hours on end is still not recommended.

Excessive wetness may cause the waterproof coating to wear off and leave your boots vulnerable. Always keep in mind that leather and suede will dry and crack terribly if drenched for too long.

Are waterproof Uggs good for snow?

The classic Uggs already handle the cold extremely well, so the additional waterproof feature will help them perform better in snow. You get to retain the warmth while not letting moisture from snow seep into your boots.

Nonetheless, snow is a formidable source of moisture that can ruin your leather boots, so an extra layer of waterproof spray will go a long way!

How To Know If Uggs Are Waterproof?

So, which category do your Uggs belong to? You can give them a quick check!

Product Description

If your Uggs are waterproof, the information will be included in the product description on their website. It is a helpful indicator when you are shopping online too!

The clarity is also in the description of the package that they arrive in. You can use the customer service contact included here to confirm if you have any inquiries.

UGG Classic Short Waterproof show on Box

Customer Reviews

Reading other buyers’ reviews can be helpful to you as well, because they have experienced your favorite boots in real-life conditions.

However, it’s important to note that the reviews are subjective, hence they can’t replace your opinion 100%.

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Tips For Better Waterproofing Uggs

So we have talked about waterproofing as the only easy way to protect your Uggs from damage, yet how you do every step of it might affect the outcome tremendously.

Here are the tips I have collected after experiencing various types of shoes.

Check for stains and odors

If you are giving your boots some treatment, I think you are having an important occasion to attend, so bad smells and stains should be eliminated before anything else.

For the unpleasant smell, you can sprinkle a mixture of cornflour + soda powder on your boots or put softener sheets in the washing machine. After a night, they will smell like new.

If you spot any debris or dirt on your Uggs, you can gently dust them off with a compatible brush. Ensure the scratch marks (if any) are removed as well.

We have to remind you once again: don’t be too rough, or you might ruin the suede texture.

Use the right products

Here are some checkboxes if you want to make sure you are getting the right spray for Uggs.

  • Made for leather and cloth.
  • Not too thick so you can apply it easily.
  • Lightweight for less residue.

Apply in the correct way

Applying multiple layers, including conditioner, main product, and water-repellant spray, is much more effective than putting one thick coating on your boots.

6 inches is the safe distance between the nozzle and the shoes, so the spray can spread more evenly, unless the instruction states otherwise.

Don’t forget to reapply

Once you have applied the waterproofing substance, your boots will be ready for the next session. However, the coatings might wear off a bit afterward, so you should spray them again next time.

Furthermore, even if you don’t get caught in the rain after spraying your boots, the spray will fade off over time. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to clean, condition, and spray once in a while.

Stay alert

These waterproof products might make water drops roll off and not cling to the materials of your boots, but it doesn’t mean you can waddle through puddles of mud or soak your entire legs in water for hours.

As I have stated clearly, Uggs are not made to endure water, hence there is only so much waterproofing products can do. If you want to dive in severe weather conditions without concern, I strongly advise getting more suitable boots for the duty.

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What Happens If Your Uggs Get Wet?

Uggs Get Wet

Since Uggs are more water-resistant and less waterproof, they will get wet after an extended period. The damage from wetness might vary between different Uggs designs and materials, and I have a few examples.

  • Leather Uggs are not fully waterproof and are also quite vulnerable to water. The longer you leave it untreated, the less durable it is. However, some leather Uggs are made from waterproof leather, so they will do well with moisture.
  • Koolaburra Uggs are rather delicate with the tender suede they have. They are great at keeping your feet warm, but you should refrain from wearing them in the rain or snow.
  • Neumel Uggs features a waterproof leather upper with sealed seams, so they are considered fully waterproof footwear. They offer moderate protection against rainy conditions, though extreme precipitation might still harm the leather in the long run.

Final Words

Although Uggs are a great source of warmth, not all Uggs are waterproof and thus they might have some difficulties fulfilling their duties under unfavorable conditions.

If you have bought a non-waterproof pair of Uggs and are not ready to replace them yet, you can use a waterproofing product to shield your boots from stains and damage. Basic boot care will go a long way!

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