Are Blundstones Waterproof?

Are Blundstones Waterproof

Known as one of the most durable and comfortable brands for workboots, Blundstone has certainly never stopped refreshing and improving.

So, are Blundstones waterproof enough for unfavorable conditions with all the high-quality materials and innovative technologies they have developed and applied over time?

Not All Blundstones Are Waterproof

Of all Blundstone’s designs, only the products from the Thermal and the Gumboot series are fully waterproof.

This means your Blundstones can get wet if they don’t belong to the mentioned series and you expose them to excessive moisture for an extended period.

However, when the wetness is within limits, the leather texture is water-resistant enough to protect your feet for a while.

The Thermal Series

When Blundstone came up with the name “Thermal”, they meant these shoes are specialized for winter and the weather conditions that come along with it, such as rain, snow, or slush.

They fully waterproofed the leather upper and the sides of it with additional treatments a regular Blundstone would go through.

Aside from the leather lining inside, the Thinsulate technology and the sheepskin insole also ensure the comfort and warmth users get.

The Thermal Series Blundstone
The Thermal Series Blundstone – Source:

The Gumboot Series

Compared to Thermal boots, Gumboot products are more suitable for safety than style and utility. They come with thick uppers, cushioned footbeds, and anti-slip soles.

The uppers of Gumboot shoes are not leather, hence you won’t need to give them anything beyond the basic maintenance. Non-leather uppers are also less vulnerable to wetness.

Can You Wear Blundstones In The Rain?

Most Blundstones show no trouble when used in the rain, especially if you give them additional treatments.

However, standing under heavy rain and soaking your shoes for hours will give them stains and also crack a way opened for unwanted wetness.

After you get out of the rain, it’s best to let the shoes air dry.

You might want to find a warm spot to speed up the process, though using direct heat sources is a bad idea. Intense heat dries the natural oils of the leather and leaves it prone to damage.

Blundstone in rain

Can You Wear Blundstones In The Snow?

When you need to go out during snowfall, you need to be careful with the wetness as well as the cold. Among Blundstone designs, the Thermal products are the most suitable for snow.

Besides the complete waterproofness, Blundstone Thermal shoes have special linings and seams that prevent wetness from permeating and simultaneously retain warmth.

Blundstone in snow

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What Makes Blundstones Waterproof?

Although not all Blundstones are waterproof, they usually have no difficulty in keeping you safe from mild weather conditions. The nice property is due to some beneficial features.

  • The tanning process when treating the material leather for the Thermal and Gumboot series includes waterproof treatments. Natural leather can nearly reach its full potential regarding water resistance.
  • Other Blundstones also have decent water-resistant ability. With sufficient treatment, they can provide some protection for casual use.
  • In designs like Blundstone 585 of the Chelsea style, the brand never neglects the elastic sides of the boots and the stitches holding the parts together because the tight seams are quite crucial in keeping moisture from invading.
  • In certain products, these seams will be sealed to enhance the imperviousness even more.

How To Make Blundstones More Waterproof?

Most Blundstones are water-resistant, hence you will need to put some more effort into their maintenance if you don’t want to make the most out of them.

Firstly, your new Blundstones won’t need any of these treatments for the first 3 months because they have been pretreated and the effect should still be great when you unbox the shoes.

When your Blundstones are ready for treatment, you can look for a suitable product in the brand owned by Blundstone for waterproofing and renovating sprays or creams. Customer service would be glad to help you out.

You should remove the stains and debris on the outside of your shoes and let them dry naturally before rubbing or spraying the product on them.

Starting with clean shoes will help the substance get absorbed more thoroughly and result in a smoother finish.


1. Are Vegan Blundstones waterproof?

The upper of the vegan Blundstones are made of microfibers, hence these Blundstones are water-resistant like any leather boots.

Nonetheless, the advantage they have is the low maintenance. You can use mild soap and water to keep the insoles and the liners squeaky clean.

2. Are regular Blundstones waterproof?

Regular Blundstones are often water-resistant but not waterproof. They can keep your feet dry if you have a short walk in light rain, yet they won’t hold up well when soaked in water for longer than they should.

3. Are classic Blundstones waterproof?

Classic Blundstones are made of premium leather with exceptional details such as the removable and comfortable footbed or the lined leather.

Yet, they unfortunately didn’t go through more than the standard treatment to give the leather some water resistance.

Further treatments are necessary if you want them to be close to real waterproof footwear.

Are original Blundstones waterproof?

The Original Series of Blundstone are well-known for extra cushioning for comfort and linings for warmth, though the leather used in them is only pretreated to an average water-resistant level and not fully waterproof.

Final Words

As you can see, not all Blundstones are waterproof, aside from the Thermal and the Gumboot product lines they offer.

However, they are good enough as water-resistant footwear and you can improve their endurance against excessive wetness if you use waterproofing products properly and regularly.

If your Blundstones ever get wet, let them air dry and give them the waterproof treatment again. They will be good for years to come!

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